Comments - Lambo Fan Takes Cute Sis for Fast Ride

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Description: They say revenge is a dish best served cold. For exotic metal photographer Jordan Shiraki, it's been a life's ambition to exercise some payback on his older sister. In his own words he wante...
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Anthony J. Mitchell Jan 17, 2013
She is ugly.
Ian Barger Jan 16, 2013
Shes ugly
Jackson Michael Jan 16, 2013
Dat occupation lol
Description: While Jordan Shiraki has a special gift for capturing the beauty of supercars and gorgeous ladies, if this video goes viral he will also lay claim to be the master of payback.
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Guy Goodall Jan 21, 2013
She wasn't in a Lamborghini she was in a Bugatti veyron
Julian Pilinci Jan 19, 2013
You are right Michael, to keep idiot people like you out of this world!
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 17, 2013
As she was sitting in a different car, namely a Veyron…
Aaron Crisp Jan 17, 2013
That's not very nice of you.
Ben Bright Jan 16, 2013
anybody else notice that the seat color change from black to tan?
Judah Lindvall Jan 16, 2013
He was having to much fun lol
Jordan ShirakiPhoto Jan 21, 2013
I let her sit in a Veyron and an Aventador for a quick photo op. Both cars were blocked in by others and I already had the keys to the Gallardo so just took her for a quick spin in that. As you can see it was definitely sufficient ;) Though the Veyron has insane 0-60 times and performance, its so effortless, massive, and encapsulates you from the elements outside its not as scary as a raw harsh ...
Jake Gutzeit Jan 16, 2013
lucky girl, get to sit in a Bugatti
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 16, 2013
Good eye, she definitely is in a veyron
Mohamed Alhasan Jan 16, 2013
Looks like she's in a Bugatti