Comments - Leno Gets a First Look at the New Corvette

Published: Jan 25, 2013
Description: It's because he's Jay Leno, that's why. The Denim Chin is not only given an exclusive personal look at the all-new Corvette Stingray but also gets to discuss the car with the head of GM...
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Cody Gillard Jan 26, 2013
Meh I expected this article to come out honestly I mean what car hasn't Leno drove
Barry Boo Wilson Jan 25, 2013
+1 that interior is pitiful.
Justin Stone Jan 25, 2013
Looks great. The same; but great... Yet; the put another rubbish interior in... Would have been cutting edge in 1999...
Justin Johnson Jan 25, 2013
I can't wait to see how this turns out...
Jacob Burford May 26, 2013
Not sure about the grille, but I like the rest. I too though prefer an F-Type
Adam Thomson Jan 27, 2013
Saqar@ id take the jaguar f-type.
Trent Fiala Jan 27, 2013
This, but I'd wait for the Zr1 version
Saqar Khudairy Jan 26, 2013
Would you get this or the jaguar F-Type
Trent Fiala Jan 26, 2013
The old tail lights would look like shit on this car, they wouldn't go with anything on it! The new ones are more modern and go great with the car so stop complaining people, the new ones look fricken badass
Patrick Schalk Jan 26, 2013
Elvis is like 12. I'll cut him a break since he can't drive yet
Vince DeMasi Jan 26, 2013
Hey Elvis if you have a problem don't read the article and don't leave comments that have no intellectual insight whatsoever! Just leave.
Adam Thomson Jan 26, 2013
Colbys fav i guess.
William Downs Jan 26, 2013
Look at his pic... he has no valid opinion, he just talks shit like every wanna be gangster
Jack Hufford Jan 25, 2013
Pablo, it's just another fanboy. I'd leave him be
Pablo Herasme Jan 25, 2013
Wtf is this guys problem
Elvis Ford Jan 25, 2013
Trash trash trash......... Fucken trash
Victor Pitts Jan 25, 2013
Yeah, the rears my only complaint. Shitty taillight design. Can't believe they took off the traditional Vette circular lights. Other then that this car is :D
Marcus Espineta Jan 25, 2013
The rear end is a camaro. The rest of the car looks good tho
Colby Church Jan 25, 2013
So shiny and beautiful.... I must have it. Haha
Mohammed Shamma Jan 25, 2013
The only comment for this pic is WOW!
Daniel Anglevik Jan 25, 2013
I think this looks good and muscular from every angle. My new favorit, cause this I can actully bye...or save up til.
Description: Leno is also a longtime Corvette fan and it's clear he's impressed with the C7's standard V8 that packs 450 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Yes, that's the base car which has t...
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Patrick Joseph Jan 26, 2013
I love what they did to the corvette. I've always wanted the looks to match its performance. The exterior was rather outdated and the interior cheap. It's now an affordable dream car. This car reminds me of the new viper a lot.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 26, 2013
@hunter it's a 7 speed
Hunter Wolfe Jan 26, 2013
Is 6 speed or 7? Because a read in the news paper it was 7 but in the video it's says 6.. Any one know for sure?
Sean Gillespie Jan 26, 2013
I'm not sure why there are so many people hating... You all wine about it looking to European, but that fact is THEY MAKE BETTER LOOKING CARS. So it's actually a good thing they changed up the style because the last ones sucked!
Gabriel Scott Jan 26, 2013
False, the C6 Z06 says right on the side fenders "505 HP" But hey, they could be talking about Wheel HP lol
Jimmy Bartolotta Jan 26, 2013
You don't make an American sports car European. It's called American for a reason. And the sad thing is, I love Corvettes, aside from the C4....and now the C7. The C4 was just a mess.
Jimmy Bartolotta Jan 26, 2013
I'm agreeing with Elvis. They messed the new vette up big time. It's almost like a parts bin from other cars with the lines in the body. The rear end is just the worst part about this car. Even the guy said it's more European. He should be smacked...
Nathan Lo Jan 26, 2013
That is sexy as hell best looking vette yet
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 26, 2013
I hope.... I really hope they get the Chevy SS right or we gonna be bailin out GM in another 8-10 years.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 26, 2013
@Stephen I would agree about the 3.8 V6. Thats a great motor especially supercharged but I just am not moved by GM fleet for the most part. Its almost as if they build them with the intention of selling them as cop cars and $49 a day rentals.
Elvis Ford Jan 25, 2013
Hell no!!! The back doesn't look better the current zr1. The zr1 and zo6 just have that simple all American power look that worked. They fucked up.
Sean Gillespie Jan 25, 2013
This car is beautiful! I'm not sure why people don't like the back, it's looks a thousand times better than the current model. This car is a HUGE improvement. I never really liked corvettes until now! Shit up and take my money!!!
Jackson Michael Jan 25, 2013
It's grown on me a lot
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 25, 2013
@william I forgot about the series 2 3.8 that was a good motor
Ray Moreno Jan 25, 2013
OMG that thing is beautiful. Can't wait to see it on the road and someday get to drive one. That's what's great about GM...the average mans manufacturer. With looks like that you'd think Ferrari and well past $100k or pass $200k.
Barry Boo Wilson Jan 25, 2013
I'm not a corvette purist but I don't like the new taillights.
William Downs Jan 25, 2013
GM's v6 and I4 aren't horrible they just weren't but with performance in mind... now there I4 have for the most part been great motors, the 2.4 used from 94-98 I think we're great power plants but werent greatly reliable, and GMs v6 through the 90's up into 2000 were great reliable motors once u properly addressed the intake manifold gasket problem.... I can't even remember how many gm v6 I had...
Dillon Dixon Jan 25, 2013
I'm really falling in love with the stingray
Dylan Bruder Jan 25, 2013
Lucky sob lol and my 3.5 v6 isn't bad quite torquey
Tyler Tarbox Jan 25, 2013
Outgoing Z06 has 505 horsepower not 450
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 25, 2013
@carlton I agree when it comes to v6s but the 2.0 turbo ecotec motors are pretty damn good
Patrick Schalk Jan 25, 2013
Aaron, I'm guessing an LT1 or the LS3 if they continue to use it.
Callum Russell Jan 25, 2013
Anyone know the intro music? :D
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 25, 2013
@Colby Most of the cars you named have the same engine at its core. Theres no doubt GM makes good ol V8s but their v6s and 4bangers blow chunks. Im a big fan of the fast stuff they make but everything they build under 30k is laughable.
Mike Bakhsheshi Jan 25, 2013
A small detail that should have been changed is the sound of that oldschool GM gong. Sick Bette though I'm sure tuners will go crazy with this one.
Mark Hammer Jan 25, 2013
I thought it had a 7 speed stick. Leno said 6.
Aaron Crisp Jan 25, 2013
What engine do you think the SS sedan will get? I'm thinking LS9 or LT1.
Patrick Schalk Jan 25, 2013
I just wanna see the new SS sedan. I can't wait. I'm more excited about that than the new Ferrari.
Colby Church Jan 25, 2013
And all of GM's performance vehicles usually do pretty well, usually because they stuff an LS engine in everything. :)
Colby Church Jan 25, 2013
@Carlton Hey buddy, why about the Camaro SS and ZL1, the CTS V, upcoming ATS V, SS sedan, and the GTO and Trans Am from previous years? GM has always been the performance car manufacturer. They have performance versions of almost every vehicle.
Colby Church Jan 25, 2013
Lol @ Aaron
Aaron Sparks Jan 25, 2013
I would do terrible, awful, inhumane and monstrous things the other people, animals and/or kittens to get my hands on this thing.
David Harris Jan 25, 2013
Looks amazing. And sounds good
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 25, 2013
Such a beautiful beast. Now if only GM could get their passenger cars to compete.
Zeus Mocha Jan 25, 2013
I want
Dave Rain Jan 25, 2013
Nice. It looks better in this vid
Grant Boshart Jan 25, 2013
Dang.. Makes me want it more
Thomas Moore Jan 25, 2013
Yeah more hp than the C5 Z06, not the C6Z. Do want though, C7Z will probably be my next car.
No Pistons Jan 25, 2013
Shut up and take my money
Francis Edward Ayala Jan 27, 2013
I see some LFA bits.. Also looks like a sleeker Z car. Hmm
Adam Thomson Jan 27, 2013
Elvis fuck off,
William Downs Jan 26, 2013
Just like your face
Elvis Ford Jan 25, 2013
Justin Johnson Jan 25, 2013
Looks good right there