Comments - Noble M600 CarbonSport Debuts at Autosport

Published: Jan 13, 2013
Description: With 650 horsepower coming from its mid-mounted 4.4-liter turbo V8 and a chassis designed by handling guru Lee Noble, the M600 is one formidable beast of a sportscar. But the one you'll want is t...
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Richard Nichols Jan 15, 2013
A proper supercar, oh and it's British! I want!
Dale Fredriks Jan 14, 2013
I've alway loved Noble, especially this and the M12. They are just pure and simple driver's cars.
Trey Villarreal Jan 14, 2013
A little dated
Jacob Burford Jan 13, 2013
Don't worry Eddie! It will be the top story tomorrow!
Daniel Eads Jan 13, 2013
Eddie, It usually takes a day for news to come out.
Eddie Carrillo Jan 13, 2013
The new corvette is out today and this is your top story fail car buzz!!! FAIL!!
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 13, 2013
First I've seen of this car..seems nice though & not bad 0-60 either
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 13, 2013
Amazing. Tech helps a lot, but sometimes you need to crash a few times on your OWN :)
Paul Dickey Jan 13, 2013
Dibs. I love this car so much. My favorite. Ill take this over anything.
Ben Knorr Jan 13, 2013
indeed, such a beast of a car, yet so rewarding to those with the skills. one of my favourite supercars
Jacob Burford Jan 13, 2013
Love the M600! Instead of putting in a bunch of technology like other supercars, they kept it simple, and a better car for it.
Description: Of course leaving the weave exposed means that the panels need to be perfectly joined (not unlike wood-grain veneer), which means that the Noble M600 CarbonSport commands a £30,000 premium over t...
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Oleg Odessit Jan 14, 2013
I dnt get it official 0-60 time 3 seconds flat, wth happened here?
Edgar Jauregui Jan 13, 2013
maybe a slower 0-60 for higher top speed? I can't complain the car's already great
Timothy Hooker Jan 13, 2013
maybe buzz did another misprint
Drew Humphrey Jan 13, 2013
Maybe the gear ratios are higjer
Elijah Chet Roseberry Jan 13, 2013
It is regularly around 3.1 seconds but with the lowered weight I could see it at 2.9
Timothy Hooker Jan 13, 2013
great price for such a nice car...0to60 does sound a little off though
Sam Hansen Jan 13, 2013
It's like 3.1 actually...
Oscar Galvan Jan 13, 2013
3 secs too slow for you
Robert Young Jan 13, 2013
With 650hp...? Sounds right on the 0-60
Jake Judges Jan 13, 2013
Isn't it 2.8 seconds carbuzz?
Tyler Tarbox Jan 13, 2013
Ok I know performance is more than 0-60 times but that seems pretty slow for a car of this caliber
Chris Penza Jan 13, 2013
And more extreme too
Jon Wheel Jan 13, 2013
Hell of a lot cheaper than a Veyron with bare carbon.
Max Müller Jan 15, 2013
That's how the C7's rear end should look
Dale Fredriks Jan 14, 2013
@Lee You absolutely nailed it.
Lee Oleinick Jan 13, 2013
Paul Dickey Jan 13, 2013
Awesome rear end.
Serge Pankratov Jan 13, 2013
I love it how wherever u look, u see carbon fiber :) inside and out. Love that cf!
Dillon Magee Jan 13, 2013
That's really cool
Jesse Weis Jan 18, 2013
Bleagh, I love this car, but...damn, them some ugly rims.
Oleg Odessit Jan 14, 2013
Dasster Kinz Jan 13, 2013
Serge Pankratov Jan 13, 2013
Agreed on the silver/polished aluminum wheels.
Jordan Smith Jan 13, 2013
I'd want some aluminum silver wheels
Tyler Tarbox Jan 13, 2013
Ditch the red wheels and give me some black ones
Darian Vorlick Jan 13, 2013
Does the anti-grav lift system cost an additional 30k too?
Serge Pankratov Jan 13, 2013
Now THIS guy is really test driving this car lol
Timothy Hooker Jan 13, 2013
mirrors...we don't need no stinking mirrors
Austin Bride Jan 13, 2013
Haha the mirror is broken off
Kai Andrew Carlson Jan 13, 2013
Hover car!
Sarah Frydrych Jan 13, 2013
Mirrors of a vxr corsa and Porsche gt Plus the passenger one has fallen off its bracket lol Cool pic tho
Brian Lewis Jan 13, 2013
Trey Villarreal Jan 14, 2013
That's one small as* window.
Serge Pankratov Jan 13, 2013
looks pretty unique all the way around. Eapecially from this angle =]
Oscar Galvan Jan 13, 2013
Porsche pulls it off nicely though
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 13, 2013
Funny noble. Trying to be like Porsche.
Dylan Gregori Page Jan 13, 2013
Rims kill it
John Patten Jan 13, 2013
The rims don't work for me.