Comments - Lexus Updates the HS 250h

Published: Jan 13, 2013
Description: While Toyota, with its highly-recognizable Prius, has emerged as something of a pioneer in hybrids, creating a dedicated hybrid for its upscale Lexus division hasn't gone quite as smoothly. There...
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Jonathan Ippolito Jan 15, 2013
Junk who cares except the trash !
Mladen Sakotic Jan 14, 2013
Honestly I don't like it
Jonathan Ippolito Jan 14, 2013
A car for the trash,criminals and losers .
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 14, 2013
I'm just not impressed
Jacob Burford Jan 13, 2013
Another Lexus with the ridiculous front end!
Trent Brown Jan 13, 2013
Pretty cool! it is quite boring, but inside is pretty luxurious!
Timothy Hooker Jan 13, 2013
put on a shirt
Josh Banning Jan 13, 2013
Any man's Prius is a stupid man's
Clinton Burger Jan 13, 2013
This looks fairly similar to the ES and if you didn't associate it with a Prius you'd probably like it
Stephen Cobbs Jan 13, 2013
Rich but stupid man's Prius
Timothy Hooker Jan 13, 2013
Jack Howard Jan 13, 2013
Way better than the old one but still boring
Description: Based on the European-market Toyota Avensis sedan, the HS was the first dedicated luxury hybrid on the market. And while its lackluster sales in the United States saw Lexus pull the HS 250h out of the...
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Jonathan Ippolito Jan 14, 2013
Who cares about a car made and sold by criminals and liars .
Description: The changes revolve principally around incorporating the brand's spindle-shaped grille (most dramatically implemented on the new IS), which involves a new front bumper as well with new air vents ...
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Simeon Prasad Jan 13, 2013
Side profile looks like the new sentra
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 13, 2013
Meh.. Boring and hybrids are overrated.
Anthony Yantha Jan 13, 2013
Two times the price and way better
Bala Uncc Jan 13, 2013
Looks like corolla
Jim Nguyen Jan 15, 2013
Didn't know they still made cassette tape slots in cars
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 14, 2013
Simply hideous
Kieran Hillary Jan 14, 2013
Kieran Hillary Jan 14, 2013
Lmao in the middle of the dashboard it looks like a car phone from the 80'd
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jan 14, 2013
I think it looks pretty good!
Blake Antil Jan 13, 2013
@Tyler. Agreed. It looks like they were just sketching the design for the center console then said,"There. How's that look?" "Well it doesn't look finished." "Exactly."
Tyler Tarbox Jan 13, 2013
I don't like now the center console just kind of stops
Jacob Burford Jan 13, 2013
It's alright by Lexus standards!
Maaz Khan Jan 13, 2013
I like Acura interiors better
Cody Gillard Jan 13, 2013
Looks really nice to me
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 13, 2013
The buttons to the right of the steering wheel look weird...not a very fung shwei cabin.
Simeon Prasad Jan 13, 2013
Upper center console reminds me of a boat lol
Jack Howard Jan 13, 2013
Doesn't really flow well
Adam Mahmoud Jan 14, 2013
Lots of leg room? It's a rebadged Corolla.
Stas Allen Jan 13, 2013
Lots of leg room. Anybody know the specs for the interior. Like leg room and head room?
Connor Short Jan 13, 2013
The headrests look too big...
Ethan Amo Jan 13, 2013
I always loved Lexus interiors