Comments - Jeep Releases New Cherokee SRT

Published: Jan 14, 2013
Description: Jeep just released the newly updated Grand Cherokee in Detroit, bearing a number of enhancements over the model it replaces. It can be specified with a V6, a V8 or - for the first time - a diesel. But...
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John R Palm Feb 25, 2013
Two words, BAD AZZ!!!!!!!!!
Michael Weber Jan 15, 2013
Why not use a hemi.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jan 15, 2013
Why would they use a hemi
Richard Nichols Jan 15, 2013
Have a look at the post about the new VW blue cross. Their the same car!
Rob Clark Feb 24, 2013
I still love this SRT-8, but for me they're going down hill with them. I prefer the first-gen SRT to the new one, & I prefer the pre-facelift SRT of the current gen to this one.
Jackwrx Jan 15, 2013
it's a sexy beast
Jordan Nishida Jan 15, 2013
This one pretty cool. The last one was still better.
Jacob Burford Jan 14, 2013
Nice, but certainly not as mean looking as the last one!
Cindy Ngo Jan 14, 2013
I think jeep change the headlights of the grand Cherokee
Matt Piccolo Jan 14, 2013
I LOVED the old one, but what happened? It ha no aggression to it
Trey Reilly Jan 14, 2013
The photo probably doesn't do it justice. I bet it has a much better road presence IRL.
Ryan Spencer Jan 14, 2013
I like the pre-facelift model more. This takes a little of the bad-assery away from the baddest American SUV ever made...
Forrest Wood Jan 14, 2013
That front end looks soo much better
William Downs Jan 14, 2013
I still think the headlights are stupid, with that said they look 100x better on the srt then the regular cherokee.. not so much out of place
John Serely Jan 14, 2013
Yes, so much better than the current
Clay Williams Jan 14, 2013
Oh yes this is... Delightful.
Nick Smith Jan 14, 2013
If you buy a car based on the headlights...
David Parenti Jan 14, 2013
Tyler, a C7? Lol
Tyler Tarbox Jan 14, 2013
Looks great but for $65K I'll get something else thank you
Aj White Jan 14, 2013
It looks like a sleeping beast. I like the new headlights.
David Parenti Jan 14, 2013
Headlights aren't a deal breaker for me. The exhaust note should make this aggressive, not headlights. Your priorities are wrong
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 14, 2013
Noticing Audi-esq lights
Description: Like the rest of the GC line, the SRT's Hemi is now mated to an eight-speed automatic (replacing the old five-speed), now fitted with redesigned paddles on the steering wheel. Performance is said...
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Sergio Cornejo Jan 14, 2013
how about an srt10 edition?
Nick Smith Jan 14, 2013
The eco mode will probably help persuade some buyers (repeat: some, not all)
Description: There's also new 20-inch wheels and a new rear spoiler. Inside, the dashboard swallows up the larger 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment interface available on the base GC, but also displays perfor...
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Tyler Wallace Feb 25, 2013
The bacc is a new Durango
Rob Clark Feb 24, 2013
I know it's easier said then done; & with the way the car was designed probably impossible, but they should return the tailpipes to the center of the truck like on the last gen.
Trey Reilly Jan 14, 2013
Chrome wheels? Meh, not a fan.
Tara Landry Boudreaux Jan 14, 2013
New wheels much better
Chris Fitz Jan 14, 2013
Finally..About time they realized the previous wheels were hot garbage..These look way more aggressive, and that's a good thing
Clay Williams Jan 14, 2013
I LOVE this car and the update has only made it better.
Nick Smith Jan 14, 2013
Mitch, then why don't you say they look like another kind of light? We know what you mean, but Audi actually builds cars too in case you forgot.
Mitch Pchelarov Jan 14, 2013
Uhh did I say Audi owns these lights? I said they look like them
Aj White Jan 14, 2013
@Mitch Audi doesn't own lights. Lights are lights.
Mitch Pchelarov Jan 14, 2013
Take off the white strip and the lights look like Audi A6 lights
Tyler Wallace Feb 25, 2013
The 300 c headlights are Cs if u look at them
Nick Smith Jan 15, 2013
Lucas, me STFU? How about every douche on here who comments on a cars head and tail light STFU
Sabrina Wolf Jan 15, 2013
So many led lights o.O
Javier Alonso Rivas Jan 15, 2013
agg those 300c headlights really dont know what theyre doing there
Trey Reilly Jan 14, 2013
No need to go agro... Similarities are part of what makes a "brand"
Lucas Hill Jan 14, 2013
STFU Nick!
David Parenti Jan 14, 2013
Janya, it's an SUV brah. You expected sports car-like handling?
Clay Williams Jan 14, 2013
It's not the same lights just the same style. Witch is I thing that car company's do, a lot.
Nick Smith Jan 14, 2013
Yeah how dare Chrysler take the lights off another Chrysler vehicle!!!!!!!
Janya Pulusu Jan 14, 2013
That's a lot of body roll
Zachary Maurer Jan 15, 2013
No I don't, I have before, and it gets you no where over the Internet, for you could just be some kid no one cares about, but it's the Internet, we will never know
Nick Smith Jan 15, 2013
No, but do you? Just try? And it's badass*
Zachary Maurer Jan 15, 2013
@ nick, having fun playing bada*s? Seriously, shut up.
Nick Smith Jan 15, 2013
Shaniqua, we all know you're a scrawny white kid. It's fun to pretend, isn't it?
Dustin McClelland Jan 14, 2013
Wow... Shaniqua Latifah Bobifa Bananafana Fofifa... You always seem to be trying to start shit with people... Do us all a favor and delete the CarBuzz app
Aaron Contic Jan 14, 2013
This thing looks bad ass
Max Jabaay Jan 14, 2013
some how the front reminds me of some thing from tron.
David Parenti Jan 14, 2013
Wow that is quite a bit of camber for a production vehicle.
Clay Williams Jan 14, 2013
Well that escalated quickly.
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 14, 2013
Nick shut the fuck up
Nick Smith Jan 14, 2013
Really, no comments on the lights? Shocking since that's apparently the only thing people give a shit about on this car.
Tara Fitria Jan 14, 2013
Looks like quite a bit of camber
arthantar.pujari Aug 25, 2013
i lv the jeep
Jacob Burford Jan 14, 2013
Very nice interior considering Jeep isn't a luxury brand!
Jon Ashley Jan 14, 2013
I don't know any specs on the new tranny. I do know that the old 5 speed got many complaints.
Trey Reilly Jan 14, 2013
Is chrysler's auto transmissions any good? Dual clutch? Torque converter? Slush box?
Clay Williams Jan 14, 2013
A few to many buttons on the steering wheel but all around a good and comfortable looking interior.
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 14, 2013
Interior ugly, lots of buttons and not smooth/ergonomic....
Nick Smith Jan 14, 2013
Nope, Audi actually took the shifter from Jeep.
Janya Pulusu Jan 14, 2013
Nice shifter...directly from an Audi a8