Comments - New Skoda Octavia Combi Spied

Published: Jan 26, 2013
Description: At the turn of the year Skoda announced it would debut six new cars in 2013, and having already revealed the new Rapid and Octavia sedan it appears the next car on the list is the Octavia Combi wagon,...
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Joel Pascual Jan 27, 2013
why does anyone even drive sködas? They are so bland, and there are so many fun and classier cars in its segment.
楊易安 Jan 27, 2013
this was just a guy driving the octavia which wasn't washed for a long time.that's it.
Matt Piccolo Jan 26, 2013
This looks like it's from 2004
Brian Howard Jan 26, 2013
Camo on the headlights smart ones
Marcin Bednarski Jan 26, 2013
New? Looks like already old car.....
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 26, 2013
Not joking
Michael Riley Jan 26, 2013
this is a joke right? I mean c'mon.
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 26, 2013
I like the name because about vinyl scratch
Description: The engine lineup and transmissions will carry over from the sedan, so buyers will be able to select from four gasoline, four diesel engines, 5- and 6-speed manuals and a 7-speed DSG gearbox. Expect t...
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