Comments - Megafactories Visits Lexus LFA Works

Published: Jan 23, 2013
Description: Having gone inside Gumpert and profiled the Nissan GT-R, in the latest episode of National Geographic's "Megafactories" series the focus is on the production of the Lexus LFA at the Mot...
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Description: But this 45-minute video is the definitive look at how the LFA Works operates, with insight into each step of the process and a rare glimpse at the absolute dedication that went into building each of ...
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Julian Pilinci Jan 23, 2013
Now that is crazy technology, good job "Lexus-San"!
David Hicks Jan 23, 2013
$750,000 or so in AUS, dat tax....
Jacob Burford Jan 23, 2013
No lack of quality! Nice, but still wouldn't spend a penny on one!
Terrance Parker Jan 23, 2013
I love it when he's rubbing the paint and say's " I touch it like a women" hilarious!!!
Raymond Reynoso Jan 23, 2013
Wow. I need one of these cars. Incredible.
Matt Liong Jan 23, 2013
People need to watch this video. So amazing.
David Gray Jan 23, 2013
I've seen this show fully already. It was broadcast in the UK couple months back. Now some of the LFA's haters on here can get an idea of why this beast costs as much as it does
Allen Kim Jan 24, 2013
great car but I'd rather have a Ferrari or lambo.
Danny Burns Jan 23, 2013
William Downs Jan 23, 2013
Radiator exhaust, so much air goes threw them, its needed to keep turbulence down
Trevor Brown Jan 23, 2013
Does anyone know what that square opening in the vent under the taillights is? Those look really out of place, but otherwise this is one of the best looking cars in the world IMO.
Roman Podrezov Jan 23, 2013
Supra on steroids. MIGHT be a good car, but not worth the money they are asking for it.
Matt Piccolo Jan 23, 2013
Kyle Rawn Jan 23, 2013
They have two at Lexus of Knoxville. The dads is black, sons is maroon.
Austin Sullivan Jan 23, 2013
They had a white one at Detroit. Beautiful.
DeUahn Wells Jan 23, 2013
Superbad....that's it!!
Justin McLeod Jan 23, 2013
I want one. Like no seriously I want one... I'll take it in this color blue with taupe and ebony leather interior with blue stitching and accents please. Can't wait to see it in my driveway Lexus! K, thanks bye... ;)
David Hicks Jan 23, 2013
Janak Solanki Jan 23, 2013
I'm not a Lexus fan, but I love this one. That V10 is ridiculous. Plus this thing is super refined and tuned.
Gurjit Singh Jan 23, 2013
looks sooo good from this angle and that blue is awesome