Comments - Matt Farah Joins Venom GT on World Record Run

Published: Jan 22, 2013
Description: In the latest episode of Drive's Tuned series, Matt Farah joins the Hennessey team in Houston, Texas, where it attempted the 0-300 kph record using the monstrous Venom GT. We know the team was su...
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Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
Yeah, Matt's the fucking man! That Chris Harris guy is a pompous ass though.
Ashton Summers Jan 22, 2013
Another Matt Farah video. These have made my life so expensive.
Richard Nichols Feb 05, 2013
As its tub is a lotus then technically it could be a RHD aswell. which means that also it should produce a little more power when running on the higher quality fuel we get here in the UK! Awsome! Would still prefer a P1 though.
Brian Lewis Jan 31, 2013
Looks too much like a lotus. :(
Victor Pitts Jan 23, 2013
@Patrick, thanks for the backing! I don't mean to cause troubles! I'm just a little Ole Texas Fanboy! I also highly doubt 98-99% of people live right next to a highway, that also excludes people who live in hull country twisties like me! :]
Ben Knorr Jan 23, 2013
yes, you said that already. That makes it exclusive, not unique. While they were making their own body panels why not make their own design instead of making it look like a car 1/10th it's price?
Patrick Schalk Jan 23, 2013
Ben, there's 7 of these in existence. Good luck ever even seeing one.
Ben Knorr Jan 23, 2013
Personally, a million dollar car should be completely unique. No matter what's under the skin, the fact is this thing looks like a stretched Exige. I love and respect it for its capabilities but its not worth the money imo.
Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2013
Victor, is say this car is more unique than any of them. There are only 7 of them in the world. Robert, good thing this car also dominates in a straight line! Hence the article!
Paul Pickard Jan 22, 2013
All those European cars are all great. Most of them are not legal in the states. This monster is. It's insanely expensive but if I had the means this would be my 7 figure choice. Luxury belongs in a Bentley. Not a monster.
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
All drive preference, Robert, no need to get your panties in a wad big boy! Unless your job is racing cars (which I do race and build, so yes, my life and my job as a tech). No need to be an asshole!
Shane Carroll Jan 22, 2013
As for wanting "luxury", if I can afford either this or a Veyron, chances are I'd have enough cash to grab a 7 series or a Bentley as well.
Robert Young Jan 22, 2013
Well last time I checked 99.9% of the population do not live on a twisty track & 98% of the time we drive in a straight line to & from work. Who give a shit if it's track ready.
Carlton Salmon Jan 22, 2013
If I were lucky enough to be in the market to purchase this kind of car, I'd probably head towards the Huayra and the Agera R.
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
is the same.
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
So... Basically to break it down: if you want a name, get a Bugatti; if you want something unique and custom, get a Pagani or Koenisegg; if you want practicality and track ready hyper car, get the Venom GT. once again, it's all preference. No car guy
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
bright. I respect the Bugatti, but I don't need all those fancy amenities and all that heavy car.
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
... (Hennessey's engineer) who pretty much built this car by himself had to go easy on the other cars.... Such as a Koenigsegg Agera... I enjoy the practicality of this car and I love the way it looks, but that's the racing blood in me which burns so
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
.... realize how awesome this car is?! If I had a million to spend, it would be on this car, Bugatti is nice, but I'm a driver... I like twistys and tracks and this car was raping all the cars at the festival of speed. The driver...
Victor Pitts Jan 22, 2013
You spend that million on pure performance.... Also if you want it to be a daily (somewhat), you can do that. You want to do your own oil change and not pay $$$ for maintainence, you can do that yourself. When are you all going to stop hating and...
Alexander Aksenov Jan 22, 2013
It is rumored that the Veyron cost the VW group 400 mil. in development costs, and while this may be quicker,it is still put together by what is essentially a tuner garage, using parts from other manufacturers, so it shouldnt be priced at a million $
Alexander Aksenov Jan 22, 2013
It's a great looking car and it's performance speaks for itself, however spending a million dollars on a car you would expect the quality and prestige level of an Agera or a Veyron.
Blaise Harned Jan 22, 2013
I know everyone already knows this, but I freaking love the fact that it's manual and still goes faster than those paddles!!
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Jan 22, 2013
Does anybody remember the SSC Ultimate Aero... i hated it, it was once the fastest and it was from the US. Now the US have made the Hennessy Venom and i really like it and i think this derserves to be the best. But i would still take most european supercars if they cost the same... cause i would just get one of these and then sell it and buy other cool stuff and cars
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
When your a millionaire it really doesn't matter
William Downs Jan 22, 2013
That and if I'm spending a million dollars on a car I'm not east I g it on luxury, Agera or venom
William Downs Jan 22, 2013
I would choose a venom over Veyron just because it won't cost me over 60k just to change my tires, that and the power train is an LS motor with a tremec trans, thing will run forever
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
It all comes to preference.
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
@Daniel I ran out of space to include that but I agree, on the other hand though it is supposed to be a major driver's car(6sp M, RWD, light), but as in TopGear James May did comment on how steady and calm the Veyron was at those speeds, but at the
Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2013
Jesse, they are 900k+.
Daniel Mead Jan 22, 2013
@pablo There isn't one part of this car that is meant for "luxury". Strictly just meant for going fast. If you're going 250+ mph I bet you'll hardly notice a softer seat.
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
It is a great car and I respect what it can do, but it just lacks the refinement and luxury found in cars like a Veyron which could get you to 250mph+ with comfort and luxury. Not that everyone would go that fast anyway. Like I said, I respect it
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 22, 2013
Anyone know how much this cost.. This thing is badass
Description: All you have to know is that the 1,500-hp 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8-powered Venom GT is now the fastest accelerating production car on the planet. The guys over at Koenigsegg better get their act togeth...
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Jacob Gardner Jan 22, 2013
Sorry for the extra vs lol
Jacob Gardner Jan 22, 2013
K so think about this. This vs the red bull x1 vs this. Ultimate race ever
Redge Diakité Jan 22, 2013
The Best is the Agera R for me because It's a complete homemade car not like the Venom and with 360hp less just losses for 1sec ;)
Dylan Bruder Jan 22, 2013
@lorenzo unburnt fuel in the exhaust seems to be common in these crazy hp cars
Dave Rain Jan 22, 2013
Matt Farah is a fag
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
LS engines sound absolutely evil and incredibly powerful. That's what makes this the best hyper car. That pure driving feel and scary acceleration, paired in a twisted symphony with the sound of that screaming V8. Just such a badass, amazing car.
Lorenzo Pagano Jan 22, 2013
Everyone saw the black smoke coming out of the back out that thing right??
Dylan Bruder Jan 22, 2013
God bless the ls
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
That LS is beast
Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
I did not like the Hennesey (sp) bandwagon a few years back. Part of it was the jealousy of his cars. I love this car.
Julian Pilinci Jan 22, 2013
I respect the performance and the amazing power, but this is pure ugly, IMO.
William Downs Jan 22, 2013
He for the most part never knows anything useful about cars, just talks shit on the ones he don't like
Paul Pickard Jan 22, 2013
How is it a kit car?
Dave Rain Jan 22, 2013
Still a kit car. Meh