Comments - Citroen Reveals DS3 Red Edition

Published: Jan 02, 2013
Description: Mini had the premium hatchback all to itself for long enough. By now rival automakers have stood up and taken notice, so if the retro-styled British super-mini isn't to your liking (and you live ...
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Sam Biggin Jan 03, 2013
Made in Britain
Sam Oglesby Jan 02, 2013
British supermini I think not German owned German made and a shadow of that the original British one achieved
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Jan 04, 2013
This is pretty good looking, for its class.
Description: Available in either DStyle or DSport trims and in either Polar White or Perla Neta Black, the red touches give the DS3 a sportier flair similar to the limited-edition DS3 Racing. Buyers can also choos...
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Nick Schnee Jan 02, 2013
Usually, people who buy premium hatches don't give a damn about power... you do realise not everybody is a driving purist out there.
Sam Oglesby Jan 02, 2013
Anyone with any sense will wait for a ds3 racing to come up second hand
Jacob Lerklint Jan 02, 2013
Its a diesel and it is a small car man
Dhruv Cb Jan 02, 2013
90 hp wow
Drew Humphrey Jan 03, 2013
That's why it's unique
Dhruv Cb Jan 02, 2013
I'm not feeling this, looks a bit ricer
Alex Bouckley Jan 02, 2013
White looks terrible
Douglas Orellana Jan 02, 2013
Not liking this at all. Looks like they have lipstick on lol.
Matt Piccolo Jan 02, 2013
Yes the white looks feminine to me
Cody Gillard Jan 02, 2013
I like it sorta reminds me of the red outlining on the volkswagen gti
Douglas Goncalves Jan 02, 2013
Not a fan of French cars, but I'd take this over the Fiat 500. Including the Abarth version. The black one is the better looking one btw.
Sam Oglesby Jan 02, 2013
Those alloys look a lot like the ones fitted to the fiat panda
Dhruv Cb Jan 02, 2013
Now that's what vamps would drive