Comments - McLaren Revises 12C GT3 for 2013

Published: Jan 18, 2013
Description: The 12C GT3 had a phenomenally successful debut season, taking 19 wins and a further 19 podium finishes in the 98 races 13 different McLaren GT teams took part in. Having only been made available to E...
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William Downs Jan 19, 2013
Would love to see that race, either way a car I love will win
Jackson Michael Jan 18, 2013
I think there's a very good reason they haven't
Dennis Choong Jan 18, 2013
I don't recall a Corvette in FIA GT3 series, or a 12C in Le Mans
Peter Kim Jan 18, 2013
@Phil Look better? Yes I agree but perform better? On a track? I'd disagree there aren't too many superior performing choices.
Noah Gavurin Jan 18, 2013
actually, with the conversion to US currency, its over $500,000
Oleg Odessit Jan 18, 2013
Not bad at all, or is it on top of the original car price?
Sam Harris Jan 18, 2013
Around $250,000... Not bad.
Walker Carroll Jan 18, 2013
Zones R is another track day toy that can't be used on a track
Nick Schnee Jan 18, 2013
Peform better? No. Just no.
Phil Martini Jan 18, 2013
I have no idea why, but i just dont like McLaren cars. Lets be honest. If you have that money, there are alot of other supercars you can get that in my opinion look & perform better than mcLarens
Richard Nichols Jan 18, 2013
The ultimate trackday toy?
Description: The 2013-spec model has received a series of revisions, including an updated aerodynamics package consisting of a front splitter, rear wing and front and rear diffusers, upgraded McLaren Electronics E...
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Tyler James Davis Jan 18, 2013
Description: It comes with a new choice of shock absorbers for the double wishbone suspension, stopping power is provided by Akebono monoblock calipers with ventilated discs, and it rides on 18-inch forged aluminu...
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Dennis Choong Jan 19, 2013
I guess he's been asked by WRC to give others a chance... lol
Thibault Leroy Jan 18, 2013
Yeah, he's just going to do like the first three races of the season and then stop
Dennis Choong Jan 18, 2013
Is Loeb done with WRC?
Jacob Burford Jan 18, 2013
Love the look of a regular MP4 and this is just another level of awesome!
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jan 18, 2013
Holy crap, that rear wing...
supra_mkiv Jan 18, 2013
very nice
Stas Allen Jan 18, 2013
Can't wait to see this in GT1. With their classic McLaren racing paint job.
Peter Kim Jan 18, 2013
Agreed was never a big fan of the appearance of McLarens but this revision is sexyyy
Ben Norton Jan 18, 2013
That's a good looking car. I'm not usually a fan of them
Dennis Choong Jan 19, 2013
Why would you need vents on an intake?
Peter Kim Jan 19, 2013
Do they really need a sticker that says tow haha
William Downs Jan 19, 2013
Its the intake for the engine, its mid engine and its below the wing so it won't be adding that much drag to the car this way
Eddie Carrillo Jan 19, 2013
Is it even worth liking a car like th
Serge Pankratov Jan 19, 2013
McLaren does a great job on their rear ends imo :) and this is no exception
Jacob Burford Jan 18, 2013
No lack of downforce!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 18, 2013
It's probably an intake
Janak Solanki Jan 18, 2013
Maybe cooling for oil?
Dennis Choong Jan 18, 2013
What is that thing protruding out of the rear deck? Anybody knows what it's for?
Sahm Jafari Jan 18, 2013
That wing.
Justin Johnson Jan 18, 2013
I see an old clk
Lead Peddalin Jan 18, 2013
Serge Pankratov Jan 19, 2013
Gotta love these doors!
Kyle Kloewer Jan 19, 2013
Now that's a nice interior
Anthony Scalise Jan 19, 2013
I didn't even know you could legally own moose in the US
Derrick McCarthy Jan 19, 2013
Probably an 8,000 dollar part coulda made it look a little cooler.
Aiden Bass Jan 18, 2013
I've always wanted this kind of dog.
Janak Solanki Jan 18, 2013
That steering wheel looks really uncomfortable
supra_mkiv Jan 18, 2013
Stas Allen Jan 18, 2013
I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis.
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 18, 2013
Ummm.... These comments don't make since. I think car buzz messed something up.
Tj Marten Jan 18, 2013
Yea I'm not a Ferrari guy but damn the lotus Elise looks nice
Noah Gavurin Jan 18, 2013
daniel, i think you posted to the wrong article
Daniel Carvalho Jan 18, 2013
I love, Lambos, but the Sesto Elemento isn't road legal. Koenigsegg for me too.
Lead Peddalin Jan 18, 2013