Comments - Three Oakley Design Aventadors Go Out to Play

Published: Jan 21, 2013
Description: Supercar sharpshooter Shmee150 has captured a trio of Aventadors tuned by Oakley Design/Refined Marques out on the street cranking up the decibels. The million-dollar Lambo show consists of an ora...
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Jacob Burford Jan 22, 2013
Dibs on this one!
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 21, 2013
I'm not a big fan off it... I like the reveton, that's my dream car
Lou Guerrero Jan 21, 2013
Those HREs have made their way to a lot if good looking cars.
Joshua Nol Jan 21, 2013
My uncle has one !!!!but in white
Wyatt Gordon Jan 21, 2013
I dislike orange, but this works!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 21, 2013
This is awesome!
Description: They also boast an additional 60 horsepower over the 700-hp Aventador. The Dragon Edition is the second of a limited run of ten, owned by Hussam Maatouk of the Qatari Luxury Signatures dealership. It ...
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Austin J. Bower Feb 10, 2013
@Matt M...isn't that what I said?
Tobias Hubbard Jan 27, 2013
This is the lamest video ever ghosh! Borrrring
omarSV Jan 23, 2013
I saw these 3 Aventadors together last week. Absolute beasts :)
Ken Kenarro Jan 22, 2013
Eli you really need to broaden your knowledge of the world.
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 21, 2013
In the UK people drive on the left, therefore it was on the correct side of the road.
Eli Bonner Jan 21, 2013
Did anyone else see that little silver car going the wrong way at 1:49?! Haha
Hugo Pestana Jan 21, 2013
waste of a good video. Nothing to exciting going on here.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 21, 2013
Tyler Tarbox Jan 21, 2013
One of the few times you don't feel rich while driving an Audi R8 lol
Matthew Midgley Jan 21, 2013
@ Austin it was in a v10 spyder you can follow shmee150 on Facebook your welcome.
Johnny Matias Jan 21, 2013
They sound incredible.
Austin J. Bower Jan 21, 2013
Looks like they filmed it from inside the v10 r8 spyder from the beginning
Carlton Salmon Jan 21, 2013
Great clip and great sounds!
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
White is the best here.
Peter Mark Gacek Jan 21, 2013
Ha this can get more aggressive?
Neel Katuri Jan 21, 2013
this looks better than orange
Wyatt Gordon Jan 21, 2013
Yeah, this looks great!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 21, 2013
I feel like this is what the SV will look like but with a more aggressive front end
Jacob Burford Jan 22, 2013
Stunning rear!
Janak Solanki Jan 21, 2013
Looks frikken awsome
Jackson Michael Jan 21, 2013
Dat exhaust
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 21, 2013
Get rid of that ugly spoiler.
Neel Katuri Jan 21, 2013
aventadors were meant for spoilers
Wyatt Gordon Jan 21, 2013
Idk why people think spoilers look bad on the Aventador, this looks great
Peter Mark Gacek Jan 21, 2013
احمد فيرق Jan 23, 2013
he is from Qatr
Peter Mark Gacek Jan 21, 2013
Frederick Perez Jan 21, 2013