Comments - Unearthed: 1985 Merkur XR4Ti

Published: Jan 19, 2013
Description: Americans who remember the Merkur brand likely don't know too much about it or why people bothered to sell it in the US during the 1980s. The bottom line is that Merkur was a failure in the US ma...
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Nicholas Morissette Jan 24, 2013
For 35 grand, you can get a PRISTINE 2004 Corvette Z06. 405 horses, do the math!
Nicholas Morissette Jan 24, 2013
Saw an '86 XR4Ti on Top Gear USA. Tanner drove it.
Chris Friend Jan 20, 2013
"Americans who remember the Merkur brand likely don't know too much about it" No duh, Sherlock
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 19, 2013
If it had a standard, it would be interesting.
Mike Renaut Jan 20, 2013
Am I right in thinking you could only get the XR4x4 in a five door body though? Don't think Ford did a three door version like this did they?
Jason Smith Jan 20, 2013
...and then have one of the tuning companies extract 500+ hp from it :)
Dave Larby Jan 19, 2013
Yep... But if I was going to import a Cossie I'd get the Escort.
Drew Humphrey Jan 19, 2013
The Sierra Cosworth is really difficult to get in the states. You basically have to import it.
Dave Larby Jan 19, 2013
Oh and in he UK you could get an AWD version called the XR4x4.
Dave Larby Jan 19, 2013
The Sierra XR4i wasn't turbo charged, but you could get a turbo technics conversion. The RS500 Cosworth was seriously cool.
Jason Smith Jan 19, 2013
This was sold as a Ford Sierra XR4i in the UK and was pretty successful, leading to the Sierra Cosworth. Now THAT was a monster in it's day...
Joe Talerico Jan 19, 2013
When these first came out, I thought they were so cool. What was I thinking?
Jordan Nishida Jan 20, 2013
My favorite cars from the 80's is the Mercedes black hammer , Porsche 911 turbo, Porsche 959, Ferrari f40, Ferrari 288 GTO, 86 Pontiac trans am, and a Buick grand national.
Ashton Summers Jan 19, 2013
A small handful of cars still doesn't help the 80's much. Not sure I would consider a Testarossa beautiful. Striking, yes, like big hair and shoulder pads. The GNX while an awesome car, is still a Bruce Willis version of the not so pretty Regal.
Jackson Michael Jan 19, 2013
Tiago Santos Maia Jan 19, 2013
The Countach looks good. And also the Testarossa! So, that doesn't apply to everything.
Ashton Summers Jan 19, 2013
It was the 80's, nothing looked good. Not even human beings.
Dylan Bruder Jan 19, 2013
Definitely an ugly example
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 19, 2013
Oh baby Jesus this looks bad
Description: Set up by then Ford Vice President Bob Lutz, Merkur was in business from 1985 until 1989. Only two models were offered, the Scorpio and XR4Ti, both of which were German-built. But US safety standards ...
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Oliver McIntosh Jan 19, 2013
Description: Although it may not have looked like much from the outside, this three-door hatchback had decent performance figures. It darted from 0-60 mph in around seven seconds and had a top speed of 130 mph, bo...
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Michael Serrano Jan 19, 2013
I agree that is respectable even for today.
David Parenti Jan 19, 2013
There's quite a few cars that do 0-60 in over 7 seconds
Timothy Alexander Jan 19, 2013
"Laughable"? I'd say those figures are about average for today's hot hatches too. Why the hate? This car was pretty good in it's day.
Filipe Ventura Jan 19, 2013
Ford Sierra not Sienna
Drew Humphrey Jan 19, 2013
Not bad considering the age
David Parenti Jan 19, 2013
Probably one of the ugliest years of merkur. People I promise there's better looking ones. What's awesome about these is they were RWD and turbo. Fun little car.
Sam Oglesby Jan 19, 2013
The European sierra was so much better looking and cosworth powered
Abdul Raheem Jan 19, 2013
I miss my baby! My 1st car..pearl white..turbo engine would kick in and i would fly..too bad it got shot up in a drive by then it got totalled by a guy that was drunk and ran through a stop sign. Smh. I still want another one.
Description: Ford's attempt to instill some Euro luxury in a hot hatchback was an abysmal failure. Despite it having features like heated and leather seats, power windows and locks (remember this was the 80s)...
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Gary Frayer Jan 22, 2013
There's one for sale down the road from me and the front bumper is primed lol still a good car
Mike Renaut Jan 20, 2013
Prices don't sound bad to me.
Sebastian Soroka Jan 19, 2013
Or a 330hp G37.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 19, 2013
Isn't that about the same as an A 3?
Sam Oglesby Jan 19, 2013
And the sierra cosworth they were very successful in European Motorsport
Description: But the bottom line is that the Merkur XR4Ti simply did catch on the way Ford's Lutz had hoped it would. It was simply too expensive and too small for American tastes. Was it a bad car? No, but t...
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Owen Tiernan Jan 19, 2013
My friend had an XR4Ti and I loved it. It was such a cool little turbo car. Lots of fun!
David Gray Jan 19, 2013
Just a 4-pot engine.......with as much power as some of the 6-7L V8s being put in Cadillacs and Lincolns at the time....
Description: This 1985 model, currently up for sale on eBay, has some 94,545 miles on the clock but it's in good shape. Despite it being an automatic-equipped example, fans of failed brands and old Euro-built...
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Gabriel Scott Jan 20, 2013
Cool cars, terrible writer
Drew Humphrey Jan 19, 2013
I wonder if Ford will service it.
Devin Lincoln Jan 20, 2013
Is that duck tape on the door handle?
Drew Humphrey Jan 19, 2013
Man look at that luxurious pattern terr
Adam Thomson Jan 29, 2013