Comments - Nissan Confirms Juke Nismo RC

Published: Jan 22, 2013
Description: Nissan has confirmed that a hotter Juke Nismo is on the cards, tipped to be badged the Juke Nismo RC when it hits showrooms before the end of the year. The Juke Nismo's 1.6-liter turbo will be tw...
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David Parenti Jan 23, 2013
Sean, wow lol
Sean Gillespie Jan 23, 2013
Yeah, just like you won't mistake runny green poop for cotton candy
William Downs Jan 22, 2013
I also like the looks, its different and your not gonna mistake it for anything else
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 22, 2013
The more I see it the uglier it is, easy one of the ugliest cars in production.
Matt Piccolo Jan 22, 2013
Honestly, in no way is this the best looking SUV on the market, But it has grown on me considerable since release. It's just so unique
Sean Gillespie Jan 22, 2013
Nobody in the right mind likes the way this car looks. Period
Puneet Dass Jan 22, 2013
I actually like the look of these cars
Jakub Migalski Jan 22, 2013
Nissan CONFIRMS nismo juke! Why not confirm something worth while!? Like a BRZ/FRS competition?
Jakub Migalski Jan 22, 2013
Wow what a peice of crap this car is :/. Sad because i love nissan.
Nick Schnee Jan 22, 2013
Yeah, I dunno why, but they do.
Dylan Bruder Jan 22, 2013
They sell pretty hot around me
Taylor Garry Jan 22, 2013
People barely buy the regular ones. I agree this is a waste
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
People will still buy them right.
Isaac Suarez Jan 22, 2013
So, there is no money for a proper RWD/AWD sports sadan or a 240sx (while I hear that might change) but you dump time, money, and energy into this thing?!?!?! Im sorry, I dont care how fast it is this is one of the ugliest cars of all time.
Dylan Gomes Jan 22, 2013
more power!
Brandon Bairian Jan 23, 2013
Still no stick on the awd , the only one with wishbone in the rear. FUCK these guys and playing with this thing while toyota is making a million versions of subarus rwd actual sports car.
Dave Stewart Jan 23, 2013
I work for Nissan and I don't mind the juke it's very surprising I a car and quick you don't expect it but idk t understand Nissan.. Why the juke why not a like nismo version of Sentra or some thing. Why the juke lol
Zaire Wilkins Jan 23, 2013
This is probly quicker than the BRZ
William Downs Jan 22, 2013
U may think its crap but its a huge success sale for Nissan, so its not really a crap box its just not for u
Jordan Smith Jan 22, 2013
This thing could look really good so easily. Just get rid of the hood lights and the huge fog lights and in their place put the usual Nissan lights in the grill.
Brave Kim Jan 22, 2013
I don't understand why people keep remodeling, modifying, tuning up or whatever for this ugly car.......
Jakub Migalski Jan 22, 2013
Why is Nissan still making this crap box!?
Bala Uncc Jan 22, 2013
It always looked like some kind of short man who had pumped up his muscles, but freaky
Zaire Wilkins Jan 22, 2013
This is a grown up versa just like the rouge is a grown up altima and the murano is a grown up maxima
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jan 22, 2013
Or, change everything about juke and re-design it. This car may look cool then. But now it's just a piece of cr..,
Tino Domingue Jan 22, 2013
Fog lights should be the head lights n should moved into the grillz, not half under it...
David Parenti Jan 22, 2013
Don't look at this after eating, you might juke.
Ben Doolittle Jan 22, 2013
Is this some kinda Juke?
Ryan Sansossio Jan 22, 2013
I like the outrageous style. But never realize how tiny it is till i saw one up close, its too compact
Will Will Jan 22, 2013
Will Will Jan 22, 2013
The obly things that should be kept are the lower front air intakes and front splitter and the strip of led lights.
Will Will Jan 22, 2013
It doesn't need a major needs a complete replacement. Even the name of the car sounds bad.
Anthony Dillon Jan 22, 2013
I agree needs major face lift
Haoliang Li Jan 22, 2013
Why?Thos lower headlights are lovely.
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
Eliminate the foglights Lower headlights Lower roofline abit or increase wheelbase
David Parenti Jan 22, 2013
Now, if only they could do something about the styling.
Description: They'll be bigger brakes, a new intake, a throatier sounding exhaust, and like the standard Nismo, will come with front- or four-wheel drive. The former being paired to a six-speed manual, the la...
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Janya Pulusu Jan 23, 2013
I know what a cvt is... I'm saying I hate cbt
William Downs Jan 22, 2013
Jakub is just butt hurt, juke is a great car, just cause u don't like the looks dosnt mean shit, Nissan does and so do the thousands of people that bought them making them a huge success for Nissan... go cry somewhere else, u hate the car stop reading the article not that hard of a concept
Jayce Madrid Jan 22, 2013
Even though it would've costed more, the Juke-R would've been a better move since Nissan could've been ahead in the Sport SUV game and possibly bring in major profits. Otherwise the Juke is just a terrible thing.
Brian Lewis Jan 22, 2013
I don't understand wats bad. I love the juke
Jakub Migalski Jan 22, 2013
What I dont understand is why Nissan is wasting their time with this hideous looking Juke and not making something like a spec V sentra?!?!? Why not put this motor in a coupe or even the sentra. Are they rlly that dumb!?!
Johnny Hoover Jan 22, 2013
Put the motor in a sentra and make it awd with a six speed and stop wasting our time
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 22, 2013
More power for the z? Then do it same as gtr for every year
David Parenti Jan 22, 2013
Continuously variable transmission. Sometimes described as having an "infinite number of gears". They use belts and pulleys. Having less noticeable gear shifts, they keep the engine in the power making rpm range.
Janya Pulusu Jan 22, 2013
Michael Montefusco Jan 22, 2013
The only thing I like about this car is the rear fog light.
Serge Pankratov Jan 22, 2013
Surprisingly the rear end looks pretty good. I still cant stand this car though.
Jeremy Kertgate Jan 30, 2013
Sam Reinsel Jan 22, 2013
a base FWD one. And last but not least 6) overall styling. The Juke is one of the most contemporary cars out there for style, whereas the MINI is completely a retro throwback. I'm not bashing the MINI, there just isn't any REAL comparison to make…
Sam Reinsel Jan 22, 2013
Okay... 1) The roofline slopes back, the MINI's is flat 2)this thing's wheel arches are far more imposing 3)the front of this from profile rounds down, while the MINI's Grill is mostly flat 4)The rear end is rounded, like a Murano. The MINI's is, again, flat. 5)It has optional AWD, and i've never seen
Danny Burns Jan 22, 2013
Yah they didn't try very hard...
Ray Buscombe Jan 22, 2013
Because Mini are the BEST in the small SUV arena!
Sergio Arevalo Jan 22, 2013
Tell me why...... All the cars try to compete with MINI??? People of Nissan invent yourselves..!!