Comments - BMW Driver Flees Poland for Belarus in 20 Seconds

Published: Jan 24, 2013
Description: Being a criminal isn't always easy. But for the guy behind the wheel of this stolen BMW from Germany, it seems that taking on some Speedy Gonzales tactics while dodging a Polish-Belarus border cr...
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Caleb McCoy Jan 31, 2013
Alex Medvedev Jan 24, 2013
Go Russia!!
Description: The report further claims that this guy had a residency permit for Germany but opted instead to take his stolen BMW to Belarus via the Polish border. The Belarus border patrol noticed the driver looke...
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Steven Eppler Oct 02, 2013
Next time....shoot first, ask questions later.
James Cheung Sep 09, 2013
Singapores cars are about at least thrice as expensive as a US car For example a corolla there costs about $14000 but a corolla there costs a FREAKIN $130000 (no number errors)
Caleb McCoy Jan 31, 2013
In soviet Russia car drive you. To prison
Nick Jones Jan 27, 2013
Hey Russia they are called spikes
Rithhin Jawahar Jan 25, 2013
No that's the next recommended video on YouTube that's why
Lou Guerrero Jan 24, 2013
There's usually a girl whenever I finish
Alex Bouckley Jan 24, 2013
When the video finishes, why is there a pic of a girl on the screen?
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jan 24, 2013
I bet Mexicans are pissed to see this one.... Imagine trying to do that at the us border from Mexico. Lol
Alex Medvedev Jan 24, 2013
Russian homies lol. But kinda boring
Ashton Summers Jan 24, 2013
Jason Bourne must have been behind the wheel of that.
Dale Fredriks Jan 24, 2013
That was one of the most useless videos I've ever seen.
Ryan Spencer Jan 24, 2013
Lol, gate... Nope
Tony Noviello Jan 24, 2013
@ Robby. Well...they are polish after all. lol
Craig Murphy Jan 24, 2013
that was a waste of 1 minute of my life.
Michael Riley Jan 24, 2013
Lou Guerrero Jan 24, 2013
And not a single f€ck was given that night.
Robby N Raquel Stanley Jan 24, 2013
I know that whenever I'm faced with a runaway car going 30 mph, I always think two wooden sawhorses should stop this car in its tracks! Lmao.
Taylor Garry Jan 24, 2013
Yeah. He sure had a tough time
Ryan Sansossio Jan 24, 2013
...That looked easy
Jean-Philippe Nantel-Fortier Jan 25, 2013
That picture is at the us/canada border in stanstead, i live 15 min from there
Nicholas Barbagallo Jan 25, 2013
A Saturn in Belarus?? I guess GM can still make money off of one of its deceased branches.
Dylan Berry Jan 24, 2013