Comments - Jay Leno Checks Out a Rally Fighter

Published: Jan 15, 2013
Description: Jay Leno admits that he doesn't know every car company that's out there. But because he's Jay Leno, automakers big and small are more than willing to drop by his garage to personally sh...
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Description: Basically how it works is that the global community designs your car and then you head over to the US factory to build it. It's not a kit car, but a component car. Each car is made from a ground-...
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Jommel Marcella Jan 15, 2013
That car is a beast.
Austin Bride Jan 15, 2013
Isn't this the car that broke down twice during a TG America race?
Dylan Bruder Jan 15, 2013
Neat stuff
Carlton Salmon Jan 15, 2013
Dibs on the baby blue Aston Martin Vanquish in the background.
A.J. Brady Jan 15, 2013
Interesting car.
Richard Nichols Jan 15, 2013
Kinda looks like an old porsche 924 on steroids.
Jake Hoffman Jan 15, 2013
Now I know what I saw out at pebble beach...
Taylor Little Jan 15, 2013
Toyota. It's got that Baja truck look.
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 15, 2013
I like the idea,just not the body of this one.
Tyler Waldeck Jan 15, 2013
Nah looks like a mustang/ escape
Austin Whitener Jan 15, 2013
Michael Mitnik Jan 15, 2013
Wish these were road legal in Canada. Unfortunately Canada is really strict with kit cars. In 15 years we can import it though :P
Ashton Summers Jan 16, 2013
What the Accord should have been.
尤品敦 Jan 16, 2013
It is actually an accord.
Austin Bride Jan 15, 2013
Accord tail lights