Comments - Renntech CLS63 AMG Ride on ADV.1 Wheels

Published: Jan 19, 2013
Description: After Mercedes tuner Renntech had its wicked way with the CLS63 AMG, giving the high-performance luxury four-door coupe some new aerodynamic parts courtesy of a custom body kit, wheel specialist ADV.1...
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Howard Ding Jan 20, 2013
These wheels look great!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 20, 2013
Dude chrome wheels are so ugly...also, Im thinking these would look good on a Gallardo?
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 20, 2013
those headlights are badass... i want it in black with chrome rims. yes im like that.
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2013
Stephen Healy Jan 19, 2013
Renntech is a Mercedes Tuner based in West Palm Beach, Florida, I doubt there are any real restrictions on light color here because I see Pink and Green lights all of the time
Jack Howard Jan 19, 2013
It could be just the picture. Maybe they Instagrammed it.
Marcos Collazo Jan 19, 2013
The car is in Florida...look at the plate I. The next pic
Anders Schrøder Jan 19, 2013
I don't think those light are streetlegal in Europe. The law dictates white or yellow. Those are clearly blue.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 19, 2013
I love that evil looks~
Taylor Garry Jan 19, 2013
Now this is good
Nick Schnee Jan 19, 2013
The "bluish lights" are AMAZING.
Gurjit Singh Jan 19, 2013
take off those bluish led lights
Janak Solanki Jan 19, 2013
Hell yea
Allen Kim Jan 21, 2013
Tyler Richey Jan 20, 2013
To me, bright led license plate lights like this look so tacky.
Janak Solanki Jan 19, 2013
Love if
Dickson Lui Jan 22, 2013
Johnny Matias Jan 19, 2013
@Mark yeah that'd be awesome.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 19, 2013
Black roof would be nice
Dickson Lui Jan 22, 2013
This is.perfect for me
Rommel Powell Jan 19, 2013
The spoiler disrupts the perfection of this cars lines. To me at least
David Tyler Jan 19, 2013
i think the front end is good but it falls apart in the back
Janak Solanki Jan 19, 2013
Dickson Lui Jan 22, 2013
I love this one