Comments - Volkswagen Unveils CrossBlue Concept in Detroit

Published: Jan 14, 2013
Description: Americans love their SUVs. There's nothing new about that. What's changed is that buyers are demanding the people-moving ability to go with the big form these SUVs pack. That's why Infi...
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Lawrence Ng Jan 19, 2013
Randy, they are called crossover for a reason. What You are referring to is a MPV or minivan
Anton Zhukov Jan 15, 2013
So a minivan? Plenty of those on the market. And check out tesla model x too.
Randy Geniec Jan 14, 2013
Needs 7 seats and sliding doors for my consideration. Little kids slam doors of other cars when not monitored. Nice to put larger car in smaller garage with sliding doors without hitting your other car.
Cindy Ngo Jan 16, 2013
It's more like the tighan
Jonathan Ippolito Jan 15, 2013
Not bad but it is too much of a ripoff of the Grand Cherokee .
Hratch Boshnakian Jan 15, 2013
Too much like Grand Cheeroke
Drew Humphrey Jan 15, 2013
Cool. I like the rugged look.
Jordan Nishida Jan 15, 2013
Wow. Looks great
Simon Trépanier Jan 15, 2013
Its built on Passat plate forme... But looks like a Cherokee!
Lead Peddalin Jan 14, 2013
I like it. Yes it looks like a Jeep, but I prefer VW.
James Riegleman Jan 14, 2013
It's a dodge with VW badge..
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Jan 14, 2013
Rims look like they're out of need for speed
Brendan Crawford Jan 14, 2013
Audi Q7 written all over it!
Ben Doolittle Jan 14, 2013
Looks better than Bentleys attempt at an SUV.
Derrick McCarthy Jan 14, 2013
Wow niceee jeep!
Johnny Hoover Jan 14, 2013
Is that a jeep
Ron Vinson Jan 14, 2013
They will build at a price below the Toureg and almost half the price of a Merc GL.
Adam Beiersdorfer Jan 14, 2013
Couldn't be a Grand Cherokee rebody... Both Mercedes and Maserati are doing that... You can't have 3 brands leaching off 1 other...
Dylan Bruder Jan 14, 2013
I've seen this somewhere maybe it was motortrend
Janko Danis Jan 14, 2013
Why the fu*k r they making these stupid prototypes if thay never make them
Ben Bright Jan 14, 2013
I think they just rebodied a Grand Cherokee just like they did with the Grand Caravan.
Shaun Conroy Jan 14, 2013
Production model should look better, this is too square.
Ryan Parramore Jan 14, 2013
It looks like Jeep Grand Cherokee
Description: There's more, however, to this concept than its six seats (opting as VW has for individual buckets instead of rear benches). Volkswagen has fitted the CrossBlue with a plug-in diesel hybrid power...
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Anton Zhukov Jan 15, 2013
Finally a diesel hybrid. Build it now. Should get about 50 mpgs. Now build a Jetta diesel hybrid that gets 80.
Lead Peddalin Jan 14, 2013
It's not an electric car. It has a diesel engine.
Brendan Crawford Jan 14, 2013
14 miles!!! Pathetic😑
Description: Aside from the seating configuration, the interior also boasts a 10.2-inch touchscreen, iPad Minis mounted in the back and a Fender audio system. Visually, the concept is a larger adaptation of Volksw...
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Jonathan Ippolito Jan 15, 2013
So will the concepts drivetrain go into the production version or will it get a more conventional power train ?
Graham Young Jan 15, 2013
Looks great to me
Adam Beiersdorfer Jan 14, 2013
The Q7 like the Cayenne, is built off a Toureg platform... Only a stretched version... This may have some Q cues... ;-) but its not a Q7 badged as a VW
Daniele Gozzi Jan 14, 2013
Lets face it its aQ7 from Audi make it 8 seat option and start building it
Prince Huang Jan 14, 2013
Screams jeep to me
Barry Stewart Jan 15, 2013
That's awesome. Simple but awesome not like the overdone dashboard with a million things going on like today's Cadillac & Hyundai.
Jordan Nishida Jan 15, 2013
Love the interior
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jan 15, 2013
I wanna see more buttons!!!
Lead Peddalin Jan 14, 2013
Ahhhhhh... German.
David Justice Jan 14, 2013
Germans sure know how to do interiors. Looks great.
Trent Brown Jan 14, 2013
I lyk the simple modern color combinations with the touch of wood look! very luxurious
Brendan Crawford Jan 14, 2013
Love the color combinations!
Parker Leach Jan 14, 2013
Not a fan of the exterior but this really good. Simplistic with just enough elegance.
Ron Vinson Jan 14, 2013
Jommel Marcella Jan 14, 2013
Tobias Mersinger Jan 14, 2013
Nice interior!
Cindy Ngo Jan 16, 2013
A 6-seated
Aaron Crisp Jan 15, 2013
I would rather have the back seat hold 4, looks good though!
Barry Stewart Jan 15, 2013
Wow... Tint the windows, call up a chicks, and let's get it on in a VW! lol
Hou Xuan Jan 15, 2013
Woo, that's huge
Justin Sachs Jan 14, 2013
It should have an option for 7 seats
Lead Peddalin Jan 14, 2013
I want this car pretty badly. I hope it's priced reasonably. Probably just out of my reach though.
Aaron Crisp Jan 15, 2013
For sure.
Brendan Crawford Jan 14, 2013
@Logan totally agree!
Logan Delony Jan 14, 2013
Cars with captains chairs are much more comfortable to ride in IMO.