Comments - Is this the C7 Corvette Convertible?

Published: Jan 17, 2013
Description: It's been just a couple of days since Chevrolet pulled the sheets off its all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray and already images have hit the web of what's supposedly the convertible variant. Wha...
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Jack Howard Jan 17, 2013
But Colby the Mclaren doesn't suffer from its hardtop
Jimmy Case Jan 17, 2013
Man I hate soft tops. That's so outdated. PLEASE make them hardtop. I don't sell any of the soft tops. If your buying a conv. Performance isn't really your goal.
Ashton Summers Jan 17, 2013
If it were a hard top, the ass-end would look wrong.
Kyle Rawn Jan 17, 2013
Haha oops. That was a typo Colby haha
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
@Jimmy This isn't it, but it isn't a hardtop. Sorry to disappoint. Too much weight. It's a soft top like all the others. But an improved one nonetheless.
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
@Kyle What do you mean "should" be supreme ruler of the Earth? :)
Dylan Bruder Jan 17, 2013
Carbuzz is responding to the big topics and what everyone was talking about can't blame them for that
Taylor Garry Jan 17, 2013
True words kyle
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 17, 2013
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 17, 2013
I hope this won't be the new gtr.. I love that car till I saw a different paint job on it everyday...
Mike Carbaugh Jan 17, 2013
There's been an article on the corvette everyday sense it's been out, I'm lovin it
William Downs Jan 17, 2013
Yea this isnt real, its a private rendering. GM already respinded and confirmed its not there design but a fans
Jimmy Case Jan 17, 2013
If it isn't hardtop I will be thoroughly disappointed.
Kyle Rawn Jan 17, 2013
Pablo Herasme Jan 17, 2013
Its a fake
Rakesh Senthivelan May 29, 2014
This actually happens to be the C7 Convertible.
William Downs Jan 18, 2013
Tyler these arent from gm, if u actually read the article u would know that already, there private rendering and gm already said this isnt what it will look like
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 18, 2013
@bj I have to disagree I feel convertibles completely ruin the shape of any car that started out with a fixed roof. The back end usually changes so drastically and then the car looks flat and boring. But to each their own
Tyler Chmieleski Jan 18, 2013
Who ever had the job of keeping these photos under wraps sucks at it
BJ Flores Jan 18, 2013
Maybe it's just me but I love convertible versions of the cars I'm planning to buy much more than the coupe versions. For example, Bentley GTC over the GT, 458 Italia Spyder over the 458 Italia, and convertible Vette over the coupe. That's why I bought a 2013 convertible GS recently. The car looks so much lower and the lines seem cleaner without a roof.
Jordan Smith Jan 17, 2013
Production only stopped in 1983 because they were changing the assembly facility.
Danny Burns Jan 17, 2013
I really like these the more I see them. Just wanna see it in black.
Josh Hooper Jan 17, 2013
The front looks exactly like the new SRT Viper...
William Downs Jan 17, 2013
Actuly nevzat the corvette was sold continuously. The c4 was in production from 1983-1996, but no cars were sold in 1983 because of production problems, all the ones built that year were never sold and destroyed, but production has never stopped since 1953
Nevzat Erboy Jan 17, 2013
@colby it's not really continuos because there was no production in 83 so a deal breaker for you
Jordan Nishida Jan 17, 2013
Beautiful. My favorite corvette convertible.
Aaron Crisp Jan 17, 2013
My dream Vette is a C7 Z06 targa top.
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 17, 2013
@Felix, yea man I heard vtec kicks hella hard on these new vettes, haha
Vinny Coppola Jan 17, 2013
I'd still take the regular hard top with the targa top that comes off
Cindy Ngo Jan 17, 2013
A Convertible?
Craig Lafey Jan 17, 2013
Love it
Tyler Tarbox Jan 17, 2013
@Ashton. Would be way worse if a Ferrari looked like a Corvette
Mike Carbaugh Jan 17, 2013
I like this a lot it makes me happy :)
Ashton Summers Jan 17, 2013
So what would be worse? A corvette that looks like a Ferrari, or a Ferrari that looks like a corvette?
Miguel Jimenez Jan 17, 2013
@Felix lol.
Felix Rhett Jan 17, 2013
Haha wow, so now it's a viper, Camaro, 599, and a 458...So considering it uses VVT, does that make it a Civic too?
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
No, if anything, the Ferrari's grill looks a little Corvette. No Ferrari has been continually produced since 1953. But the Corvette has. It is the world's oldest continuously produced sports car. So if anything, other companies copy it.
Jackson Michael Jan 17, 2013
The grill is straight off a 90s camaro
Dylan Bruder Jan 17, 2013
The grill is all c1 vette not Ferrari
Arick Voigt Jan 17, 2013
They should do a hard top version. With 458 Spyder-esque head rest... uh, pillars? I'm not sure what those are called, but they look sweet.
Hang Xu Jan 17, 2013
its like the cadillac concept in clone island tbh
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 17, 2013
I agree with Eric, grill looks like a Ferrari..I'm a ford guy all the way, but props to chevy on this, I'm lovin it
Ryan William Sprenkle Jan 17, 2013
The only thing I don't like is the grille. Everything else is great.
John Serely Jan 17, 2013
Looks very good
Eric Burns Jan 17, 2013
That front grille looks a little Ferrari, don't you think? Love it!
Pablo Herasme Jan 17, 2013
Looks good tho
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 17, 2013
Loved the convertible
Description: So if they're not real then these are without question some of the best renderings we've ever seen.
In fact, some of us around the CarBuzz office think the convertible looks even better ...
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Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
Coupe>Convertible. Always will IMO. Only Vette convertible I would drive is the 427.
Austin J. Bower Jan 18, 2013
Quad exhaust looks ridiculous
Matt K Hawj Jan 18, 2013
It looks like the face of a buck teeth bug, put the top back on.
Jordan Smith Jan 17, 2013
Hahahahaha VVV
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 17, 2013
No you suck.. Oh shit I'm the wrong person.
Taylor Garry Jan 17, 2013
Corvettes suck! * waits for 3-comment respond from a certain someone
Jackson Michael Jan 17, 2013
I agree with the people who want the spyder look everything behind the seats is just boring squareness
Jérôme Sieber Jan 17, 2013
It's a fake because it don't have the third stopping light. But it looks nice
Tho MA Jan 17, 2013
Not liking the quad exhuast, look so crapped. Maybe a lil spacing in the middle would have look better imo.
James Watkins Jan 17, 2013
Notice how there are no vents on the rear fenders, but there are still the vents near the taillights. Don't think this is the real deal. Also, this baby looks great!
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
because the only thing people see of this car on the road is it's rear. :P
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
And I along with most other people think the rear looks great. See it in person before you judge. The tail lamps have indirect LED lighting and it looks great. The mean looks evil like its supposed to. It was designed to look back aggressively
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
If you even knew half of what into this car your mind would be blown. They literally have spent millions of computer hours developing the new small block V8s. Don't make rash ignorant comments before doing research beforehand.
Colby Church Jan 17, 2013
@Thomas Just shut up dude, you have no idea what you're talking about. The C7 has an amazing engine that is one of the most technological on earth and is worthy of the Stingray nameplate. It has revolutionary technology and engineering techniques.
William Downs Jan 17, 2013
This car is dripping with stingray influence, and this car will do nothing but bring honor to the name.. besides the split window was on the c2 stingray and this takes cues from both the c2and c3 stingray
David Jefferis Jan 17, 2013
Needs round tail lights to match the exhausts.
Thomas Mackey Jan 17, 2013
One ugly rear and btw...NOT A STINGRAY. Wtf Chevy? Why try to ruin the stingray name? Make a limited run c7 then give it a split window. Plus a limited run bad ass motor. Then you can call it a stingray.
Jackson Michael Jan 17, 2013
Good think this isn't real because the back looks terrible
Caner Ozdemir Jan 17, 2013
I always loved corvette since I was a kid, The c7 was put together beautifully. Maybe I can now afford a c6! :D
Tin Nguyen Jan 17, 2013
Tin Nguyen Jan 17, 2013
That tail lights are so ugly.
William Downs Jan 17, 2013
@Mohammed.. your thinking of the targa top... great idea the benefits of a convertable without the stupid looks and extra weight that comes with one
Mohammed Shamma Jan 17, 2013
I think the coupe also has open top maybe the roof can be removed like the aventador? Im not sure but thats what i saw. I think removable top would be much cooler
John Serely Jan 17, 2013
I think the back looks great
Tyler Wiedenhoeft Jan 17, 2013
Just make it a spyder cuz when a convertibles top is up it sucks
Anthony Scalise Jan 17, 2013
I like the front, but the back looks too square..that won't age too well
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 17, 2013
I prefer the coupe but this looks great too.
Matt Piccolo Jan 17, 2013
Still Hating the rear
Avery Williams Jan 17, 2013
Very sleek.....I love it!
John Patten Jan 17, 2013
I'm a viper guy but this is pretty cool.