Comments - Nissan Versa Note Has its Debut

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Description: We're pretty confident no one is a big fan of the Nissan Versa sedan. Sure, it's decent basic transportation but it has zero personality. Nissan is hoping to change that somewhat with its ne...
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Ashton Summers Jan 16, 2013
Can't wait to rent one and drive the hell out of it.
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
Sure they're not super exciting cars but they do a really good job of doing what cars should do: get you and 3-4 other people from point A to point B without any fuss.
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
I actually have two friends that both have first gen Versa 5 doors and to be honest, they're pretty legit. For the money you pay you really get a decent car with a ton of room inside. Can't comment on the 4 door but the 5 door is pretty good.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
YAAAY nobody cares
Max Dell Jan 16, 2013
And a sucky one at that!
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 17, 2013
Bad. Very baaaaad!
Carlton Salmon Jan 16, 2013
Not bad but not exciting or interesting IMO.
Matt Piccolo Jan 16, 2013
Ummm, ya.
Description: And as one would expect from a car such as this, solid fuel efficiency was a main goal and its exterior was styled to help out with that. Aerodynamics played a key role and designers managed to give i...
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Description: Its spacious interior is further expanded thanks to 60/40-split fold-down rear seats, creating a flat cargo area. Pricing is also very reasonable with base models starting off at just $13,900. Exp...
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Mike Conrad Jan 16, 2013
I believe the hatch is just up.
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Looks like it got chopped off at the back
Ethan Amo Jan 16, 2013
Pretty good to me
Shane Prasad Mar 22, 2013
For $13,000 its pretty decent for a first new car
Connor Short Jan 16, 2013
It's a car just meant to get around... It's not a Merc or a Maserati
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
What are you expecting Carlton? 10" satnav, perforated leather heated/cooled seats, 4 zone climate? This is a cheap car. It's supposed to have a cheap interior.
Nick Sti Jan 16, 2013
I'm on Sam's side. These aren't high end cars, they're entry level
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Im on Carlton's side
Sam Reinsel Jan 16, 2013
I mean, when you consider how cheap the car itself is, you kinda get what you pay for...
Carlton Salmon Jan 16, 2013
Very cheap looking interior. No excuse nowadays when the European competition is so strong.
Jeremy Russell Jan 16, 2013
Looks like it has been eerily mixed with a Honda Fit and a Chevy Sonic...
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Lol I agree, Mati
Mati Araujo Jan 16, 2013
I feel bad for the guy driving it
Jackson Michael Jan 16, 2013
I just yawned
Jordan Jackson Jan 16, 2013
RAW POWER!!! 0_o