Comments - First 2014 Corvette Stingray Sells for $1.1 Million

Published: Jan 20, 2013
Description: We reported last week that the first production 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray would be up for auction in an effort to raise money for the College for Creative Studios in Detroit, Michigan. Just yes...
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Shathan Alkhalili Jan 25, 2013
My 1st s### sold for more than that ٩:
Anastasyos Aaf Jan 23, 2013
1million for This ugly car!! Lol
Logan Bartnick Jan 22, 2013
The amount this guy paid is just showing how valuable the first car is, we still have to wait for official reviews to tell how good it really is. I hope it is great.
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
There's a reason this was 1.1 and the Viper was 300k. Corvette has about 30 years history on the Viper. Conception or not, 30 years. Sorry Dodge folks, this is proof that its time to bow down.
Sam Harris Jan 21, 2013
Ummm. Tho, do you know who Rick Hendrick is?
Tho MA Jan 21, 2013
Must have been high on crack to spend 1 mil. Geez really!!
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 21, 2013
Oh. My. God. Who's the idiot here? Him or you guys? He did it for charity, don't look at it like he bought a corvette for 1.1M$ look at it like he donated 1.1M$ and got a nice car for it instead, that's probably how he sees it...
Nick Smith Jan 21, 2013
This isn't tax write off. The entire value isn't just written off and it's an actual purchase, not a donation. Nice try though!
J Shawn Davis Jan 20, 2013
New Viper looks sexier. 1 mili is a bit much for an a car that we will find at the used car lot in a few years like the rest of the vets. ZR1 is the only exception.
Justin Routh Jan 20, 2013
Yeah matt im sure number 2 will sell for $55k... I bet atleast the first 10 wont be cheap
Bradley Walter Jan 20, 2013
This is a tax write off folks. Subtract the msrp of the corvette (~$75k) from the final bid amount ($1.1m) and this individual just got a 600 hp $1.025m tax deduction.
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt Jan 20, 2013
A lot for a new Chevy
Danny Scott Jan 20, 2013
1.1million for a Chevy....
Paul Dickey Jan 20, 2013
I second Noah and Jackson.
Aaron Sparks Jan 20, 2013
Johnny get educated sir. This dude runs the most successful NASCAR Cup Team in history.
Zachary Maughan Jan 20, 2013
That "guy" runs/owns Hendrick Motorsports, notice how he was sitting next to Jeff Gordon?
Nick Smith Jan 20, 2013
Wow, did not think it would go for this much.
Johnny Hoover Jan 20, 2013
Corvettes are the American dream lotto winners will always buy them after they win. That is why ppl will pay more for the 001 vin then a viper
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
No one is forcing u to read his comments, u can simply ignore them
Noah Gavurin Jan 20, 2013
yeah jackson, i for one am getting tired of his shit
Jackson Michael Jan 20, 2013
Colby acts like every other car cost $15 to engineer and build
Trey Byrum Jan 20, 2013
Something tells me people like this are smart. If it was a charity car I'm sure his tax man maybe able to write some of the extra off as a donation!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 20, 2013
1.1M for a bit of plastic and a 50 year old engine? Kidding kidding, I really like this new C7. But that price is a bit much.
Blake E VanDyke Jan 20, 2013
Rick Hendricks bought this corvette. Greatest corvette collection in the world. No brainier buy for him
Ryu Tsuchiya Jan 20, 2013
this price is ridiculous
Earl Smith-Hamlett Jan 20, 2013
im sorry but this car is just not worth that type of coin
Cody Gillard Jan 20, 2013
I like the new corvette you know I really hated it for so long and now it's starting to grow on me but I still don't think it's worth 1 mil
Matt Piccolo Jan 20, 2013
I think it's a great cause, but that doesn't change the fact I wouldn't buy any car for 20+ times it's msrp
Matthew Mckernan Jan 20, 2013
...the same goes for Toyota and the Prius. But does that make a Prius or a Leaf worth millions?
Matthew Mckernan Jan 20, 2013
@Colby, the engineering and development costs of this car does not make it worth the money. Mabye the charity donation does but not the development cost. You do realize that Nissan probably spent just as much, probably more, developing the leaf and
Matt Piccolo Jan 20, 2013
@ Patrick, I read the article. I understand it's raising money. But me, PERSONALLY, wouldn't buy ANY car for 20+ times the msrp, just to have the first one.
Colby Church Jan 20, 2013
This is still a bargain compared to the engineering, testing, development, and production costs of this car though. It takes millions upon millions(over 300 million for the C7) to design and build a Corvette. It's well worth it's price tag.
Colby Church Jan 20, 2013
If I had the money I would pay $1.1m in a heartbeat. :) And this auction is further proof how strong the Corvette's legacy is. Some may not like this car, but others love it with a passion. Enough to pay over a million for a $50k car.
Derek Soanes Jan 20, 2013
@nick you can't get a koenigsegg for that
Aaron Cordroch Jan 20, 2013
I made it out to see this auction. I was surprised that they parked it outside and let everybody come up to it. I can say it looks even better in person. Definite hero car. Sad part was it sold 3 cars after the bat mobile so the mil lost some flare..
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
Also need to remember the vette has a lot bigger and more devoted fan base then the viper... not only was it the first one, but rick Hendrix has so many special edition corvettes and a lot of #001 chassis and even final production models also, he is rich and its a piece of history and for his collection not to mention it was for charity.. Matt maybe u should spend more time reading instead of bitc...
Johnny Matias Jan 20, 2013
He didn't pay $1.1 million for the Corvette. Essentially he paid $55,000+ options and donated $1,000,000 to charity. Plus you know for a fact (unless you're retarded) that it's going to sell for millions more when the next generations come out and especially if it's discontinued.
Harrison Trapnell Jan 20, 2013
I wish I had a load of money. I would pay anything for the first Enzo Successor.
Tim Preisinger Jan 20, 2013
Matt, in 30 years it will be more then worth it... Assuming it stays in good condition. I also do find it interesting that the first viper went for a lot less. Can't remember if that was a charity car or not?
Justin Chavez Jan 20, 2013
Interesting how the first SRT Viper was sold for only $300,000
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2013
Once again, Matt doesn't read the article and understand real life things.
Ben Knorr Jan 20, 2013
Matt, u have no clue what being wealthy is all about, and you probably never will.
Matt Piccolo Jan 20, 2013
Ill take the second one ever built for 55k please. No car is worth paying 20 times the msrp just to have the first one. I don't care if its "special" bec it's the first one... No car is worth it
Zeus Mocha Jan 20, 2013
Oh and - tax break
Zeus Mocha Jan 20, 2013
Amen vvv XD yup, main points - charity - huge investment - he's rich, he doesn't care On top of that the guy loves vettes. Has a bunch of chassis #1's. He has the first and last carbon edition along with others.
Josh Negron Jan 20, 2013
William and Patrick are spot on... I think most of the people that don't get it--aren't reading the article. And if they have, God save 'Merica from that generation!
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
Yea rick Hendrix is an idiot, that's why he can spend over a mil on a corvette and not even care, don't be jelious cause he was smart enough to make something of him self and he can make purchases like this, plus since when is doing a good thing for charity make u an idiot or not smart
Paul Trahan Jan 20, 2013
You guys do realize that not only did he get the first C7 but it was for charity, which means it will be a huge tax write off. So not only does he have an investment he also has a big break on taxes. It's a win/win when you have money like Rick does
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2013
There are some huge retards on this thread.
Aaron Sparks Jan 20, 2013
Lol some guy named Rick Hendrick.
Zachary Maurer Jan 20, 2013
If its for charity, I would have paid that much, if I had the money, and plus its not like Rick Hendrick is going to go broke from buying that.
Dillon Dixon Jan 20, 2013
Do you people not realize how significant the first chassis is?! I'm pretty sure Rick Hendrick knows what he is buying. He's done several of these kinds of purchases from Barrett Jackson. You spend your money how you would, but there isn't any reason to call him an idiot just because he spent his money the way he wanted to.
Andrae Jackson Jan 20, 2013
Rick hendrick has the biggest Chevy dealerships I'm ga. That's why he bought it and a corvette dealership too
Will Will Jan 20, 2013
Jay leno is smarter than that.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 20, 2013
I'm surprised that Jay Leno didn't buy it.
Matty Michaels Jan 20, 2013
The original batmobile sold before it for a cool 4.2 million.
Ahmed Bin Saeed Jan 20, 2013
Wtf It's just a corvette
Nick Schnee Jan 20, 2013
... who cares if it's the first? Damn, he could have gotten a Koenigsegg for that money...
Kyle McCullough Jan 20, 2013
It goes to charity. And it's the first production C7.
Elvis Ford Jan 23, 2013
I think is get one for 1,100$ even if its a Chevy
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 21, 2013
@kyle so your saying that the new c7 will cost 1100 dollars. That would be awesome
Kyle Kloewer Jan 21, 2013
1.1mil when it costs 1/1000 of that originally
Lou Guerrero Jan 21, 2013
Damn, I was hoping for some engine bay shots
Chris Gaines Jan 21, 2013
ppl can speculate all they want, but until the car is tested and tried, you can't say sh*t about it
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
Its a corvette so it will break down almost never short of driver error
Jordan Nishida Jan 20, 2013
That car looks beautiful, but I don't know if I would buy it. Depends on whether it breaks down a lot.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 20, 2013
I personally think front engine with RWD is the best looking, and the most fun to drive layout.
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
Hey if it ain't broke don't fix it
Colby Church Jan 20, 2013
Although I agree it should always retain its configuration. It's a great platform and has really worked well for them. They should continue to improve upon the front engine layout.
Colby Church Jan 20, 2013
@William, I would agree, but Corvette's design team have considered it for years and years, and Tadge stated that it wasn't an impossibility in the future. They said they will take any route necessary to improve performance.
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
Vette won't go mid engined, would ruin the formula of a corvettes success
Alex Bouckley Jan 20, 2013
I agree, especially if the next one goes mid engined
Shawn Sullivan Jan 20, 2013
Give it 50 years and this #1 chassis will bring loads of cash no doubt about it. You think someone went to a dealer in 1967 ordered up all the goodies on his muscle car thinking he could flip it for WAY more than the sticker price? No
Greg Kenerly Jan 20, 2013
Sick. I love this version so much. I can't think of any reason to pay 1.1mil...even if you have the money. I don't see modern muscle cars bringing resale values the way the old school cars do today.
Description: Hendricks will also have the chance to pick his car's exterior and interior colors as well as other options. More than likely, this car will increase in value over time, perhaps making the intiti...
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Colby Church Jan 20, 2013
Or that he not only owns Jeff Gordon's team, but also Hendrick Motorsports, the most successful team in NASCAR history. He also has his own dealerships nationwide.
Liz Hill Jan 20, 2013
They forgot to mention that Hendrick also bought the other Corvette mentioned, and that he's the head of Jeff Gordon's racing team and has a very large collection of Corvettes.
Aaron Sparks Jan 20, 2013
Hendrick. Just Hendrick
John M Weishahn Jan 20, 2013
It's the best car of the run that becomes most collectible, not the first. Anyway, it's the charity factor that makes the car a tax write-off for these guys. That's what allows the bidding to go berserk.
Bianque McLean Jan 21, 2013
Hendricks is a Corvette hoarder. Lucky man.
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
There is a video where they talk about the car, Idk if I found it on YouTube or jalopnik but they start it up and oh boy does it sounds nasty in the best way
Aaron Cordroch Jan 20, 2013
I wish they would have rev'd it up.. Wanted to hear the exhaust
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 21, 2013
Only corvette I like (except for MAYBE the ZR1, and I love this one
Jordan Nishida Jan 20, 2013
Love corvettes. Especially the 69 stingray. My favorite corvette.
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt Jan 20, 2013
I agree with Walter. I do not like the C7.
Jeff Link Jan 20, 2013
I agree Wyatt. This car is hot!! Could be my favorite one.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 20, 2013
I disagree, this is the first Vette Ive fallen in love with since the '68 Stingray!
Walter Robinson Jan 20, 2013
God it's hideous. Just had to get that out. Back is nice tho.
Elvis Ford Jan 23, 2013
Looks like that rubbish camaro. Not a good move. The dual circles was trademark and was liked by most. Why fix it if It ain't broken..... Like Colby's nose when his father drinks
Jimmy Bartolotta Jan 21, 2013
The rear is the worst part of the car. I hate the C7 and I'm a Corvette fan. I just think it takes too much from other cars and then the rear just doesn't help it win any battles.
Haoliang Li Jan 20, 2013
Haoliang Li Jan 20, 2013
I do like rear, but I still the fact that the taillights look too much like Camaro's.
John Patten Jan 20, 2013
Viper looks so much better.
Trey Villarreal Jan 20, 2013
Such biased fan comments alone cause the corvette to leave a bad taste in my mouth. It would be a shame cause so far I do like this new vette.
Jordan Nishida Jan 20, 2013
Dual round tail lights would look better.
Rommel Powell Jan 20, 2013
Colby makes every article on the corvette worth it. Just skip straight to the comments. Lol
John Serely Jan 20, 2013
@colby you have to fiercely defend everything that is remotely negative about the vette, don't you? It gets funny at times...
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt Jan 20, 2013
Honestly Chevy just wants to annoy us all. So ugly.
Stephen Healy Jan 20, 2013
Colby with those intelligent rebuttals, how do you think of such awesome comments dawg? 2good4 everyone else here, Oh Wait.
Jeff Link Jan 20, 2013
I love this car!
Mohammed Shamma Jan 20, 2013
Love this car alot. Its like a cheaper ferrari. Way better than the C6 especially the new interior.
William Downs Jan 20, 2013
No I love the new rear end alot
Edgar Jauregui Jan 20, 2013
Am I the only one who really likes the new rear?
Serge Pankratov Jan 20, 2013
The back end is gonna take some growing on for me.. I still dislike it
Chris Huff Jan 20, 2013
V haha nice defense for vettes
Colby Church Jan 20, 2013
@Sergi No, that would be a naked picture of your mom.
Sergi Pérez Figueras Jan 20, 2013
And it's the ugliest
Greg Kenerly Jan 20, 2013
This is the view everyone will see...