Comments - Porsche Announces 918 Spyder Pricing

Published: Jan 22, 2013
Description: The successor to the famed Porsche Carrera GT will soon break cover and those wanting to buy one have already been lining up to put their names on the list. The 918 Spyder will officially go on sale i...
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Lucas Raggio Jan 24, 2013
I'd rather have a pagani
Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
I'd much rather have a GT3/GT2/TT even if I could afford the $1 mil tag. It would be more fun to pull up next to this thing in a 997TT that was sent to a tuner. First turn he/she would be gone tho
Joseph Buccafurni Jan 23, 2013
Should be priced $918,000
Reva Barris Jan 23, 2013
That is really disappointing, I thought it was gonna be half that
Jason Brown Jan 22, 2013
Brian, probably £845,000. Considering $100 item in the US cost €100 in Germany and that same item in London is £100. Makes no sense...
Harrison Trapnell Jan 22, 2013
Why not buy 2?!
Cian Mac Gearailt Jan 22, 2013
Thank god just inside my price limit
Jason Smith Jan 22, 2013
That Martini livery is awesome.
Jason Smith Jan 22, 2013
People pay millions of dollars for paintings... Think I'd rather have one if these....
Roman Podrezov Jan 22, 2013
I don't know, not a big Porsche fan. But even if someone is reach enough to buy one, dropping that much on a PORSCHE? I can justify any ultra-exotic, but this I just don't get it.
Quinn Rogers Jan 22, 2013
@jack-That isn't such a ridiculous price considering this will be one of the rarest cars on the road that looks awesome and unique and will be fast as hell.
Brian Lewis Jan 22, 2013
How much in pounds
Cody Gillard Jan 22, 2013
@jack any person with the money for that
Jack Petito Jan 22, 2013
HA! 800k on a Porsche? What kind of idiot would buy that?
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 22, 2013
This thing is sick - but if i was dropping 845 on cars I'd buy a 911 turbo S ($190k) an AM vanquish ($290k) , a Merc S65 ($220k) and a Maserati Granturismo sport ($145k).
Shivash Singh Jan 23, 2013
This is not the actual car just to clear up
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Jan 22, 2013
It reminds me of that black dragon from the Pixar movie How to Train Your Dragon... Just the expression.
Description: For example, by checking the box for the Weissach package, which includes a lighter curb weight by removing the car's audio system, a/c, armrests and exterior paint in favor of a foil wrap, w...
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Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
I thought the LFA was expensive. It is a bargain.
Joseph Buccafurni Jan 23, 2013
Should be priced 918,000
Tyler Chmieleski Jan 23, 2013
845,000 and the damn thing can't break 200mph
A.J. Brady Jan 23, 2013
Continue and the engine makes there hp at higher rpm's. The stated hp is the max combined hp together at the work level.
A.J. Brady Jan 23, 2013
@kai, the electric motor makes there max hp at 0 rpm and an eng
David Parenti Jan 23, 2013
Kai, it's probably 795 at the wheels.
Nick Smith Jan 22, 2013
LFA haters can line up at my front door so I can punch you in the face after seeing the price of this car.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jan 22, 2013
By addition 580 plus 245 does not equal 795... More like 825.
A.J. Brady Jan 22, 2013
Only Porsche can charge you more to not put extra stuff on your car. I would save the $80k+ and pay a local shop to remove the extra weight. Then use the left over $70k to go Europe on a sweet trip.
Kyle Kloewer Jan 22, 2013
Only 199
William Maddalena Jan 22, 2013
You can get more impressive numbers from a 911 gt2 rs or a turbo s
Jackson Michael Jan 22, 2013
Most German cars are limited to 155
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 22, 2013
Ppl that buys this car likely has over 10 cars and multiple houses with 8 digit price tags. $875,000 isn't a big deal to them. I'm sure they'd much rather have this rare Porsche than a damn Nissan, Corvette, or damn Ford no matter how fast they go.
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 22, 2013
Always a cheaper and/or faster alternative
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 22, 2013
Aren't most German cars limited to about 180 ? Probably capable of a faster speed. And for the money, you can buy a plane and fly that shit wherever you want, faster than this car could get there. Or buy a litre bike and tune the shit outta that.
Chris Huff Jan 22, 2013
0-60 in 3.2 seconds but cant get 200+? hmm
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Jan 22, 2013
I'd just get a McLaren mp4-12c. Fraction of the price, faster off the line and at tops, probably better interior. Only lacks in looks. That could be fixed with a good pain job and body kit, along with upgrades to make it faster.
Luke Purdy Jan 22, 2013
I'm sure this would blitz a GTR
Corey Alan Kelley Jan 22, 2013
Corey Alan Kelley Jan 22, 2013
The Weissach package also removes the 3lbs worth of bolts holding the front bumper on and replaces it with tape
Justin Chavez Jan 22, 2013
OMG people are so ignorant about a damn 0-60 time..first of all thats gearing and of course the GTR is mich cheaper but its about so much more than its faster around a track than a GTR and ZR1 for that matter..
Ethan Amo Jan 22, 2013
Nissan GT-R is 100k and 0-60 in 2.8 seconds...Shelby GT500 has a 200 mph speed limit...if you ask me, for that price, Porsche can do better
Nicholas Di Prima Jan 22, 2013
They could make it faster
Sam Hansen Jan 22, 2013
Even if I could afford it twice I'd still have a 911 Turbo S or a tuned Ford GT
Sam Hansen Jan 22, 2013
I don't care how special it is... I could get or build a car that's waaaaaaay faster than that for over 800 grand
Lou Guerrero Jan 22, 2013
99%ers need not apply
Mike Lam Jan 22, 2013
That's the point...only rich mofos can afford this car. There are far more people who can afford a gtr or zr1 but this is just a status symbol. Waste of money or not is just up to you.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jan 22, 2013
Sorry to tell you guys but top speed and 0-60 times aren't all that matter, it's how it's puts its power down. And it's faster around the numbering than the GT-R and Zr1
Stephen Wood Jan 22, 2013
Way overpriced
Petro Maalouf Jan 22, 2013
I love it and if i had a 1000000000 i would buy it but i don't have ..... So the 911 turbo is the best for me
Jake Judges Jan 22, 2013
I don't care how fast or expensive it is, it will never be better then the gt in my book
David Parenti Jan 22, 2013
Angelo, I'm sure you can afford this. So for the rest of us, we'll take more car for less money.
Robert Young Jan 22, 2013
Angelo forgot to add a"t" bro.
Bala Uncc Jan 22, 2013
Funny to pay to have the audio system taken away, just park in a shady neighborhood, you can have someone do it for you for free.
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
I'd take a GTR, Z07 package, and a 991 GT3 over this, but I agree that exclusivity will sell this car.
Angelo Baclay Jan 22, 2013
This is porche. Stop bitching boi take your gtr and corvete home
Tn Ng Jan 22, 2013
84k option? Way overpriced, almost cost as much as the gtr.
David Parenti Jan 22, 2013
For a fraction of the cost I'd rather buy a 2013 GT-500 or a ZR1 and go 200mph. This car is cool, theirs just other cars for less money that can match those numbers.
Sebastian Soroka Jan 22, 2013
Hmmm... So the $100k GT-R has 545hp O-6O in 2.7 sec and top speed of 196mph. What should I do with the $800K I'll be saving. Jesus even the 911 turbo S is a better deal than this.
Robert Young Jan 22, 2013
Zr1 gtr for what $120 all day. Same performance. Just typing out loud guys. I'll keep my radio and 1.5lb armrests.
Blaise Harned Jan 22, 2013
To me there isn't a single Porsche worth $1M; that being said, I really like this design a lot!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 22, 2013
Forget the weissach package, ill remove all that myself
Redge Diakité Jan 22, 2013
Porsche doesn't care about top speed everybody knows that ;)
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 22, 2013
Only 199...must have geared it for acceleration not speed.
Tyler Richey Jan 23, 2013
Ah, there's hope man. Every supercar I love I've been able to see in person at some point. Go to Blackhawk, CA. You'll see it there. :)
Dylan Bruder Jan 22, 2013
Good luck buddy keepin eye out for things like cars and coffee for a chance
Darren Martin Jan 22, 2013
I really hope I'll get to see this in person
Luis Miguel Lopez Jan 23, 2013
It does look very cool!!!
Jackson Michael Jan 22, 2013
The engine area and exhaust are just....incredible, I guess. It's so damn sexy it's crazy.
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 22, 2013
Best looking car ass in a while. Hopefully Porsche will trickle styling cues down the model line.
Gazel Hebbert Jan 22, 2013
I've been developing a real interest in Porsche lately. Gorgeous.
Bala Uncc Jan 22, 2013
Nonetheless it looks great
Trey Villarreal Jan 22, 2013
Very interesting exhaust.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jan 23, 2013
I beleive this is one of the prototypes
Wmg Chinchilla Jan 22, 2013
That bumper is about to come off
Jerrod Swenson Jan 22, 2013
I remember when big gaps were a sign of poor build quality. Not it costs $100 thousand more.
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
The face Porsche owners
Serge Pankratov Jan 22, 2013
Looks much better in whit imo
Janak Solanki Jan 22, 2013
Is it me, or is the rear asymmetrical? This car just gets better the more you study it.
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 22, 2013
Yeah that's pretty lame that CarBuzz watermarked it. Don't think they took the pictures either
Janak Solanki Jan 22, 2013
Those fins by the lower rear quarters are sick!
Bilal Techkneecal-sapport Khan Jan 22, 2013
Did they photoshop the carbuzz logo? What is this blasphemy
Jared Michael Scalla Jan 22, 2013
The new carrera gt?