Comments - Armored Opulence: Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

Published: Jan 20, 2013
Description: Armored cars are expensive items, really quite expensive, and with the exception of a few especially dangerous parts of the world, regular people usually don't need to spend the money on them. It...
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Sam Reinsel Jan 20, 2013
Actually most armored limos and such are sold in the Middle East, so that rolls and several others are more likely to be there.
Ashton Summers Jan 20, 2013
I bet all the bullet proof corollas are in all the countries ending in 'stan
Will Will Jan 20, 2013
I hope that $8 million armoured rolls royce makes it on the list.
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 21, 2013
@Will, you don't park this car, you have your driver drive it until you need it again x)
Will Will Jan 21, 2013
Better and matches with the other s classes on the road. Besides, those wheels really scream "armoured car", so changing the rim design would help this car in its disguise.
Will Will Jan 21, 2013
Paid attention to. And besides i'm not suggesting that they should sacrifice run flat tires just for nicer rims, run flats are crucial for such a car. I'm just suggesting that they change the design of the rims to the normal design so that it looks
Will Will Jan 21, 2013
@ rick i'm not yet another rim idiot like you think. I rarely even bother about the numerous articles car buzz puts up about a certain rim being on a certain car. So which means when the rims of a certain car captures my attention, it needs to be
Aziz Umarov Jan 20, 2013
Armored car should be as much low profile as possible, for that you don't see armor behind the grill but there is. And that rims are special run flat I think, because maine purpose is not to show off but save passenger.
Dan Marino Jan 20, 2013
I've always wanted to see the undercarriage of a limo.
Will Will Jan 20, 2013
If they changed the rims and payed more attention to detail while stretching the car, it would have looked way nicer. But overall, its a car i would love to be transported in, although parking would be a nightmare.
Austin Whitener Jan 20, 2013
Haha if this is really an armored car the why wouldn't they have coved more of the grill so no one car shoot out the motor........
Drew Humphrey Jan 20, 2013
Ugly IMO
Description: The Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard is one of the most popular vehicles for heads of state all over the world, and Mercedes has been a leader in this field ever since it first started building armor...
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Ivan Košalko May 15, 2013
Are you serios with that 600?! It says it's 6liter V12 under the hood! You can have E 500 guard as well.
Description: The first thing you'll probably notice about the Pullman is that it's so much longer than the regular S-Class. The car has actually been stretched by a full 45 inches and a third row of seat...
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Thibault Leroy Jan 20, 2013
Read the article...
Jordan Smith Jan 20, 2013
They probably have that thing that the window inside has, where you press a button and they get dark.
Julian Pilinci Jan 20, 2013
Should those windows be tinted so that you can see who is inside?
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
Nevermind, I tilted it and no two frames :)
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
Pretty from this angle. When will the new S-class arrive? Why can't I landscape this pic!!!
Description: Mercedes is very insistent that there was more to making this car than simply cutting it in half and adding a section in the middle, and in fairness, this is probably true. This isn't your standa...
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Description: Since getting out of hotspots in a hurry is also an important safety feature, under the hood you'll find a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V12 which produces 510 horsepower and 612lb-ft of torque. All of th...
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Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 22, 2013
Id rather spend 150k more and get this than a bugatti
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
Give me a Bugatti with a Ninja in the passenger seat. I'll have $150k to spare.
Trey Villarreal Jan 20, 2013
Due to the heavy creases in the reverse seats, I'd assume their seats fold up when not needed for more legroom for the primary rear seats.
Sahm Jafari Jan 20, 2013
This looks to he pretty inconvenient when seating 4..
Description: There are others, but of these, not many have also been stretched like the Pullman. The interiors of cars that have been converted to armored cars tend to be a bit cramped, but the purpose-built and l...
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Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 22, 2013
Extensive personalization huh? I'd replace the reverse seats with a bigger tv
Justin Johnson Jan 22, 2013
A free monitor and fridge! How about Maybach's concierge service for ten years at no charge?