Comments - Jaguar XJ220 by Overdrive

Published: Jan 26, 2013
Description: This superbly tuned classic is the work of Bulgarian aftermarket specialist Overdrive, who has done a great job refreshing the rare early-Nineties British supercar. The chameleon paint job is a subtle...
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Oleg Odessit Jan 28, 2013
Johhny Matias, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for that comment
Thibault Leroy Jan 27, 2013
Normaly im all for more power, but i dont believe this car needs anymore
Dale Fredriks Jan 26, 2013
I'll be the devils advocate here and back up Wyatt. Yes, it is absolutely fantastic as is. Yes, it can do over 200 mph. However, think what it would do with even 50 more horsepower. I don't agree with the 150 hp boost, though.
Johnny Matias Jan 26, 2013
I swear to god Wyatt if you say another tuned car needs power upgrades I will literally punch you in the face through the computer. Not everything needs more power especially this 200+ mph car.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
Thibault, I disagree. there's no such thing as too much power, at least in my opinion.
Jt Collier Jan 26, 2013
agreed, some cars shouldnt be tuned, especially limited run classics like the 220
Cian Mac Gearailt Jan 26, 2013
Really its a limited edition classic that shunt dare be touched
Thibault Leroy Jan 26, 2013
@Wyatt you dont need it
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
No I want at least another 150+ HP and another 100+ lb-ft
Thomas Lepage Jan 26, 2013
I think over 200 mph is satisfactory.. And they make incredible torque at mid rpm
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
What? No power upgrades!?!?
Cody Gillard Jan 26, 2013
I have no problem admitting that I have always wanted this more than the countach
Kwasi Prempeh Jan 26, 2013
I hope the changed parts have been kept for when or if it is re- sold.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 26, 2013
Don't look that bad but legends like this should be kept stock
Thomas Lepage Jan 26, 2013
It hauls so much ass you won't get a chance to see the rims anyways.. I do like these ones more the stock though
Malachi Monteiro Jan 26, 2013
Perfect, they got rid of those horrid original rims! I love this car!
Dylan Bruder Jan 26, 2013
I think they're ok the car body is what makes this gorgeous love the style on these
Track Field Jan 26, 2013
Cars like this never look as good when you add rims to them. Ex: F40, F50, Diablo etc.
Tim Preisinger Jan 26, 2013
Yep, keep it original. But looks awesome!
Alex Bouckley Jan 26, 2013
Looks good, but these should be kept original
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jan 26, 2013
I seen this car at a motor show and it's pretty big in person, it's a nice car
Kai Andrew Carlson Jan 26, 2013
Still looks good as is though, good job.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jan 26, 2013
For sure, original rims should stay.
omarSV Jan 26, 2013
What an awesome beast, Im relieved they havent ruined this legend. These modern touches are subtle but needed. The most criticised aspect of the way it drives however is the brakes, they should have modernised that too, then this would be right up to date :)
Description: The XJ220 also received new wheels courtesy of ADV.1, with the alloys staggered at 19 inches up front and 20 inches at the back. When reworking the interior, Overdrive upholstered the cabin in carbon-...
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Dale Fredriks Jan 26, 2013
That rear is pure menace.
Erik Rudolph Jan 26, 2013
@ Erich yes they are
Justin Johnson Jan 26, 2013
Reminds me of The Wraith
Dylan Bruder Jan 26, 2013
I'd have to get used to those tail lights
Thomas Lepage Jan 26, 2013
omarSV Jan 26, 2013
looks great, suits the car well imo
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
599 lights look great on it
Oleg Odessit Jan 28, 2013
I must say, this is muchhhh better
Brendon Davis Jan 27, 2013
I agree, this is great. One thing I would change though is the carbon fiber part of the steering wheel. Keep the Jaguar logo on it.
Jt Collier Jan 26, 2013
i must admit this is rather nicely done.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jan 26, 2013
A tuned car wich isnt ruined. Good job
Dylan Bruder Jan 26, 2013
Very good
Cory Wilhelm Jan 26, 2013
Great job. They didn't kill it. Looks beautiful.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
Good job
Luis Gonzalez Jan 26, 2013
Nice !
Ben Knorr Jan 26, 2013
I always love this interior. They did a nice job without ruining it.
David Munasinghe Jan 26, 2013
Great job.
David Gray Jan 26, 2013
Agreed Omar. They've done a good job
omarSV Jan 26, 2013
great job, updated the materials whilst retaining the architecture of the original interior. Classy tuning is rare nowadays :)
Sam Harris Jan 26, 2013
The old rims were really ugly IMO. These are much better.
Justin Johnson Jan 26, 2013
I'm w / Lou the stock wheels are plain jane
Justin Johnson Jan 26, 2013
I actually like these wheels just not on this car.
Lou Guerrero Jan 26, 2013
I hate the stock wheels for this car. These look fine
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
I like ADV.1, they make nice wheels
Ben Knorr Jan 26, 2013
stock wheels looked better.
Sabrina Wolf Jan 26, 2013
Looks great, I really love the close up of the paint, very pretty
omarSV Jan 26, 2013
Nice! :)