Comments - Panamera Facelift Coming Soon

Published: Jan 24, 2013
Description: Aston Martin's refreshed Rapide (sorry, Rapide S) debuted earlier this week and soon it will be the Porsche Panamera's turn to receive a styling update. Our intrepid spy photographer has jus...
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Bala Uncc Jan 24, 2013
Agreed JB
Dylan Bruder Jan 24, 2013
That concept was great
JB Kolod Jan 24, 2013
Porsche's designers have been on a roll lately, with the 918, the new 911, Cayman/boxster, they all look gorgeous. Maybe they can pull a miracle and do the same with the Panamera.
Jackson Michael Jan 24, 2013
They already did
Alex Bouckley Jan 24, 2013
I actually like the shape of it
Kyle Rawn Jan 24, 2013
Make it a wagon!
Jon Wheel Jan 25, 2013
Still the same shape, which is a problem.
Luke Purdy Jan 24, 2013
Can't tell, waiting till they unveil it
Colby Church Jan 24, 2013
@Greg Idk man, the new fusion is pretty nice. Haha. A custom one would look great.
Pablo Herasme Jan 24, 2013
It is until it turns around... Well its a great car, but I rather have and A/S8 Or M6GC
Bala Uncc Jan 24, 2013
Looks great IMO
Greg Kenerly Jan 24, 2013
Ok ok. They're not as stylish as they should be but for a family guy who wants something cooler than a Ford Fusion this is a great option. I'd go Cayenne myself but 16mpg gets pricey.
Dylan Bruder Jan 24, 2013
Still hidden
Dave Rain Jan 24, 2013
Still ugly
Description: That concept provided a clear design direction the next-gen Panamera will take. But for now, the current model is receiving its mid-life refresh that'll hopefully keep it looking good for the nex...
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Felix Rhett Jan 25, 2013
@jacob haha your ridiculous. I'm in.
Jacob Burges Jan 24, 2013
It has blue stuff I'm sold. The end.
Justin Stone Jan 24, 2013
They can improve it; but that back end is hopeless. Grotesque... Brilliant interior and performance though...
Bala Uncc Jan 24, 2013
I am with you sarge. I love this car
Serge Pankratov Jan 24, 2013
I love the Panamera. Its either a love it or hate it car. And im glad it is, cuz that way only people who drive it are the ones who love it, not just anybody who can afford it.
Miko Reginella Jan 24, 2013
Boxster/Cayman taillights
Dylan Bruder Jan 24, 2013
That's expensive is why
Max Laino Jan 24, 2013
Why don't they just do a full re-body
Vinny Coppola Jan 24, 2013
I rather the Audi RS7.....
Michael Nascimento Jan 24, 2013
Starting to remind me of a Lexus sc430. Not good!
Rob Clark Jan 24, 2013
This car needs a but-lift; not a facelift.
Jackson Michael Jan 24, 2013
When every car looks like a Kia Soul
Lead Peddalin Jan 24, 2013
How long until people stop saying "dat ass" on Car Buzz?
Jonathan Tjandra Jan 24, 2013
Porsche boxter taillight
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 24, 2013
Those exaust
John Patten Jan 24, 2013
Still ugly
Gurjit Singh Jan 25, 2013
damn this fat shaniqa is on her motherfcking period
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 24, 2013
You fucking dumbass they are just for the test car
Cian Mac Gearailt Jan 24, 2013
You know this cars looks have grow on me
Pablo Herasme Jan 24, 2013
Funny how the thumbnail shows the ugliest part of the car.
Jackson Michael Jan 24, 2013
Ya those are totally production reflectors
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 24, 2013
Such a nice luxury sports car. Those plastic £1 rear reflectors bought from a car-boot sale look amazing!!! Lol