Comments - This is the First EcoBoost Raptor

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Description: Matt Farah is one lucky dude for being able to drive this custom-built Ford Raptor. Powered by an EcoBoost engine instead of the standard 6.2-liter V8, this one-off EcoBoost Raptor produces at least 4...
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fahd.alhadi.7 Sep 26, 2013
Love it!
Jason Bartlett Jan 17, 2013
My stock ecoboost is a great piece of machine . I'd buy a raptor version if it were factory built
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
@Lou..if you feel like doing all the work yourself
Dave Larby Jan 16, 2013
More torque and lower fuel consumption sounds good to me!!
Lou Guerrero Jan 16, 2013
Watched this last night. They said an ecoboost crate engine is $17K so its cheaper to buy an ecoboost F-150 and swap for SVT components.
Jimmy Case Jan 16, 2013
Ecoboost is TT v6.
Raul Valdez Jan 16, 2013
What the hell is Eco boost? Be more specific!!
Tyler Tarbox Jan 16, 2013
Very impressive
Tyson Broadbent Jan 20, 2013
Lol, you guys are funny! But seriously, solar F-150?
Michael Beach Jan 17, 2013
How did they fit a nuclear reactor in that truck?!
Trey Villarreal Jan 17, 2013
First truck I've seen that runs on oil.
Sam Oglesby Jan 17, 2013
It's not hydrogen either it runs on normal petrol
Stephen Ishard Jan 17, 2013
Derrick McCarthy Jan 16, 2013
This is the coolest hydrogen vehicle everlnl
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 16, 2013
Lol @people who dont read the post
Taylor Garry Jan 16, 2013
Who said its electric
Brennon Aucoin Jan 16, 2013
There's no way one of these is electric
Description: Claiming it's probably even faster than his stock Raptor, Farah actually thinks it produces more horsepower than what SDHQ claims. Furthermore, it feels factory solid with no squeaks or rattles a...
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Carissa Wilson Jan 17, 2013
Funny that you corrected yourself, but wait! There's more!
Ryan Rainville Jan 17, 2013
Diff not did
Ryan Rainville Jan 17, 2013
Just through an icon suspension under the stock raptor you won't notice a handling difference for the high speed offroading and youl have a did that locks in 2wd
Ryan Lopez Jan 17, 2013
Hehe envy is a bitch
Cody Joe Pew Jan 16, 2013
Sycamore creek!
Ryan Lopez Jan 17, 2013
Hmmm good point lou
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Alot better than the 11 that the v8 got
Lou Guerrero Jan 16, 2013
Lol at the "Eco" leaves. This still only gets 16 mpg.