Comments - Chris Harris Drives the Singer 911

Published: Jan 18, 2013
Description: Like Chris Harris, we too have been waiting for him to get behind the wheel of a Singer customized 911. This isn't just any Porsche 911. In fact, most of the work hasn't even been done by Po...
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flatsix911 Jan 22, 2013
Beautiful car! Is it worth $500k...I don't think so?
Ben Knorr Jan 18, 2013
They do get the job done don't they. He's one of the best I think.
Ashton Summers Jan 18, 2013
Glad Chris Is back. There is just something that seems right about British car journalists.
Josh Negron Jan 18, 2013
Love these
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 18, 2013
Magnus Walker Porsches are really nice too
Thai-Chau Ha Jan 18, 2013
Thank you for putting this car on the map as it deserves to Chris. Quality built, now compare the guy that all that effort into this car to Mr. Pagani. Both striving to do the best they can be. Very much appreciated of your artistry and dedication. Inspired me to own a car like this.
Peter Mark Gacek Jan 18, 2013
Hahaha I couldn't complain with that VD
Lou Guerrero Jan 18, 2013
SVD is the best VD.
Ben Knorr Jan 18, 2013
what a beauty!
Jordan Nishida Jan 18, 2013
Love that 911
John Serely Jan 18, 2013
Singer does a great job. I love their work
Dylan Bruder Jan 18, 2013
Almost thought this was that other 911 company he went to awhile ago
Justin Johnson Jan 18, 2013
Headlights are definitely different than what I'm used to seeing...
Max Jabaay Jan 18, 2013
Great lines!
Pablo Herasme Jan 18, 2013
I love those wheels in any 911
Sam Oglesby Jan 18, 2013
I see its the fuel filler cap
Sam Oglesby Jan 18, 2013
There's a hole in the bonnet or boot lid depending on how you look at it
Owen Tiernan Jan 18, 2013
That's my perfect car!
Description: Harris also takes a tour of the Singer factory, which looks like nothing more than a standard warehouse. But the truth is that place creates some of the finest aftermarket automotive works of art one ...
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Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 18, 2013
This and the Eagle Speedster are my favourite "old" cars. Looks amazing!
Oleg Odessit Jan 18, 2013
Im in love
Jason J Roberts Jan 18, 2013
The engine sounds brilliant. And the interior looks great too.
A.J. Brady Jan 18, 2013
Wow what a car. Not my first, second, or even third choose for a half million dollar car, but the exicution of the car is amazing. Well done Singer. Wish more cars had this done to them.
Jacob Mullner Jan 18, 2013
I'd love to be able to spend a day at this factory to observe all the detail and craftsmanship that goes into one of these cars
Description: Singer's restoration, tuning, modification, and customization services are provided solely by Singer Vehicle Design, that they are not approved or endorsed by Porsche.
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Pablo Herasme Jan 18, 2013
The rear and the sound it makes is the reason I love 911s
Haoliang Li Jan 18, 2013
They need to add that classic duck-tail wing.
Austin Whitener Jan 18, 2013
Dat ass