Comments - Honda Urban SUV Concept Revealed

Published: Jan 13, 2013
Description: The quirky Nissan Juke started something new when it debuted a few years ago now, arguably launching a new segment of compact crossovers. With the Juke's sales numbers still going strong, it was ...
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Max Dell Jan 13, 2013
I'd buy it
Ameer Balkore Feb 22, 2013
And another is that they do not have a V8
Xavier Mangubat Jan 14, 2013
How about the CR-Z?
Facundo Planas Martinelli Jan 14, 2013
Looks good, but what I hate from Honda is that they never have the courage enough to try something innovative/new. They just produce a new model after another one has been succesful...
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Jan 13, 2013
So they're rebadging the MDX??
Jesse Williams Jan 13, 2013
Doesn't look as quirky or funky like the Juke.
Xavier Mangubat Jan 13, 2013
Looks hell of a lot better than a Juke
Justin Sachs Jan 13, 2013
Looks like a combo of the crosstour and cr-v
Greg Kenerly Jan 13, 2013
I love this. Not really a Juke fan but this is very nice...most likely overpriced but nice.
Maaz Khan Jan 13, 2013
Looks awesome, but what's the point of this? It's pretty much in CRV territory, competing with thier own car
Joe Talerico Jan 13, 2013
Hard to admit, but I like this.
Matt Piccolo Jan 13, 2013
Minus the wheels and the very odd headlights, this looks pretty good!
Description: The Urban SUV is built on the same platform as the Jazz, meaning it's smaller than the CR-V. The headlight design is definitely more dramatic than what we've seen from the automaker lately, ...
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Ameer Balkore Feb 22, 2013
Toyota is just annoying
Xavier Mangubat Jan 13, 2013
If they add a diesel, it will be the first out of Toyota, and Nissan to have a Japanese Diesel
Danny Rodriiguez Jan 13, 2013
I'd expect a K-series or a newly developed L-series.