Comments - VW XL1 Caught in the Snow

Published: Jan 19, 2013
Description: Volkswagen is dead serious about building a car that can return 235 mpg. You read that right, the upcoming VW XL1 will not only deliver industry-leading fuel economy but will also be a car that can ha...
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Joe Brooks Jan 29, 2013
I cant wait for this car im buying ten !
Alan Baars Jan 22, 2013
This won't be released here, and if it is, it won't sell for anything under $50k
Drew Humphrey Jan 20, 2013
Without a decent 0-60 it's useless. How're you ever supposed to reach 70 on the Interstate?
Casper Christiani Jan 20, 2013
I think if you work out the rate of what fuel evaporates its the same as doing 235 mpg. It's only a 2 cylinder diesel. You won't be able to drive it as there is no power to set of in the first place.
David Justice Jan 19, 2013
Actually, that goes for everyone saying electics/hybrids are so ugly, bland etc. They don't look that bad, especially if they just there for commuting. Just let it get you from point a to point b. Sorry for the rant.
David Justice Jan 19, 2013
235?! I don't care how I look in a commuter car. I can have this and hot looking sports car sitting next to it in the garage.
Drew Storrusten Jan 19, 2013
And just uglier looking too. Lol
Drew Storrusten Jan 19, 2013
Sad.... I thought be was making their version of a Audi r8 sports car. Total let down!!!!
Stas Allen Jan 19, 2013
Make a Karmann Ghia!
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Jan 19, 2013
This proparly will be the future. The one supercars will be based on and actually everything ( all cars ).
Dylan Bruder Jan 19, 2013
Come on for an economy car it's pretty sleek and props to vw for building it
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 19, 2013
Lol you guys it's a mule... But I think it looks ok. (You really can't make assumptions based on mules i.e. the 4 series)
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2013
@ John, Ahah! Agreed
John Hyland Jan 19, 2013
235 MPG?!?!? I'm sold! *Looks at pictures* Eh maybe not...
Nick Schnee Jan 19, 2013
235 mpg? Whoa.
Jean Ruto Jan 20, 2013
Those lights scream Audi.
Dale Schroeder Jan 19, 2013
For those who are wondering, using thin tires like that reduce rolling drag, which kills fuel mileage. The Nissan Deltawing has super skinny tires up front for the same reason.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 19, 2013
Wow, nice bike tires.
Shaun Conroy Jan 19, 2013
This car isn't a Prius fighter, it is designed to move ONE person from point a to point b, and do it more efficiently than anything else.
Ryan Sansossio Jan 19, 2013
The driver looks like a friend of mine. I love how bired he looks while drifting a new concept car in the snow
Dillon Dixon Jan 19, 2013
Look at those pizza cutter front tires! They are tiny
Jason Brown Jan 19, 2013
The Prius is a hideous car, but practical and the price is amazing.
Jason Brown Jan 19, 2013
Price? How many people can fit? Hard to believe it would out sell a Prius even in the next few years. With the US expected to pass Saudi Arabia in oil production in about 5 years, wonder if the demand for a car like this will happen in the US.
Nick Schnee Jan 19, 2013
It will destroy the Prius...
William Downs Jan 19, 2013
That's an interesting design with the headlights, I like it
Alex Bouckley Jan 19, 2013
This would make a mean looking supercar.
Description: It'll be powered by a small two-cylinder turbo diesel that produces around 50 horsepower as well as a 30 hp electric motor. Both engines will send power to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-...
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Jordan Jackson Jan 20, 2013
I don't think I'd be comfortable getting this thing up to highway speed with this tires, they look just like a "donut" style spare wheel, and those really shouldn't be used on the highway to begin with
Dale Schroeder Jan 19, 2013
As long as it can get up to highway speed in a reasonable amount of time, this should do fine. Even getting half of the MPG they claim this will have has the potential to be a game changer.
Ashton Summers Jan 19, 2013
Depending on how it handles, could be a great slow car to drive fast.
Daniel Eads Jan 19, 2013
I think this is the first Eco-car I'm actually exited about.
Carlos McCrum Jan 19, 2013
But still having 235mpg instead of 20-50 sounds like a deal, I mean you have I loose some horsepower somewhere.
Sam Oglesby Jan 19, 2013
Not if your battery's flat which it will be all the time
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jan 19, 2013
No if you read the article you actually get a whopping 80 hp
Sam Oglesby Jan 19, 2013
Wow 50hp it would be better off with a motorbike engine
Logan LeMonnier Jan 20, 2013
Yeah it can be totally hit or miss. They're usually "if you take care of them they'll take care of you" but they can be lemons for sure
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2013
@ Logan, damn ur friends r lucky. My moms passat has about 95k on it, and it's been a horror story. She regrets ever buying the thing
Ashton Summers Jan 19, 2013
VW reliability can be hit or miss, just like... most every other car maker today. Just visit every car forum and type in engine/transmission issues, you'll be amused. Besides, reliability is boring. Live a little.
Logan LeMonnier Jan 19, 2013
I have a jetta 1.8t that's pretty old and it runs like a champ. Besides a vacuum leak and replacing my cat it hasn't been a problem. Most of my friends who own them have almost no problems even past 200k. Not to say they can't be bad
Jordan Smith Jan 19, 2013
I have a Jetta right now. It's pretty much new so I wouldn't expect any problems but it's been great so far.
Dylan Bruder Jan 19, 2013
Ehh I've heard quite a few vw horror stories myself can't blame him
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 19, 2013
Matt spreading love and compassion
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 19, 2013
I drove a vw as my first car...had 230k miles and no real problems, except the passenger side window didn't roll down very fast.
Erik Rudolph Jan 19, 2013
My friend has a jetta wagon I love it
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2013
@ Barry, I'd wouldn't recommend vw lol. Moms put about 4k into her passat in the last year and a half (give it take) And now she needs a new exhaust. We have a few friends that haven't had the best of luck with em too.
Barry Stewart Jan 19, 2013
Could be my very first owned VW...
Clarke Hill Jan 20, 2013
It's like a red LED mustache.
Austin Bride Jan 19, 2013
Roofline of a noble
Ashton Summers Jan 19, 2013
Looks like something out of Sci-fi. Cool.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 19, 2013
I'm sure the back will look better on the production version
Antonio Falsetti Jan 19, 2013
Rear end is cool
Dylan Bruder Jan 19, 2013
I think it's neat
Augie Schroer Jan 19, 2013
Rear end is great
Mark Ifill-Haney Jan 19, 2013
Back kinda ruins it for me
Jackson Michael Jan 19, 2013
That's clearly camo guys lol
Andy Clouthier Jan 19, 2013
Less tire, less resistance, more mpg.
Antonio Falsetti Jan 19, 2013
I should've looked at the rest of the pictures. There's sopposed to be a panel covering the rear wheels so I guess that's why they're so far in.
Antonio Falsetti Jan 19, 2013
They're skinny wheels. Not production just there for testing.
John Jenkins Jan 19, 2013
dope rims brah
Dylan Bruder Jan 19, 2013
Nah the back wheels just sit in further
Derrick McCarthy Jan 19, 2013
Looks like rear wheel steering to me.
David Hicks Jan 19, 2013
Dat offset brah.
Ashton Summers Jan 19, 2013
Looks like something that would be in a futuristic Spielberg film.
Logan Bartnick Jan 19, 2013
235 mpg is insane, but the design is so horrible, and I wouldn't expect it to be able to reach highway speed.
Jackson Michael Jan 19, 2013
Who cares what it looks like 235 mpg is insane
Jack Howard Jan 19, 2013
Id love to have a 70mpg Insight, the older one of course
Victor Pitts Jan 19, 2013
Did VW not learn from the Honda Insight?
Greg Kenerly Jan 19, 2013
Looks kinda dumb but 235mpg is crazy.
Jay Kolvenbag Jan 19, 2013
Roadgoing ufo
Greg MAz Jan 21, 2013
Yeah Robocop's pony
Tyler Richey Jan 20, 2013
It will definitely be weird trying to adjust to cars like this that don't show the rear wheels. The first insight made a lot of people double take; in a bad way. But it's functional and that's what some makers want more.
Alex Renaud Jan 20, 2013
The front reminds me of Robocop's helmet.
Janak Solanki Jan 19, 2013
Looks a bit like a 90s concept car.
John Hyland Jan 19, 2013
William Downs Jan 19, 2013
Fronts nice.... and that's about the only part that does
Kris C. Lopez Jan 20, 2013
I really don't see what's soo bad about a design like this. Sure it breaks the norm but it's still a plain looking thing that is barely any harder on the eyes than say an Audi TT
Jack Howard Jan 19, 2013
Nah keep it, I want to see new technology succeed.
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2013
U said it
Jon Dustin House Jan 19, 2013
Kill it. Kill it with fire.