Comments - Honda Gear Concept Debuts in Canada

Published: Jan 20, 2013
Description: Honda is seemingly unbothered that the Montreal Motor Show is by-and-large ignored by the press, but it's just it says is aimed at the young Y-Generation of drivers. Inspired by fixed-gear bicycl...
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Chris Gaines Jan 22, 2013
seriously, I'm smack dab in the middle of this marketing demographic, and 99% of the cars marketed directly to us is sh*t. the frs is alright, but most everything else is a fwd i4 pussybox. and not in a good way lol
Austin Bride Jan 20, 2013
Good god they made a car specifically for hipsters.
Johnny Matias Jan 20, 2013
I hate 'discerning urban buyers'. All these stupid young people buying gay cars like this. You can make a good drivers car with good mpg. Remember the late 90s and early 2000s?
John M Weishahn Jan 20, 2013
Inspired. By fixed gear bicycles? If they're trying to build a car for hipsters it's already uncool.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jan 20, 2013
First paragraph is badly written. Come on, Carbuzz, give it some effort...
Seamus Crowe Jan 22, 2013
Looks like a toy.
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
The front reminds me of a Sloth. Not Goonies either because I actually like him.
Benjamin McCormick Jan 21, 2013
Fantastic design. Accord-ing (pun intended) to their recent hits and, more importantly, lack of misses, it looks like Honda's finally out of the woods. Welcome back, Honda. I, for one, am so happy you made it.
Darian Vorlick Jan 20, 2013
It's definitely original. I kinda like it. I used to hate the Honda Element. Now I drive one. I could see this growing on me as well.
Ashton Summers Jan 20, 2013
Something about the front end that makes me think of a Reliant Robin.
Wmg Chinchilla Jan 20, 2013
Looks great! Now Honda needs to grow some balls and actually make it.
Raymond Chuang Jan 20, 2013
What you folks are seeing here is in effect a styling preview of the next-generation Honda fit/Jazz model. It's not hard to imagine by lengthening the vehicle to add two rear doors and toning down the front and rear styling a little, it's a perfect decription of the new Fit/Jazz.
Alex Bouckley Jan 20, 2013
Samuel Reid Jan 20, 2013
I like it, but I don't think it have his place in the market.
Joe Talerico Jan 20, 2013
Totally ugly!
Tom Mcleod Jan 20, 2013
This looks a far bit better than the ugly Fit.
Tom Mcleod Jan 20, 2013
Dale, that "round headlight in a rectangular housing" theme can actually look very nice when done properly! . ie - Challengers for instance.. There headlight and grill scheme is THE reason it looks more bad ass than its Chevy and Ford rivals.
Lead Peddalin Jan 20, 2013
This is everything I hate about new car designs in one. Sweet!
Harrison Trapnell Jan 20, 2013
Thats a worst sight than Tulisa in that video last year ;D
David Lee Jan 20, 2013
I'm scared.
Brendan Bell Jan 20, 2013
Quirky, i like this
Wissam Nasr Jan 20, 2013
Odd but I like
Gurjit Singh Jan 20, 2013
only thing i like about this is wheels
Guo-Sheng Huang Jan 20, 2013
Looks like a shoe. There are plenty of people can design better IMO.
Oleg Odessit Jan 20, 2013
Just driving this morning on the highway, i understood why this will not sell well here. Honda meet the wall, wall,,, Honda
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
Another bombed attempt by Hondas design department
Jesse Williams Jan 20, 2013
Looks like a giant computer mouse. I don't like how these smaller Hondas have that downward looking shape.
Dale Schroeder Jan 20, 2013
Oh good, they brought back one of the worst aspects of '70s car design: round headlights in square headlight ports. The one thing that spoils the otherwise nice overall shape.
Janak Solanki Jan 20, 2013
Brilliant design. Not my cup of tea though.
John M Weishahn Jan 20, 2013
I don't hate this car, it's a clean shape.
Ethan Amo Jan 20, 2013
It's actually not that bad
Matt Piccolo Jan 20, 2013
What the hell is that? The urban crossover or whatever it was called was pretty nice a few days ago, but what happened to this thing honda?
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 20, 2013
Wtf kill it with thermonuclear bomb!
Filipe Ventura Jan 20, 2013
Remember me the Old Honda 600 from the 70's
Chris Benson Jan 20, 2013
I spy some cvcc influence.
Thibault Leroy Jan 20, 2013
Looks like an egg
Nick Schnee Jan 20, 2013
Nice. Not too busy, not too bland either. I hope it will make production without changing much!
Lou Guerrero Jan 20, 2013
I like this. Reminds me of the Act Z.
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 20, 2013
Hell no
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 20, 2013
I would drive it
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2013
Dude WTF? What is this? Honda, you better get your mind right and give us a new S2K instead of this crap. It's getting ridiculous.
Trey Villarreal Jan 20, 2013
"Me gusta"
Description: While the Urban SUV Concept just debuted in Detroit, the Gear Concept shows the Canadian market, which is more welcoming of small cars, what Honda can do with subcompact vehicles. The Gear isn't ...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Jan 20, 2013
How can it take on the fiat if the whole appeal of the fiat it's that it is attractive and Italian and the gear is none of these
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
@Forrest Too bad the offset won't be as extreme either.
Christian De Prisco Jan 21, 2013
If I could buy this right now as it is for less than £12k I would get off bed and go
Hemmo Karja Jan 20, 2013
This is the best looking little car in a long time
Forrest Wood Jan 20, 2013
Too bad the production model won't have drilled rotors, that's if it actually makes it to production
Sahm Jafari Jan 20, 2013
Love this thing.
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt Jan 20, 2013
Damn this car is ugly as fuck.
Ray Moreno Jan 20, 2013
Nvm I noticed now those angled creases on the front and back quarter panels.
Ray Moreno Jan 20, 2013
Mi gusta! Centered dual exhaust , simple tailights blackened out a bit. Front end to match. The doors and quarter panels don't "meh" well together. Maybe some better lines or something to make it look idk hmm "busy" on the side...not tooo busy though