Comments - No Hoverboards? Try this DeLorean Hovercraft

Published: Jan 17, 2013
Description: We've made the point time and again that 2015 is quickly approaching and a few things that "Back to the Future Part II" showcased appear not to be happening anytime soon. These include ...
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Description: This video was recently taken at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay showing a DeLorean hovercraft looking just plain awesome. It's ulikely to reach 88 mph but at least you can say to you...
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A.J. Brady Jan 18, 2013
@ myself. Damn you auto current. And i don't think stainless steel rust in water or salt water.
Earick Smith Jan 18, 2013
Ok that's just bad ass
Mike Renaut Jan 17, 2013
Guess it's safer on the water without those gullwing doors - they wouldn't be fine if it flipped over.
Ivan Ryzhov Jan 17, 2013
Didn't monster garage do this already?
David Guerrero Jan 17, 2013
Wait, they're limited to 1,500 pairs, ranging up to $10,000. But someone in the UK dropped $37,000. I think I'd rather get an STi for that money
David Guerrero Jan 17, 2013
@Lou Nike had already made them, but very exclusive. Limited to 1,000 pairs. I hear they run about 2-3 thousand dollars.
A.J. Brady Jan 17, 2013
That's is sweet.
Seth Pettman Jan 17, 2013
Pretty cool!
Janak Solanki Jan 17, 2013
That's dope!
Lou Guerrero Jan 17, 2013
Now if I could only get my nikes to lace themselves...and I'm still waiting for Jaws 19 --- in 3D.
Oleg Odessit Jan 17, 2013
Thiiiiii coollest thing evaaaaa
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 17, 2013