Comments - Ultra-Rare Veyron Pur Sang Up for Sale

Published: Jan 18, 2013
Description: If you've recently won the lottery or inherited serious money from a wealthy relative and are looking for a drivable long term investment, then JamesList has a car that demands your attention. Th...
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roger.alonso.19754913.oppa May 22, 2013
nice toy. Lolita
Aj White Jan 19, 2013
@Austin But that's the problem. I wanna drive my cars. Screw that low mileage crap. If I'm gonna buy a car I'm gonna drive it; that's what they're for.
Derek Soanes Jan 19, 2013
2,600.000 usd for this
Tn Ng Jan 18, 2013
I'd rather have an Agera R or a Zonda R.
Jason Brown Jan 18, 2013
2 million Euros for a used car that cost over 70k to upkeep per year... No thanks.
Austin Sullivan Jan 18, 2013
It's lighter and exclusive. Limited production on high end cars makes them worth that much more. The value of this will go up as time goes on as long as its well-kept with low mileage.
Zach Gathercole Jan 18, 2013
So its a normal veyron with no paint and yoj pay more
Ashton Summers Jan 18, 2013
But say that did happen. Imagine the pressure there would be to have a drag race.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 18, 2013
@Ashton. Two Veyrons next to each other at a light? Highly highly unlikely lol
Ashton Summers Jan 18, 2013
The problem with this car is somebody will pull up next to you in a Grand Sport and it you'll feel so inadequate.
Ryan Faber Jan 18, 2013
wow my inheritance check couldn't have come at a better time... looks like im gonna be the proud new owner of a veyron :)
Oleg Odessit Jan 18, 2013
110,000,000,000,000,000 yan
Nick Schnee Jan 18, 2013
Uh, what are you talking about?
Chris Martinez Jan 18, 2013
200,000,000 euros
Alex Long Jan 27, 2013
Just plain ugly
Lucas Raggio Jan 20, 2013
Agree with Elvis ford what an ugly car but you have to admire its performance capabilities
Craig Lafey Jan 20, 2013
Damn look at the size of the rear wheels!!! Bigger than I thought
Mike Perry Jan 19, 2013
I bet this was Owned by a prince of #$$%^^gasland and now hes selling it for something more shiny and expensive personally Id buy a Mclaren F1 with this kind of cash.
Luke Purdy Jan 19, 2013
This car is starting to look.... Dated
Serge Pankratov Jan 19, 2013
Shoot.. Whats the difference in wheel sizes between the front and back wheels? Looks like the rear wheel is 2 sizes bigger than the front one from this angle
Jacob Burford Jan 18, 2013
I'll pass the chrome!
Pablo Herasme Jan 18, 2013
Says the guy with his lid twisted up
Elvis Ford Jan 18, 2013
Beautiful? Haha no. A fast toad is what it is. Agera and pagani is beautiful. Not this toad
Justin Routh Jan 18, 2013
No thank you
Janak Solanki Jan 18, 2013
Wow. What a head turner
Johnny Matias Jan 18, 2013
I saw one of these in pure creamy white at a dealer in Chicago, then a navy blue one in Nashville.
Pablo Herasme Jan 18, 2013
Henz Herrero Jan 18, 2013
Haha wtf, i was actually being funny but then i searched it and theres actually A lamborghini avenger
Henz Herrero Jan 18, 2013
Wtf is a lamborghini avenger??
Vinny Coppola Jan 18, 2013
I never liked the Bugatti. I rather buy the Lamborghini Avender and put the $700,000 plus in the bank.....
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 18, 2013
This car is getting boring
John Serely Jan 18, 2013
I don't really like the chrome b
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 18, 2013
Best colour combo ever on a veyron. The facelift model with this colour combo would be the best car ever!!!!! (Better than Aventador/Agera R)
Drew Humphrey Jan 18, 2013
The aluminum looks really good.
Description: Bugatti built only five of these special edition models and according to the seller this is the only one with a light interior. The Pur Sang weighs in at a svelte 1,888kg, 100 kg lighter than the stan...
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Eric Dare Jan 18, 2013
Yah. Cuz only Bugatti has the machine to put the tires on the rims. I believe
Austin Sullivan Jan 18, 2013
Zach would be correct here
Zach Cosler Jan 18, 2013
25,000 for the tires. 70,000 for the installation
Phil Johnson Jan 18, 2013
I think it was 70,000 for the tires, and 25,000 for installation. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Darryle Moody Jan 18, 2013
Comes with four new Continental tires! That saves the buyer $25,000 plus another $7,000 for installation. Someone was a very pragmatic owner.
Thibault Leroy Jan 18, 2013
Agreed its beautiful
Pablo Herasme Jan 18, 2013
Really low and sleek, I don't see how can a sane person condem this as ugly
Mike Perry Jan 19, 2013
Ive seen a Basic veyron and its not what I thought it would be just scary cause its a small housing development in price.
Yatish Wentink Jan 18, 2013
I've never likes the sound of this car,
Janak Solanki Jan 18, 2013
Looks awsome. I don't care if u like it or not, I'm sure your jaw would drop if you saw this in person.
Haamas Kariym Jan 18, 2013
Mark Donnelly Jan 18, 2013
always hated the exhaust pipe on this car
Brock Zager Jan 18, 2013
Those tires