Comments - Leno Takes His 3-Wheeler for a Spin

Published: Jan 02, 2013
Description: Starting the New Year off with something a bit different than usual, this week car-guy extraordinaire Jay Leno takes a closer look at his 1932 Morgan Three-Wheeler. Often considered to be a bit more m...
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Yasser Zahabi Jan 03, 2013
Jay not a gear head ??? He is one in 8 billion
Ray Moreno Jan 02, 2013
Women...pfffft will never TRULY understand the love for anything on wheels.
Carlton Salmon Jan 02, 2013
What do you mean by him not working for a living? Please explain.
Megan Moody Jan 02, 2013
I'm so sick of Leno. You aren't a real car guy if you can buy anything you want and don't work for a living. AND FOR F$CK SAKE BUY ANOTHER SHIRT!!!
John M Weishahn Jan 02, 2013
Denim chin. We know. We got it. That's enough.
Description: Despite its age, this old Morgan has no problem going at highway speeds with the rest of traffic. It's clear that Leno has a special fondness for this car, and we can't help but feel satisfi...
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Brendan Crawford Jan 03, 2013
As Jeremy Clarkson says "It looks like someone crashed a motorcycle, into the back of a cow" lol
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 03, 2013
The one on top gear was a new version of this, same design but new
Brian Lewis Jan 02, 2013
That top gear episode was good. I didn't expect it to do donuts that well. Brilliant
Nick Schnee Jan 02, 2013
Those tires are thinner than a 2CV's.
Dhruv Cb Jan 02, 2013
And it did some crazy doughnuts
Janak Solanki Jan 02, 2013
This was on an episode of Top Gear. The Hamster was driving this badboy. Actually handled a lot better than I thought despite having 3 wheels