Comments - DFA: Drunk Driver Drives Destroyed Corolla

Published: Jan 20, 2013
Description: Should we expect anything less than stupid from the lens of a dash cam coming from Russia? Of course not, but then we saw this video and man, is this guy stupid. Beyond stupid. Perhaps even drunk. Get...
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Description: It's clear its driver is drunk for two reasons: One, he's swerving and hitting snow banks and two, no sober person would ever consider getting behind the wheel of a car in the state this one...
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Andrew Hardy Mar 04, 2013
In Soviet Russia, car drive you!
Alex Medvedev Jan 22, 2013
Woman was on the phone reporting to police about it. And accident happened on the bridge I guess the toyota rammed into bus and kept going
Seth Pettman Jan 22, 2013
Wow, drunk drivers eh...
Oleg Odessit Jan 21, 2013
I confirm that, just heard it on the news
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 21, 2013
Although what you forgot to add CarBuzz was that the driver killed his friend from the first impact with the bus and that his dead body was found in the back among the wreckage after the driver tried running off. Grim.
Jeremy Kertgate Jan 21, 2013
I hate Toyota but this proves they are kings of reliability Loll
Jeff Manuel Jan 21, 2013
Just search on youtube "killing a toyota" and you'll find out...
Ashton Summers Jan 20, 2013
The woman in the film is actually saying nothing about the wrecked car. Rather she is rambling on about the douche her sister is getting married to.
Peter Kim Jan 20, 2013
An accident like that and can still keep on driving?! Wow haha quality and safety for sure.
Mike Renaut Jan 20, 2013
I don't speak Russian; Is the woman keeping up a running commentary about what's happening or just one of those people who never stops talking?
Ashton Summers Jan 20, 2013
Russia makes this app so much better. Thank you for being horrible at driving Russia.
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 20, 2013
I wonder if he got mad that somebody T-boned him, lol I kno id get out and raise hell
Serge Pankratov Jan 20, 2013
The lady also said that they saw the accident happen and the driver of the corolla didnt even bother to stop, kept on going, got hit again by the Subi, and then they lost him
Serge Pankratov Jan 20, 2013
Actually right hand drive is quite common in russia, especially in Siberia, because Japan is right there and cars that get imported dont have to have a buncha crap replaced like they do in America.
Carlton Salmon Jan 20, 2013
Unusual to find a right-hand drive car in Russia.
Ryan Riley Jan 20, 2013
That Subaru Legacy wagon that drove by was gorgeous!
Lou Guerrero Jan 20, 2013
Go home....wait, maybe he is.
Logan Delony Jan 20, 2013
I have to admit.. That looks kinda fun..
David Justice Jan 20, 2013
Japanese Quality! I love it!
Geoff Novak Jan 20, 2013
How does one destroy a car like that in the first place. Thats some serious damage (captian obvious here)
Ritchie Streeter Jan 20, 2013
Forget the driver or the fact it's a Toyota, I wanna know how that guy managed that damage.
Ethan Amo Jan 20, 2013
What the hell...this does prove something though, toyotas have amazing quality
Samuel Reid Jan 20, 2013
David Lee , you killed me lol
Harrison Trapnell Jan 20, 2013
David Lee Jan 20, 2013
That's why I love Toyota. Reliability and durability.
Ryan Spencer Jan 20, 2013
Must love Japanese build quality. Don't know how that thing was still driving.
Oleg Odessit Jan 20, 2013
Wow, only in Russia
Cindy Ngo Jan 25, 2013
What?? It could still drive????
Tyler Andrew Wyllie Jan 20, 2013
It's a Toyota though :3
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 20, 2013
How can u drive a vehicle that is so banged up
Ahmed Barrasali Jan 20, 2013
@ Kay Bayarjargal Thank you :-)
Kay Bayarjargal Jan 20, 2013
She is talking to the police on how that car get in the shape as is now. I think he got hit by a bus running a red light and she is telling the license plate and where the car is foing
Alec Lindgren Jan 20, 2013
Aw man someone scratch that car's paint
Ahmed Barrasali Jan 20, 2013
The woman never stop talking, Can somebody understand what she is talking about?
Samuel Reid Jan 20, 2013
That's for what an FWD is the best.
Brandon Chamberlain Jan 20, 2013
Front wheel drive
Sasa Jungic Jan 20, 2013
Can't kill Toyota :)
Julian Pilinci Jan 20, 2013
How in the world can that car in that condition still be drivable? It looks like a dinosaur smashed it.