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Published: Jan 02, 2013
Description: We've been happily keeping ourselves entertained with new segments from Drive or back episodes from Fifth Gear, but what we're all waiting for is some new Top Gear. At the end of the day, th...
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Austin Bride Jan 03, 2013
5 episodes? Are you kidding me?!
Kwasi Prempeh Jan 03, 2013
Can BBC iplayer be accessed from US?
John Koci Jan 02, 2013
5th gear is on The Velocity Channel in the US. Same channel as Chasing Classic Cars and all the big auto auctions. Anyone know when the new TG season will premier in the US?
Tho MA Jan 02, 2013
The show airs on BBC america if you have cable. Here in san diego california it airs tuesday nights
Connor Scanlon Jan 02, 2013
Haha Adam. It's true though. What channel is fifth gear on? I can never find it
Jacob Burford Jan 02, 2013
Yes! Finally, something decent apart from sports to watch!
Dhruv Cb Jan 02, 2013
Oh yeah
Jommel Marcella Jan 02, 2013
The wait is over!!
Nelson Alexander Jan 02, 2013
Vince Cassi Jan 02, 2013
James and Richard also have twitter accounts.
Megan Moody Jan 02, 2013
Awesome! For anyone who doesn't know Jeremy has a twitter account. Wonderfully self centered. I had no idea the world revolved around him. Middle name? Axis.
Sam Oglesby Jan 02, 2013
5 we want 5 months worth not 5 weeks worth
Jacob Lerklint Jan 02, 2013
Yes!!!!! Finally!
Description: We can't lie, this teaser video is one of the most annoying we've ever seen, but from the spliced footage we're able to see a Mercedes SLS AMG, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 12C, NASCA...
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Dillan Burkett Jan 03, 2013
All of these clips are from series 19 they're on Netflix for the US
Tyler Tarbox Jan 03, 2013
A lot of those ignorant little kids have been banned and will continue to be banned. Carbuzz has done a pretty good job of regulating it
John Serely Jan 03, 2013
@hank don't have to read the comments haha. By the way, I somewhat agree. I've been on here since it came out, and it really is starting to have alot more ignorant little kids on here.
David Lee Jan 03, 2013
This is a description for season 18...
Brandon Reeves Jan 02, 2013
you and me both man:(
Cody Gillard Jan 02, 2013
I missed the entire last season :(
Ben Knorr Jan 02, 2013
Can't wait to see Jeremy's reaction to the C7 haha.
Ivan Ryzhov Jan 02, 2013
With the exception of those who actually own, or work on these cars.
Ivan Ryzhov Jan 02, 2013
Guys stop with all the 0-60 crap. Auto manufacturers beat the ever living crap out of their cars to get those times, to the point where components begin to break. And there is sure as hell no one on here who can get any of those cars to that speed.
Jommel Marcella Jan 02, 2013
@Ismail. Can you explain again. I didn't understand what you meant the first time.
David Freitas Jan 02, 2013
Interesting. I was notified by email in December by the company that supplies tickets to the tv tapings that I was on their short-list for tickets. The last in studio taping was going to be end of February.
Ismail Ahmad Jan 02, 2013
Isn't this season 18? These are clips from top gear season 18, not 19. Is it supposed to be season 18 cause they don't have season 19 footage?
Anwar Mahmud Jan 02, 2013
I think the sls is kinda tail happy ill prefer the z06 or gator or Gallado .
Brendan Bell Jan 02, 2013
Can't wait for this- I love top gear
Serge Pankratov Jan 02, 2013
than most of u will EVER get to 60. But a car cannot be deemed "slow" cuz it wont go over 190+ mph. Fast is the ability to get to the top speed quick enough and with enough umpf to make u want more in my book. Love the SLS.
Serge Pankratov Jan 02, 2013
First of all, I ALWAYS check my cars top speed, i just love topping out anything i drive. Second, anything below 5 seconds is fast, below 4 is really fast and anything in the 3s and below... Please! Dont sound dumb.. Thats insane fast. Its faster
John Serely Jan 02, 2013
...second difference. So if you have a SLS doing 3.7, and a 997 Turbo or a 599 that does 3.4, you are most likely not going to see the difference, so it really doesn't matter. And that is just acceleration, so dont get me started on other stuff...
John Serely Jan 02, 2013
@nawaff you sound like an idiot. The 3.7 second 0-60 is achieved on good road surfaces and a good driver. Launch control helps, but still not perfect. So you will rarely even get the 3.7, and even of you do, you are not going to notice .3 or .4...
Jack Howard Jan 02, 2013
I don't think you're going ever say "god dammit, I need an extra .3 seconds in my 0-60, this cars just too damn slow"
Yasser Zahabi Jan 02, 2013
Freakin finally .. Olympics my ass
Dhruv Cb Jan 02, 2013
Is that season 18?
Patrick Schalk Jan 02, 2013
You can always feel torque.
Jommel Marcella Jan 02, 2013
Those clips were from the last season/episodes.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jan 02, 2013
Everything in this video is from season 18.
Jhin Hur Jan 02, 2013
Mmm nothing new except for the rocket. Everything else is just from the older seasons. Also for the guy believing in the sls not generating enough power based on bhp per liter, your dumb, torque, weight and aerodynamic efficiency are key players too
Arick Voigt Jan 02, 2013
At least i don't see anyone bitching about top speed. I hate when Top Gear will call a car "slower" because of a few MPH difference in top speed. Who the Hell actually tests their top speed?
Arick Voigt Jan 02, 2013
It's abput so much more than 0-60's, people. SLS less than a second slower to 60 than an Aventador? 100+ less hp and RWD? It's impressive. There are only like 4 or 5 production cars in the 2's.
Ashen Fonseka Jan 02, 2013
A 458 is the best GT car ever
William Downs Jan 02, 2013
But the Ferrari v8 doesn't make a fat torque curve like the SLS v8... learn the reason for different size engines u sound ignorant, its not just about hp
John Darwin Price Jan 02, 2013
It wasn't so long ago that Ferrari came out with the F430, which was a four second car.
Gabriel Scott Jan 02, 2013
The SLS is a grand touring car in my book, and under said category, it is just about the fastest one out there. And since when is 3.7 to sixty not fast? I take it the haters haven't driven anything close to a car as fast as an SLS.
Leo Alvarez Jan 02, 2013
All the sceens are from old episodes. The cars shown are already from past seasons.
Colby Church Jan 02, 2013
Also, there are RWD cars (aftermarket of course, not production) getting 0-60 times less than 2 seconds, and in some instances under a second! Don't believe me? Feel free to do some research and enlighten yourselves. That's about as fast as you need.
Colby Church Jan 02, 2013
Manufacturers have barely even made it into the 2 second range and it's usually an AWD car. It's not the new standard. The 3 second range is too much for most peoples skill level, and most real drivers cars aren't just 0-60 cars.
Dan Anton Jan 02, 2013
all of this footage is from the old season
William Downs Jan 02, 2013
Cause 0-60 time are what determine if a car is fast or not... go learn a thing or 2 nawwaf
Jacob Lerklint Jan 02, 2013
@nawaff.. What are u talking about?? Have u ever driven a sls?!
Luke Purdy Jan 02, 2013
@Nawwaf...... Is this guy for real? Are you really calling an SLS slow? I'm out
William Downs Jan 02, 2013
Hahahah " We love speed, We love the sting" ... was a good video
Sam Oglesby Jan 02, 2013
Not available in the my country I'm in the uk its filmed the uk bloody YouTube
Jacob Lerklint Jan 02, 2013
I cant see it!
Robert Young Feb 28, 2013
Agreed rally is racing but all are IMO. Everyone's has its own difficulty
Ben Knorr Jan 04, 2013
proximity make it an even greater challenge. The turbulent air from all those cars can really move the car unexpectedly. respect to all forms of racing, rallying and moto gp most of all imo.
Ben Knorr Jan 04, 2013
well said William. I prefer F1 myself but I've followed a few of the F1 drivers who crossed over to NASCAR because I wondered how they would do. They don't win races and say the cars are quite difficult to drive, plus all the other cars in close
Christian Hauser Jan 04, 2013
LarryandStephanie Espana Jan 03, 2013
And lemans? Has anyone on here actually seen that fully? Dude it is massively boring to eat h the whole thing except for the cool looking cars...most auto racing is meant to be enjoyed there not on TV....
LarryandStephanie Espana Jan 03, 2013
Dude, has anyone here actually seen NASCAR and F1? A full race. I bet not! F1 races are some of the most boring crap in the world...bunch of bandwagoners! NASCAR is pretty dumb too but definitely not boring....but auto racing king has to be rally.
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
Is it the most interesting form of racing no, but once you acty understand what it takes to win its more tolerable, I like NASCAR and I don't even watch full races, u can't call your self a gear head and then just bash something in the auto world cause u either don't like it, or don't understand it so u jump on the band wagon... don't have to like it but u should respect it
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
Its what happens on the track is only half the race, pit stop stratagey is equally important to a race.. just cause your to simple minded and ignorent to understand motorsports longest running series doesn't mean u have to dog it, funny how u call your self's gear heads but a majority of u don't respect the automotive world, u cant respect part of it u have to respect it all, the good and the bad
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
NASCAR is far from easy, it only looks easy to the ignorent and uneducated, ever try making a turn with 15 other cars inches from you at 150+mph? No I didn't think so, its takes a lot of skill to drives cars as heavy as these and as powerful with little to no brakes
Tyler Tarbox Jan 03, 2013
@Byakka. Funny how you think NASCAR is easy
Kwasi Prempeh Jan 03, 2013
F1 all the way. Globally Dominant. However, wouldn't say NASCAR is boring. Just a little unrefined and raw: There lies the beauty in it.
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 03, 2013
Nascar is for people with low mental capability, anything with more than two turns or more than one type of car to keep up with, they cant process it
Trent Humphrey Jan 02, 2013
Of all Nascars, they give Top Gear a Camry.
Alex Bouckley Jan 02, 2013
I agree with patrick
David Hicks Jan 02, 2013
Somebody said that NASCAR is better than F1? notsureifserious... Also, WRC should be top 3...
Jommel Marcella Jan 02, 2013
NASCAR is still fun to watch. But I prefer F1.
Aiden Bass Jan 02, 2013
Top Gear's pretty fun to watch......
David Justice Jan 02, 2013
I prefer GT3 races. Actually i like any race with left and right turns, that don't use fake ass 'shells' of production cars.
Serge Pankratov Jan 02, 2013
Lmao at some comments VVV =D personally, i prefer drifting
Pablo Herasme Jan 02, 2013
People trying to find parking space in NYC is quite interesting
Jack Howard Jan 02, 2013
Motocross is pretty fun to watch IMO
Miguel Flores Jan 02, 2013
I prefer Mario kart wii
Patrick Schalk Jan 02, 2013
I prefer bacon
David Guerrero Jan 02, 2013
I prefer the world rally championship.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jan 02, 2013
I prefer BTCC, WTCC or Le Mans.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 02, 2013
F1 is so boring. They pass like three times maybe in a race. NASCAR there is passing every turn. Much more exciting.
Ashen Fonseka Jan 02, 2013
Given credits for shit like NASCAR. Formula 1 is the best
Rohil Chauhan Jan 02, 2013
I still don't like NASCAR. Don't hate me its just my opinion.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 02, 2013
Ah yes the one episode where the US is given some credit
Cody Gillard Jan 02, 2013
I love this show so much it is just my favorite