Comments - KTM X-Bow GT to Debut at Geneva

Published: Jan 25, 2013
Description: The KTM X-Bow has been around since 2008 where it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. It's had small updates ever since but at this year's Geneva show, a powerful version is set to arrive. The...
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Duncan Gibson Jan 27, 2013
Always thought the Xbow needed a bit more power
Kyle Kloewer Jan 25, 2013
Costs too much
Sam Oglesby Jan 25, 2013
Yes it is
Ryan Lopez Jan 25, 2013
Yes I think so
Marlo Viray Jueco Jan 25, 2013
Stupid question perhaps, but is this car road registerable?
Description: Other expected updates include new windscreen and doors as well as a new carbon-fiber monocoque. What remains unknown is whether the company will drop the current X-Bow in favor of the upcoming GT ver...
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Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
Scott, yes, but that mind has an IQ of about 5.
Scott Westphall Jan 25, 2013
Mind. (Sorry, hit wrong thing on my last post)
Scott Westphall Jan 25, 2013
I love this car. It just looks so purposeful. It only has one thing on its o
Lou Guerrero Jan 25, 2013
C'mon just a few angry laps for little ole Louie.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 26, 2013
is it true Top Gear did an episode with the X-Bow?
Jason Levy Jan 25, 2013
You just need to rev it high enough
Aaron Crisp Jan 25, 2013
It's not the size of the shifter, it's how you use it!
Ryan Lopez Jan 25, 2013
Such a small shifter