Comments - Acura Reveals its MDX Prototype

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Description: Although Acura is officially labeling this as a concept, it's evidently clear that the MDX Prototype is nearly production ready with the exception being the concept-like front and rear bumpers. S...
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Michael Horne Jan 17, 2013
I'm just proud to be a part of making these new MDX's! Go Honda Alabama =D!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 17, 2013
I don't know how fast this one will be but the current one hits 60 in under 7 seconds, it's a beast
Tn Ng Jan 16, 2013
I see many acura's on the road everyday, i think there are doing something right.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 16, 2013
@darryle why would they shut down the worlds first japanese luxury car company which is where honda's first V6 was created
Mike Conrad Jan 16, 2013
The interior quality of Acuras is superb in my opinion. I work at a GM dealer and the leather in an MDX is far superior to that of a Cadillac. As well, the fake wood trim looks more upscale and just the overall layout of the dash is better in Acuras.
Darryle Moody Jan 16, 2013
Honda really should just shut down the Acura brand. Beyond bland styling, Honda-based commodity luxury is not even remotely believable. They really don't know what to do with it and it is obvious with lackluster products and a lack of direction.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 18, 2013
2003 something that was designed probly in 98
Max Laino Jan 17, 2013
The 2003 model looks better
Zaire Wilkins Jan 16, 2013
This looks better than a Q5. Lol but. FX37 is the way to go
Adam Wieland Jan 16, 2013
Acura's styling is awful in my opinion, would much rather have a Q5 or X5
Daniele Gozzi Jan 16, 2013
Ugghh how creative it's a Q7 design side and back from 2007 you call this innovation?
Rodrigo Allen Jan 16, 2013
God, those headlights look tacky. I hate it when car makers do that thing where they try to cram as many bulbs as possible into the front.
Barry Stewart Jan 16, 2013
The headlight thing is getting old, plus it's not helping most of these cars look any better. Audi & BMW lights fit them.. All the rest look so "imitation".
Tn Ng Jan 16, 2013
Looks nice, il trade in my '12 for this one. Wonder if the headlight gonna make it to production, looks pretty cool, like a spider.
Dedrick Nathaniel Battle Jan 16, 2013
Looks a lot like the previous MDX. Not to say it looks bad.. Obviously most of Honda/Acura's design power is going into the next NSX.
Ben Norton Jan 16, 2013
My grandma has an older one, pretty nice car aside from the transmission problems
Matt Piccolo Jan 16, 2013
My favorite***
Matt Piccolo Jan 16, 2013
This looks awesome. The mdx has always been my lux SUV. I don't think that's change with this one
Jack Howard Jan 16, 2013
I think it's pretty cool looking.
Aaron Sparks Jan 16, 2013
Acura needs to calm down with these headlight designs they're doing now. I literally would rather have pop up headlights. Literally.
Adam Mitchel Jan 16, 2013
1 2 3 4 5 headlights!? Acura's have always had bright lights but wow.
Description: Along with the automaker's signature Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, front-wheel-drive will be offered for the first time on the model. It will also feature an all-new more rigid and light...
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Description: Overall it's a very attractive package that will surely find plenty of buyers and we also expect for a hybrid version to arrive at some point down the line. So yes, this is still a concept but Ac...
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Thomas Opie Taylor Feb 10, 2013
Yes this is good
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 17, 2013
Just in case airport runway lights fail, this can guide planes to land safely!! Lol
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 17, 2013
No need to buy Christmas lights if u own one of these....
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
I agree with Matt, overal not bad looking
Matt Piccolo Jan 16, 2013
I like the grill. And those lights are so sick!
Jack Howard Jan 16, 2013
They're actually making the beak grill look okay.
David Lee Jan 16, 2013
And that statement makes sense how? The MDX has always been bland...
James E Caldwell Jan 16, 2013
I'm a fan of the MDX, but this one is so boring.
Matthew Boardman Sep 01, 2013
Looks so boring
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 16, 2013
Looks pretty good. Would not confuse it with a q7
Tyler Tarbox Jan 16, 2013
This profile looks like an Audi Q7
Tn Ng Jan 16, 2013
They extended the wheelbase.
Dylan Arms Jan 16, 2013
Hmm, it does look a bit bigger/longer than the previous model year
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 16, 2013
Just you.
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 16, 2013
Just me?? Or do those wheels look sexy
Matt Piccolo Jan 16, 2013
Looks good
Zaire Wilkins Jan 16, 2013
Its like reflectors on a bike lol
Jitendra Patel Jan 16, 2013
hate the bunper lights why do you need them
Michael Horne Jan 17, 2013
I quite like that the wheels are composed of the Acura calipers!
Tn Ng Jan 16, 2013
Hope the brembo option makes it to production as well
Matt Piccolo Jan 16, 2013
I think it does lol.
Ben Norton Jan 16, 2013
Does that wheel have clear parts or am I trippin? Pretty sweet