Comments - Armored Opulence: Cadillac One

Published: Jan 24, 2013
Description: There was quite a lot of hubbub back in 2009 when Cadillac rolled out its new presidential limo, and almost all of it was written either by or for people unfamiliar with armored cars. In truth, the cu...
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John Koci Jan 24, 2013
@ Cillian, are you talking about when the driver got it stuck pulling out of a parking lot? That was funny as hell
Trey Reilly Jan 24, 2013
The presidential caddy isn't really even a "car". The thing is on a truck chassis and armored to be able to repel pretty much whatever is thrown at it. It's nicknamed The Beast.
Zach Gathercole Jan 24, 2013
@david that would be useful if you wanna keep your food cold
Cillian Burke Jan 24, 2013
Prefer the presidential car when Obama went to Ireland
Aaron Crisp Jan 24, 2013
I like it! Keep it up CB!
Adam Beiersdorfer Jan 24, 2013
I like it personally... It's interesting to see what's out there... Not everyone can have or could use a 2 seat sports car, and correct me if Im wrong, but I'm not aware of a road vehicle that can outrun a bullet
David Parenti Jan 24, 2013
Quite possibly the most boring series... What's next? Top 5 refrigerators of 2013
Trey Reilly Jan 25, 2013
Too soon...
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jan 24, 2013
Aaron Crisp Jan 24, 2013
@Trey Last request JFK made.
Trey Villarreal Jan 24, 2013
Convertible plz
Ashton Summers Jan 24, 2013
Agreed, a V version would allow the president to outrun terrorists in a moving van.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 24, 2013
Question is, do they make a V version?
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 24, 2013
That is a high roofline....
Description: Just as we found with the popemobile, presidential vehicles existed for a long time before they ever became armored vehicles. William McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile, but the...
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Ryan Lopez Jan 25, 2013
But why
Description: Basically, the Secret Service started to become increasingly concerned about assassination attempts. Needing something more secure, but without many options on such short notice, the Secret Service ac...
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Ivan Košalko May 15, 2013
This is so hidious. Why don't they use armored MB S600 Pullman?
Justin Stone Jan 24, 2013
So far, none of these pics are the Beast. Why?
Ron Vinson Jan 24, 2013
That's not "The Beast"
darrellbell24 Jan 24, 2013
obamas car is actually the one in the middle....not the other one like carsbuzz stated
Christopher Melendez Jan 24, 2013
Thought the were doing a burnout.
Description: Thus began the era of the enclosed and armored presidential limo which continues today. But even Nixon had a sunroof which allowed him to stand up and wave, and security didn't reach its current ...
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Description: At the time, Regan was still using an armored car originally acquired under Nixon, and an interesting footnote to the assassination was that the bullet had actually missed Regan, hitting him only afte...
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احمد فيرق Jan 27, 2013
tv hhhhhh
Carlton Salmon Jan 25, 2013
The 1970s just called...they'd like their interior back!
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jan 25, 2013
Idk that looks super plush
Austin Bride Jan 24, 2013
Those seats will never be missed.
Description: Advanced as this technology is, things like the positive pressure system and oxygen supply to ward off chemical attacks are pretty standard things on cars owned by world leaders, and the ability to st...
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Description: It can be compared prisewise to the Conquest Knight XV, another $300,000 armored car that's actually one of the cheaper vehicles featured in this series. So Cadillac One might not be all that uni...
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David Guerrero Jan 24, 2013
Maybe because the article is about the Cadillac one, not on the beast.
Justin Stone Jan 24, 2013
Still not the right car... Seriously?