Comments - Twin-Turbo Gallardo on ADV.1 Wheels

Published: Jan 17, 2013
Description: The owner of what is the pinnacle of all Gallardo models on the market decided that after twin-turbocharging his Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Superleggera, a fresh coat of body paint and new wheels was ...
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Dan J Tresham Jan 17, 2013
How fast is this bad boy? BHP?!
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 17, 2013
Well thank you gentlemen for the clarification
Daniel Anglevik Jan 17, 2013
...the first 500hp version was not as good as a Ferrari F430 except the looks. The LP560 version was better/much faster than F430 and aimed on to 458 territory.. I've driven them so..
Daniel Anglevik Jan 17, 2013
There is gen 1 & 2 of Gallardo. Gen.1 2004-2008 5.0litre 500hp. Later 520hp. Superleggera 530hp. Gen.2 2008- 5.2litre 560hp. 550hp in the RWD. 570hp in the superleggera. There is a BIG different between the first 500hp version vs newer LP560....
Thibault Leroy Jan 17, 2013
Yeah this is the old superleggera so it has 530hp
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 17, 2013
Yes the LP570-4 is the NEW superlaggera. But this is the OLD superlaggera. Which means its not an lp570-4 and car buzz screwed up again lol
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 17, 2013
The lp570 is a superleggera model is it not ?
Carter Sullivan Jan 17, 2013
That's not a LP570. Thats a first generation Gallardo SuperLeggera
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 17, 2013
That's awesome
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
That's sick.
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 19, 2013
I thought colbys vette was blue?
Jamie Mcpherson Jan 18, 2013
Damn! Very tastefully done!
David Markham Jan 18, 2013
Wow. This is the first matt paint job I think looks good. They did a very nice job on this.
Derrick McCarthy Jan 17, 2013
I love the roof line off the front and how it gets narrow and slopes off in the back... Lovely curves!
Tyler Tarbox Jan 17, 2013
Car is awesome. Would take this exact car over literally every other car in the world
Ray Fong Jan 17, 2013
It's a gallardo with a renown bumper :)
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
I like the green calipers. That's the color of my car almost. :)
Sean Perrett Jan 17, 2013
Wow in my opinion that looks amazing
David Gray Jan 17, 2013
I think that could be the best Gallardo tune job I've ever seen!
Tyler Tarbox Jan 17, 2013
Dear Lord that is one of the best looking cars I've ever seen. And it's twin turbo too! Dream car
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 17, 2013
Thats mean
Jon Wheel Jan 18, 2013
Light source is behind the photographer so that's probably why.
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 17, 2013
The discs are glowing...
Dillon Magee Jan 18, 2013
That is awesome...
Ben Knorr Jan 17, 2013
ya, same here.
Jackson Michael Jan 17, 2013
It's probably the best gallardo I've seen
Seth McCormick Jan 17, 2013
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 18, 2013
Beautiful in its simplicity... Very well done!
Clyde Autin Jan 18, 2013
cleanest first gen gallardo I've seen so far
Derrick McCarthy Jan 17, 2013
That thing is perfect, don't get me wrong the melt the bumper thing is more likely the reason they protrude, but it might be DOT also..
Tyler Tarbox Jan 17, 2013
Yeah the exhausts are like that for a reason
William Downs Jan 17, 2013
Thank u zach, how the hell did u all not know that, if they were flush it would melt the bumper, twin turbo gallardos are like flame throwers once u let off the throttle
Zack Herzer Jan 17, 2013
They are ugly cuz when it flames it doesn't ruin (set on fire) the bumper.
Marcos Collazo Jan 17, 2013
Have none of you ever seen a TT lambo before? They probably looked good at one point all these things do is back fire. Shouldn't be surprising if the tips are that messed up
Darryle Moody Jan 17, 2013
Someone spent all of that money, added new paint, wheels & tires, powder-coated calipers, twin-turbos and installation. And they have $2.50 pipes sticking out of the rear of the Superleggera? Really? Details people, it's the details.
David Gray Jan 17, 2013
I wanna say that they've gone for the "raw" look with the exhaust, but you're right John, it's not right. Titanium tips at least I would've done
John Whitman Jan 17, 2013
They really went and messed up the exhaust on this one, almost had it about perfect
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 17, 2013
I would be just happy with that wing. Considering its twin turbocharged
Tyler Tarbox Jan 17, 2013
Wing should be a little smaller
Tyler Tarbox Jan 17, 2013
I dont care what the seats are, this this is still awesome
Jared Oteri Jan 17, 2013
So epic
Darryle Moody Jan 17, 2013
Those carbon fiber seats are sweet.
Ryan Spencer Jan 17, 2013
Least. Comfortable. Place. Ever.
Andy Kleschick Jan 17, 2013
Yeah those I'm betting are not that good of seats to look at in person, let alone sit in
Blaise Harned Jan 17, 2013
Ya, those probably get uncomfortable like 3 seconds before you sit in them
Austin Bride Jan 17, 2013
Not for long trips
Max Jabaay Jan 17, 2013
Those do not look fun to sit in
Darryle Moody Jan 17, 2013
Now that Italian flag detail is cool.
اتعبهم غروري Jan 17, 2013
The car soo nice I wish I have same