Comments - Shelby Reveals Tuned Focus ST

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Description: Described as the Shelby "pocket rocket" Omni GLH reborn, the tuned Focus ST is the latest Ford product to go under the knife at Shelby skunkworks. Introduced at this year's Detroit Auto...
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John M Weishahn Jan 16, 2013
GLH= Goes Like Hell. Classic Carrol Shelby.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Stephen, couldn't agree more.
Stephen Cobbs Jan 16, 2013
People gotta read the damn article before they comment.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
The difference by looking at it with the hood closed.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
300+hp tune is in the works. It's just not ready yet. They really should've waited till the car was 100% before releasing it. But I guess at an unveil you don't get to see how fast a car is. They could've told you it has 300 hp and nobody would know
William Downs Jan 16, 2013
@Jack.. at the moment there are no upgrades, to the motor its stock power from the focus st shelby never finished its tuning setup for the Car
Jacob Keith Miller Jan 16, 2013
Where r these being sold? Shelby's website or fords? Or dealers?
Jack Thomas Jan 16, 2013
There are performance upgrades to the engine. Over 300hp according to Shelby's fb page and website
Ben Wright Jan 16, 2013
All show and no go? $15k extra and no performance upgrades? Just buy a second hand Porsche or Jag.
Aaron Crisp Jan 16, 2013
Jonathan Ippolito Jan 16, 2013
Oh god no please make this go away .
Description: A custom Shelby interior includes a Shelby shifter, seat coverings reupholstered in exterior-color-matching leather and unique Shelby CSM badge, a number plaque that identifies the limited-edition She...
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Cameron Duncan Condy Jan 17, 2013
Hey John look up Dodge Omni and Charger GLH. This isn't Shelby's first venture towards fwd turbo cars. This was obviously in the making before he passed.
Jonathan Ippolito Jan 16, 2013
Way to tarnish the Shelby name . What's next a Shelby Fiesta .
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Two cars means that Shelby's are synonymous for the use of faux carbon. The GT-500KR had a carbon hood and another model had a carbon splitter. I think the 1000 had that as an option anyways.
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
David, see also: Shelby 1000. A Mustang with painfully ugly looking faux carbon fiber on the rocker panels and rear. It looks infinitely worse than what you see on this car.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Since when are Shelby cars loaded with Faux carbon fiber? This is the first one I've seen. Please provide proof.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
I agree, Mr. Shelby definitely wouldn't like this crap.
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
The Shelby name is quickly becoming synonymous with "faux carbon fiber". At least this car has most of it hidden under the hood. I don't think Mr. Shelby would be approving all of this fake carbon fiber crap.
Description: Hydro-carbon components fitted under the hood that adds more carbon-fiber-looking graphics are, however, included in the "budget minded price." That's a cool $14,995 on top of the $23,7...
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Kai Andrew Carlson Jan 16, 2013
Price is jacked for a car of this caliber. Selling to people who don't know any better.
Lou Guerrero Jan 16, 2013
Owning 1/500 would be cool but I'd ask to see the Mustangs for that price lol
Dave Rain Jan 16, 2013
~$39k? Get friggen real.
Danny Scott Jan 16, 2013
The price tag is far too much for the performance and you will eventually have alot of torque steer if your aiming for north of 300whp.
Matt Paunicka Jan 16, 2013
Louie is spot on with what I was going to say. Even though this is a cool car, it's not even near worth the money. I think ford made a mistake in making the Focus ST FWD.
Louie Salenga Jan 16, 2013
$36K for a tuned FWD car just to have a overpriced name on the back. Drop another few thousands of dollars to get an Evo or STI w/AWD. This package is lame
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
300hp is not waaaay too much. Ford has managed to put the power down pretty well with traction aids.
John M Weishahn Jan 16, 2013
$15,000 in mods on a $24,00 car? They won't sell many. Besides, 300hp is way too much for a front drive car. I'm not sure what Shelby has done here. They installed some Ford Racing bits and rebadged it? Disappointed.
Thomas Lepage Jan 16, 2013
This is overly cheesy for my taste.. Good attempt, better luck next time
Lou Guerrero Jan 16, 2013
Whatever. Leave the graphics and the fake carbon. This car is cool just needs real seats and a realistic price tag.
Zach Gathercole Jan 16, 2013
Other than the side graphics i like it
Donald Pittman Jan 16, 2013
Would have looked better with the side stripes of the Mustang. These make it look cheep.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Idk if Mr. Shelby would approve
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Agreed, good looking car other than that
Drew Humphrey Jan 16, 2013
Yeah remove the graphics
David Bradley Jan 16, 2013
Side graphics looks like a cheap after thought
Zac D'Anna Jan 17, 2013
Y would they ruin the shelby name with something like this???? :@
Kevin Morris Jan 16, 2013
Just so wrong! Carroll Shelby is SHDH IN THE GRAVE AND CRYING FROM HEVEN!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Im thinking the people at Shelby don't ask themselves "would Carroll approve?" When designing a car. They need to.
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Uh oh.. No tags
Ashton Summers Jan 16, 2013
If Ferrari wouldn't be caught dead pulling this, neither should any other car company. This is the 14" chrome spoked rims of engine bays.
Dave Rain Jan 16, 2013
There's where your extra $10k goes, lol
Drew Storrusten Jan 16, 2013
Why........ Why!!!!!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Take this ugly crap off, let us see the engine for Christ sake!
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
Wow, fake carbon fiber? Really? Have fun never being able to show your engine bay to any real car enthusiasts. If someone opened the hood to their car and showed me this I would just laugh.
Cezary Koral Jan 16, 2013
Well if you consider the fact that they are charging $14k+ you'd think they at least use real cf For that much money there are a lot more fun cars out there
William Downs Jan 16, 2013
If they werent gonna make them from real cf they could have atleast used a hi quality carbon fiber design, this look like those fake carbon fiber bits u would find on ebay for uour civic at a bone rattling price of 12.99 plus s&h
Drake Nailon Jan 16, 2013
Um, aren't most of us tired of the fake carbon fiber? If your not going to do the real thing Shelby, don't insult us by slapping some stickers on it and expecting a positive reaction. We want mods that are going to make it a better performing car.
Lou Guerrero Jan 16, 2013
These seats are a joke and cheapen the car.
Ashton Summers Jan 16, 2013
Looks like seat covers from wal-mart.
Dave Rain Jan 16, 2013
LMAO! Terrible!
Colt Eklund Jan 16, 2013
Why would they replace the ST seats?!
Austin Bride Jan 16, 2013
Wow that's terrible
Brandon Bairian Jan 16, 2013
Seen more bolstering on a butter dish
Brad Henson Jan 16, 2013
Old seats were better
William Downs Jan 16, 2013
Your not kidding on that one
Marlo Viray Jueco Jan 16, 2013
Slip and slide seats. Looks totally unsupportive.