Comments - Scion Rally Car Debuts

Published: Jan 25, 2013
Description: After its debut season, Scion is back with a new rally car to compete in this year's Rally America National Championship. The rally-prepped Scion xD you see before you will be driven by Andrew Co...
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Kyle Rawn Jan 26, 2013
It's not spelled wrong. Seriously look it up, Sno Drift Rally.
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 25, 2013
Wats it running Surely it wont stay fwd
Robby N Raquel Stanley Jan 25, 2013
If the fiesta can be made into a capable rally car, then it wouldn't take to much imagination to get the same out of a scion I guess.
Lou Guerrero Jan 25, 2013
Andrew is awesomely talented. This car will be competitive with him. Best of luck.
Dylan Bruder Jan 25, 2013
And here we go again
Nick Schnee Jan 25, 2013
British English was around when nobodz even knew that a place called America existed...
A.J. Brady Jan 25, 2013
@ben. Because the British can't spell color (i.e. colour) correctly.
Ben Webb Jan 25, 2013
Why cant americans spell snow properly?
Stephen Ishard Jan 27, 2013
As long as it drives it performs better than it looks
Brandon Bairian Jan 25, 2013
Hope it performs better than it looks
David Guerrero Jan 26, 2013
It would be awesome if Toyota does really good, so they produce a car to be a street legal rally car. 305 hp AWD, to try to compete with Subaru and Mitsubishi. Hopefully
Lou Guerrero Jan 25, 2013
If scion pays me to race it, I'd do it. Driving is my niche.
Ivan Ryzhov Jan 25, 2013
Point and laugh every one, point and laugh.
Tino Domingue Jan 25, 2013
Makes me wonder what the xb would have look like as a rally car after seeing this.
Ethan Amo Jan 25, 2013
Looks really cool
Nick Sti Jan 25, 2013
Something just doesn't look right...
Tyler Richey Jan 26, 2013
You sir, are an idiot...
Ashton Summers Jan 25, 2013
Probably the first time Brembos have ever been applied to this car.
Ashton Summers Jan 25, 2013
Good, they got rid of the hideously cheap interior.