Comments - GT-R Orange Edition by Carlex Design

Published: Jan 13, 2013
Description: Polish interior specialist Carlex Design has an impressive portfolio of well turned out cabins, but its latest effort may well be its crowning achievement. Based on the Nissan GT-R, the Orange Edition...
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Wyatt Gordon Jan 14, 2013
What a creative name
Paul Dickey Jan 13, 2013
Oh yay! Yet another GTR
William Downs Jan 13, 2013
Another person bitching about the gtr
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jan 13, 2013
Another tuned GTR really
Vince Hartman Jan 15, 2013
I'd rather have my car tuned at west coast
Austin Jobes Jan 13, 2013
boss 302 strip.
Теодор Петрунов Jan 13, 2013
Orange edition in white f*ck logic hahahh but still niceeer
Jonathan Tjandra Jan 13, 2013
Thibault Leroy Jan 13, 2013
Dont like the stripe but the rest is nice
Description: The steering wheel and headliner sport a healthy helping of white leather, orange stitching matches the leather, while headrests are embroidered with the GT-R logo. The cabin complements the exterior ...
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Trent Fiala Jan 18, 2013
It would be too plain just black and white though, need another color for some accents like say the orange
Geoff Novak Jan 14, 2013
Drop the orange and make it up black n white and this would be nice
Austin Bride Jan 13, 2013
I like it
Trent Fiala Jan 13, 2013
There really isn't that much going on... There is only like three different colors, I think it looks pretty sweet
Dillon Magee Jan 13, 2013
Too much going on
John Serely Jan 13, 2013
If they used different colors (maybe just black, or just two of the colors) then it would looks much better
Will Will Jan 13, 2013
Anyway this is more than likely a picture rendering of the actual interior, and the alcantara isn't rendered properly, thus causing the interior to look busy. Peraonally i prefer this interior, the original interior being rather bland.
Lead Peddalin Jan 13, 2013
"Hey guys... Let's poop all over this interior. Some idiot will like it."
Will Will Jan 13, 2013
Pictures do this interior no justice. It does look busy at a first glance, but if you look closely this is just the effect of alcantara, which on camera adds additional lines to the dashboard surface and makes it look busy.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 13, 2013
If you like this don't laugh at the guys with 30" rims on their camaros. This interior fits in that category of hideous
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 13, 2013
Original is not always attractive though especially in this case.
Daniel Beagle Jan 13, 2013
Simply beauty
Thibault Leroy Jan 13, 2013
It is very busy but i like it, its original
Mohammed Adil Jan 13, 2013
Waaaaay too much going on there
Blaise Harned Jan 13, 2013
Agreed John! But ya with all that stitching it prob won't last very long
John M Weishahn Jan 13, 2013
Gorgeous treatment. The white leather in the footwell isn't going to last very long, though.
Aiden Bass Jan 13, 2013
Damn that's awesome