Comments - Supra-Powered Volvo Wagon is Back

Published: Jan 21, 2013
Description: It turns out the Swedes can party too when behind the wheel. Yes, we know that supercar builder Koenigsegg hails from the Scandinavian kingdom, but aside from Volvo and Saab (RIP), the country's ...
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Coleman DuCharme Jan 25, 2013
David calm yourself.
Mike Renaut Jan 23, 2013
...know it but these old wagons are well balanced decent handling cars.
Mike Renaut Jan 23, 2013
Odd conversation here regarding wheelspins and drifting. My tired 240 wagon bone stock and misfiring probably put out 70bhp but would spin its tyres and slide around very controllably on wet corners. Okay that's not really drifting like you guys...
David Parenti Jan 22, 2013
VV lol
Lou Guerrero Jan 22, 2013
An '02 S4 does 60 in over 5 seconds. Hopefully that clears things up.
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
Considering even the early Charger SRT8s with 425 hp only achieved it in 5.5 due to their mass/weight.
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
@Wyatt If that Audi has 250hp and is all wheel drive, I would say its definitely pretty quick, but maybe you should research 0-60 times a little more. I wouldn't say it's improbable for it to have, say, a 5.5 0-60. That's seems more appropriate.
Reid Huff Jan 21, 2013
SAAB just came out with a new badge and they will be producing cars again at the end of August.
Derrick McCarthy Jan 21, 2013
Why is that hard to believe? The car probly weighs 2500 pounds or less and depending on gearing that's not crazy. I mean unless I'm missing Somthing.
Jörgen Nilsson Jan 21, 2013
250 hp and 0-60 in 4,2 sec? Yeah right. Grow up.
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
Motortrend has the same article, but they do not give HP numbers. They say "these engines are capable of 1000hp".
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
Leading you to believe that 276hp in a Volvo station wagon will make it drift. The engine in that Volvo is probably pushing 370-400 hp and the crank. Easy to get those numbers from that engine. Especially with the big turbos in the picture.
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
Is leading you to believe. The real culprit here is the misleading article. Maybe not misleading, but mid informed. Of course the motor is not stock, but they gave the stock numbers on the motor in the article.
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
@ Jordan, pretty much every fwd car can spin tires, with a ripped e-brake. Some of you are missing the point, I didn't mean whether or not this car can do a burnout. I meant spinning a tire into a turn to do a drift. Takes more hp than the article
Carlton Salmon Jan 21, 2013
The UK Supras came with 326 bhp stock.
Jonathan Gushue Jan 21, 2013
Yep a geo could light the tires up. Wonder how many know what they are talking about...
Jordan Smith Jan 21, 2013
Hell I can spin the tires on my Jetta and that's only 170 horsepower.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 21, 2013
Cant believe how sum people cant use context clues of course its got more than 276hp you can see they ditched the stock twins for a big single turbo
Robby N Raquel Stanley Jan 21, 2013
Bwahaha. 320 barely spins the tires. Lmao. My car make a little more then 320 and it lights tires up on command. Volvo 240 wagons weigh around 3100 lbs. that's not that heavy. But yes I agree this engines not stock, but if it was.. Still a sleeper
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
@lou, I agree. I think the article is wrong on the power output. I think they just used the stock configuration numbers.
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
@wyatt, and my Schwinn does 0-60 in 3 seconds.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 21, 2013
David, not true. My Mom has a 2004 Twin-Turbo (2.7) Audi Allroad with 250 HP, that does 0-60 in like 4.2, and Ive gotten it up to 125 no problem.
Lou Guerrero Jan 21, 2013
I'm almost certain this motor has been massaged to make more power. That's a big turbo in the cover pic.
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
Still could use more power, even 320 is barely enough to spin a tire on a station wagon.
Matt Piccolo Jan 21, 2013
@ Robby, you beat me to it! The Japan spec supra's were rated at 276 due to the agreement, while the U.S spec supra's were rated at 320hp
Robby N Raquel Stanley Jan 21, 2013
The 276 rating was the result of a gentleman s agreement between the car makers at that time to prevent any unwanted attention on making cars to "powerful".
Robby N Raquel Stanley Jan 21, 2013
You do realize that all of the high end Japanese cars from that era were rated at 276hp. And that number was always under rated, most supras would put at least 276 hp to the wheels. We're talking well over 300+ hp at the crank. Bone stock
David Parenti Jan 21, 2013
276 hp, That's it? Most cars come from factory with more than that. It's a station wagon, going to need a lot more than 276 horses to make it a sleeper. Needs more like 400
Mike Renaut Jan 23, 2013
Anyone else think that's a dinosaur's tail on a trailer in the background there? I gotta increase my meds...
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
Ha, I think it's cool, he's doing his own thing here for sure.
Dan Jardine Jan 21, 2013
\/\/\/-- wastegate
Austin Whitener Jan 21, 2013
Omg any one else see that exsusght pipe out the front
Victor Pitts Jan 21, 2013
This picture is chock full of win.
Lou Guerrero Jan 21, 2013
My man. Go tear shit up, sir.
Description: And yes, it can drift. But now he's taking it to the highway with some friends in tow to hunt down some unsuspecting competition. Of course at the end of the video there's even more drift ac...
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Zachary Hollopeter Jan 24, 2013
Paul Hyatt Jan 22, 2013
Agreed at least 400 hp , that things insane
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
It definitely has more than 275hp if it's fast enough to beat another Supra while he has like 10 people in the car. Lol (exaggerating)
Bill Estep Jr Jan 22, 2013
Omg the blow off on them turbos awesome
Carlton Salmon Jan 21, 2013
Lordy that thing is fast!
Jimmy Janik Jan 21, 2013
Nothing sounds cooler than that. Sleepers are the best thing ever
Ashton Summers Jan 21, 2013
A fast car for doggers.
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 21, 2013
@lou Rape wagon, thats is exactly wat it is! If uve ever had a sleeper U should know how fun it is to do this
Marcus Espineta Jan 21, 2013
That thing is sick!!!! Total sleeper
David Harris Jan 21, 2013
Damn nice Volvo
Lou Guerrero Jan 21, 2013
Behold the speed of the rusty rape wagon!
Tino Domingue Jan 21, 2013
Couldn't* (stupid phone -_-)
Tino Domingue Jan 21, 2013
Kickin’ in the front seat, sittin’ in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take? (Don't hate cuz I found resist myself )
Matt Sutton Jan 21, 2013 I love it.
Peter Skorokhodov Jan 21, 2013
they should have kept the tires on top
Matt Piccolo Jan 21, 2013
Don't care for the hood scoop. I know it's functional on the euro spec supra's but it looks dumb.
Colby Church Jan 22, 2013
Guy with Supra doesn't have a front tag. Haha. He's like, screw that.
Lucas Hill Jan 22, 2013