Comments - Kate Upton Gets Wet With CLA

Published: Jan 22, 2013
Description: Super-hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Kate Upton will star in next month's Super Bowl ad for Mercedes-Benz. The stunning 20-year-old siren will be pitching the all-new 2014 CLA and to...
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Description: It feels odd watching the conservative carmaker resort to such risqué marketing tactics, but sex sells. And always will. Watching Kate Upton in slow motion is also a great way to start off your d...
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Tyler Abrams Aug 25, 2013
I'd hit that
Johnny Matias Feb 18, 2013
Yeah she put on a few but that just makes her that much hotter...
Cody Gillard Jan 24, 2013
Must resist watching over and over again
Zachary Hollopeter Jan 24, 2013
She doesn't even wash the car. Not the sexiest presentation of Kate. The car looked nice
Austin J. Bower Jan 22, 2013
Not a fan of her...anymore:/
Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2013
She is my boss's niece. Pretty gal.
Jack Howard Jan 22, 2013
She actually has put on significant weight since the summer. It's fact. JESUS
Chris Gaines Jan 22, 2013
I noticed it too, she's still skinny but looks like she put on a few compared to the last vid I saw her in
Dillon Dixon Jan 22, 2013
She is damn pretty! She's girl next door cute. Hefty? Do you want a skeleton for a girl? She's perfectly skinny
Michael J Solimene Jan 22, 2013
Put on weight?? Haha u guys r on drugs. She's gorgeous
Eric Michalak Jan 22, 2013
She can thank the inventor of supportive bras for her popularity. I would hate to see what those things do on their own. Not a fan of floppy.
Nick Bultman Jan 22, 2013
She's pretty Pretty hefty
Greg Kenerly Jan 22, 2013
That's funny.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 22, 2013
I'd buy that for a dollar
Jose Santos Jan 22, 2013
@zeus the CLA hits dealers this fall as a CLA 250 at like 211 horsies and 258 torques with turbo starting at 30k
Zeus Mocha Jan 22, 2013
Sorry I mean production date
Zeus Mocha Jan 22, 2013
Is the CLA a concept or the real deal? Also does anyone know a release date and price range?
Zeus Mocha Jan 22, 2013
Nooope, could've picked someone way better.
Jack Howard Jan 22, 2013
Wow, she put on some weight!
Ryan Sansossio Jan 22, 2013
Kinda sucked actually. A bunch of soapy dudes with her walkin by?
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 22, 2013
Chris Huff Jan 22, 2013
Ha \/
Stephane Rioux Jan 22, 2013
great bumper.... looks bouncy. and i like the car too
Adam Thomson Jan 28, 2013
The front looks slightly more aggressive!!!
Cody Gillard Jan 24, 2013
I like @ahmed was like the only one looking at the car
Mustafa Alshekhly Jan 22, 2013
Great rear view
Ahmed Barrasali Jan 22, 2013
Like the grille over the front bumper
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 22, 2013
Justin verlander is lucky...
Pablo Herasme Jan 22, 2013
Some curvy rear fenders I like it
David Lee Jan 22, 2013
\/ LOL :D
Anthony Rullo Jan 22, 2013
Loving the curves on this