Posted on: Jan 23, 2013
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Bob Lutz's Lotus Evora S Up for Sale

Everyone's favorite car guy didn’t think much of his specially commissioned Lotus: It’s up for sale with just 40 miles on the clock.
"Maximum Bob" Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors and Lotus board member has put his specially commissioned Lotus Evora S up for sale with a dealership in Sarasota, Florida. The 2012 Evora S 2+2 was given to the man behind such cars as the Chevy Volt and original Dodge Viper as part of his role at Lotus and was the only one of its kind built in 2012. Having put just 40 miles on the clock in his short tenure with the British sports carmaker, it is now up for sale.

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Special features include a backup camera, Fgd Design wheels, and a Motorsport Green paint job with heritage stripes, while it features both the Premium Sport and Technology packages. Priced at as-new $95,015, potential buyers are looking at what is essentially a brand new car with a special history, making it a decent addition to one's automotive investment portfolio.

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by Adam Lynton
Bob Lutz's Lotus Evora S Up for Sale
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