Comments - GT500 Super Snake Widebody Debuts

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Description: From one extreme to the other, Shelby has followed the introduction of the pocket-rocket Shelby Focus ST by debuting the widebody version of the 2013 GT500 Super Snake. With the widebody kit, upsized ...
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Wyatt Gordon Jan 21, 2013
Fite me irl fgt, do u evn lft bro?
Cameron Duncan Condy Jan 17, 2013
So does your face but I don't complain about it.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
That Focus sucks.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jan 17, 2013
Sorry for off topic. Want to see a nice "wide" body job. Check Chris Harris on Drive the Singer 911. Should see that vid on here tomorrow or the next.
Nick Bultman Jan 16, 2013
Chris McCormick Jan 16, 2013
Make it a little bit more narrow and its great!
Taylor Garry Jan 16, 2013
I can have respect for the job done on this. But stock is still 1000X better looking
Tim Preisinger Jan 16, 2013
I hate wide body crap... But I'll admit this isn't too bad
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
V typical V
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
I like it, and Im normally not a Mustang guy (Except for the '68 Bullitt Fastback, and the GT500 Eleanor's. everyone loves those).
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Thank you
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Just over 800
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Random question..Anyone know how many comments the new corvette got?
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
It looks like someone took a GT-500 and widened it. Without adding scoops everywhere and rough jagged edges for aesthetics. Looks clean, simple and aggressive.
David Gray Jan 16, 2013
Gotta agree with Parenti on this. I haven't seen a good wide body conversion in ages, they seem to always ruin the look of the car. This 1 has been done perfectly though thank fuck
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Best wide body kit I have EVER seen on a Stang. Most just look cheesey. This one looks perfectly proportional. Galpin autosport's looked disgusting and cheap. This one is perfect.
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 16, 2013
It's nice
Drew Humphrey Jan 16, 2013
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Agreed, one of my favorite cars
John Serely Jan 16, 2013
Dillon Dixon Jan 16, 2013
This car is just straight up menacing!
Description: The "basic" package comes with the stock GT500's supercharged 5.8-liter V8 good for 662 horsepower and 631 pound-feet of torque, but if you so desire Shelby will boost output to a ludic...
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Ashton Summers Jan 16, 2013
Thank God! The GT 500 was so underpowered. C'mon 662 hp was good like ten years ago, but this is 2013!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Jesus Christ, power wise, Shelby have outdone themselves!
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
That's just a crazy amount of power, period.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
850 horses, required to spin a 13 in wide tire. Ridiculous power
Description: Further enhancements include a custom cooling package, Borla exhaust system, Wilwood brakes, and front brake cooling ducts. Not including the Shelby GT500 donor car, pricing starts at $28,995 for base...
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Cameron Duncan Condy Jan 17, 2013
Wildwood for days. Thank god they have a better option. Maybe they can do more than one hot lap before frying them.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
If you want more grip put a stickier tire on it. Just don't expect to get more than 10k miles out of them.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
I wouldn't either, I think the stock wheels were wide enough.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 16, 2013
Sorry but no way I am spending $100K on a mustang
William Downs Jan 16, 2013
Willwood brake systems are alot better then brembo, brembo are still ok but there are much better options now adays
David Justice Jan 16, 2013
Don't think the Brembos the GT500 comes with are that great.In most reviews the biggest complaint were the brakes being shot after one hot lap.These probably will fair better. Wider tires and better brakes are two things this car needed bad.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
As far as mustangs go, Willwood makes some of the best brakes.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
I prefer Brembo's, but Wilwood still makes a good product.
Ricky Choi Jan 17, 2013
They should all come with widebody
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt Jan 16, 2013
Beautiful car. RIP Shelby.
David Justice Jan 16, 2013
Right on Parenti. Don't know why I was thinking they had the stock GTs 8.5 wide tires. Now, I wanna see performance times with these wheels.
Dylan Arms Jan 16, 2013
I feel like the best looking wide body kits are the ones that you can't really tell are there, because it blends smoothly so you don't notice at first
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
And it took them a long time because they fit what they could under the rear end. Until this wide body, they couldn't fit much more under there.
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Justice, the GT-500 wheel width is 9.5 inches. That's pretty wide compared to other cars? A corvette weighs less and has a 10" tire. The GT-500's tires are 1/2" narrower than that of a corvette. It's wide enough if you ask me.
Paul Dickey Jan 16, 2013
Who gives a shit about clean tires.
David Justice Jan 16, 2013
...And to add on to what you all are posting: I'll take mine in the classic blue with white stripes.
David Justice Jan 16, 2013
Why it took Shelby so long to put wider tires [for sale at least, they did a one-off] is beyond me. When you tune a car to 800-1000HP, and the car is notorious for not being power down, wider tires seem to be a no-brainer, right?
Wyatt Gordon Jan 16, 2013
Lets see one in wet black, preferably with Black wheels and Im thinking, Red stripes?
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
I did not notice the rear window delete panels. They look awesome, so much better than scoops and vents!
darrellbell24 Jan 16, 2013
AT LEAST CLEAN THE TIRES!!!!!!.....but other than that its nice
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Those rear quarters mean business. 13" tire says.... I put power to the ground.
Chris Clarke Jan 16, 2013
Flaming gorgous!!!
Aaron Crisp Jan 16, 2013
I couldn't agree more Carlton.
Carlton Salmon Jan 16, 2013
One of the best looking Mustangs I've ever seen. Would look fantastic in black or dark metallic grey.
Tyler Wallace Feb 12, 2013
I like those tips
Dakota Todd Jan 16, 2013
I personally really like the tips
Ryan Spencer Jan 16, 2013
Those tips have got to go...
David Parenti Jan 16, 2013
Do you realize that the wheels are 13 inches wide? They need to have a dish to them. If the spokes of the rim came all the way out to the face of the wheel the offset would be like 11". Too much power/weight to place on the out side of the wheel.
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
I don't like the tips, wheels look good though.
Lee Gardner Jan 16, 2013
Not really a fan of the tips or the deep dish wheels
Dave Rain Jan 16, 2013
Looks sick
Robert Harr Jan 16, 2013
Just wait till they release the zo6 and zr1 equivalents, then we will have a real show
Jake Spellman Jan 16, 2013
The root of all evil! Corvette stingray? Ha!
Drew Humphrey Jan 16, 2013
Naked engine!
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Lol, friend has a Lexus is-250.. we changed the oil and you couldn't see one piece of metal, it was all plastic cover ups.
Lee Gardner Jan 16, 2013
I love seeing no plastic cover ups
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Love the A-pillar gauges, nice interior for this car too, simple and clean