Comments - MT Gets Behind the Wheel of the Golf GTD

Published: Jan 22, 2013
Description: Hot hatch enthusiasts in the US are quite familiar with the Volkswagen Golf GTI and its 2.0-liter turbo four-pot gasoline engine. But in Europe buyers also have the option of having the Golf GTD, a di...
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Justin Johnson Jan 23, 2013
We rarely get the cars I'd like to see. The WRX and S2000 were a start, but lets bring in the the great cars like they have in the past twelve years.
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 22, 2013
Yes you are correct.
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 22, 2013
Um, what is he smoking? Result: 1.000 US Gallon = 0.833 Imperial Gallon. Looks like the US Gallon is smaller.
Description: Because of this, Volkswagen is reportedly considering offering it stateside in the upcoming next-gen model. But for now, Motor Trend's Carlos Lago gets behind the wheel of the diesel-powered hot ...
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John Atnip Jan 23, 2013
I'd take a GTD. they're great little cars, and a diesel would just make them better. Seriously, the European car market needs to expand to the US more. They would sell more than they realize.
Ashton Summers Jan 22, 2013
Sounds not much different from a GTI...when revved to 4000. Of course you can take it to APR and have more than GTI power.
Daniele Gozzi Jan 22, 2013
No question bring it and why do we have to wait 2 years to get a golf 7 anyway!!!!
Drew Humphrey Jan 22, 2013
I want one of these