Comments - 5 Beautifully Tuned VW GTIs

Published: Jan 23, 2013
Description: Volkswagen's GTI has continually set the benchmark for hot hatches ever since its debut way back in 1975. Since then, competitors have come and gone but the GTI remains in production and we'...
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Drew Humphrey Jan 23, 2013
I love the GTi...such a sporty car and it's economical
Description: BBM Motorsport Company didn't waste any time when creating its tuning package for the GTI. It immediately opted to upgrade the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot engine by enhancing output from 211 ...
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Sam Harris Jan 24, 2013
Looks really bad.
David Lee Jan 24, 2013
What the fuck is going on with that rear-wheel camber?
DeUahn Wells Jan 23, 2013
I think the ugly ruins it.....
Cory Allen Jan 23, 2013
Agreed. @ Austin
Austin Bride Jan 23, 2013
How about no
Eric Michalak Jan 23, 2013
The fender ruins it. Looks completely stupid. Everything else is tolerable.
John M Weishahn Jan 23, 2013
Rear wheel kicked out at a nasty angle. This car is horrible. Nice brakes, though.
Dave Rain Jan 23, 2013
Craigslist, $1500, lol
Steve Sandford Jan 23, 2013
Description: Turning its attention to the sixth-generation GTI, German tuning house O.CT opted to tune a 30th anniversary 2006 GTI by giving it a unique exterior and upgraded interior. Performance and handling, ho...
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Joe Lamouk Jan 24, 2013
I agree. Way too much power for a front wheel drive car.
Matt Piccolo Jan 23, 2013
369 lb-ft of torque plus fwd= a tiny little bit of torque steer -_-
Cindy Ngo Jan 25, 2013
The 5th version?
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 24, 2013
Simple and clean
Sam Harris Jan 24, 2013
This is really nice.
DeUahn Wells Jan 23, 2013
Yeah I like that
Description: ABT Sportsline has consistently done solid work over the years but we were particularly impressed with its tuned GTI. Based on the outgoing sixth-gen model, the tuner is calling this the "Last Ed...
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Caleb Nelson Feb 13, 2013
Lower the front 1.5 and it'd be 10x better
Cindy Ngo Jan 25, 2013
Cool but need lowering kit
Vlad Lukyan Jan 23, 2013
Too high up
Matt Piccolo Jan 23, 2013
I agree. Hands down best one
Lou Guerrero Jan 23, 2013
Is that your final answer?
John Patten Jan 23, 2013
Best one.
Trey Reilly Jan 29, 2013
@ David. I love the STI but quad exhaust on 4 cylinders is strictly for aesthetic purposes. It's like fake tits on a may look nice but it's not gonna make her dance better.
Cindy Ngo Jan 25, 2013
4 exauts?
David Guerrero Jan 23, 2013
@Trey Subaru STi? That's a great 4 banger with quads exhaust
DeUahn Wells Jan 23, 2013
Yeah they do make real good stuff, that being said....this sux
Trey Reilly Jan 23, 2013
Quad exhaust on a 4-banger. Not so much
Drew Humphrey Jan 23, 2013
ABT makes good stuff!
Jonny Carter Jan 23, 2013
Not keen on those tips
Description: German tuning house Schmidt Revolution opted to focus its attention on the fifth-gen GTI by updating its exterior with a lower body kit along with a satin black paint job with red accents. The exterio...
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Cindy Ngo Jan 25, 2013
Surly that's the r32
Description: German tuner B&B has gone all-out by offering not one but three engine options for the GTI Edition 35. There are three power output levels consisting of 310 hp, 326 hp, and 362 hp. The standard 2....
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Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
This is my favorite in the looks department of the five, its OK, but the engine makes up for it.
Justin Johnson Jan 24, 2013
lol w/ Tony I like the simpler lines of cars. This one is definitely my pick for the cleanest lines. And as someone typed, it's closest looking to stock, no Tsunami/Shoun styled effects packages, louvers, etc.
Ashton Summers Jan 23, 2013
My favorite since it looks stock. Just get the engine tune and turn it into a sleeper. No body would expect to be beaten by a slow GTI.
Tony Flaherty Jan 23, 2013
Your right Justin, you can't type. Ha ha
Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
I can't type
Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
That's what I said in the previous pic, but this is the least offense one, and hp is up there. And they have three tiers.
Dave Rain Jan 23, 2013
They are all bad.