Comments - Leno's 1937 Cord is a Thing of Beauty

Published: Jan 12, 2013
Description: The Art Deco-inspired body coupled with advanced technology that characterized the Cord 810 made it an overnight sensation following its introduction at the 1935 New York Auto Show. As gorgeous as it ...
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Peter Skorokhodov Jan 13, 2013
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 12, 2013
Oh Lord that thing is gorgeous. I hope Jay has made provision for his collection in his will. It would be a pity to loose so this bunch wonderful historical machines.
Aiden Bass Jan 12, 2013
My grandfather has one of these, I never thought it was a special car, but then again, I don't know anything about cars from this era
Description: However none are in better condition than the Denim Chin's. His model was immaculately restored by self-taught mechanic Arthur Pirre. Solving all of the stunning sedan's original issues, Len...
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James Salaba Jan 17, 2013
Simply gorgeous
Okafor Johnpaul Bright Chimex Jan 13, 2013
Dis car is what men are dieing for
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jan 12, 2013
I know it would be a waste but this thing would make a kick-ass hot rod
Jerrod Swenson Jan 12, 2013
Cord 810 was the first front wheel drive vehicle with independent front suspension, hidden headlights, hidden door hinges, rear-hinged hood, concealed fuel filler door, variable speed windshield wipers, and a standard equipment radio.
Jag Love Jan 12, 2013
There were others that implemented FWD prior to those (can't remember who/don't know), mostly in racing applications though. I'm sure someone has, or will look it up, and provide more info.
Jag Love Jan 12, 2013
Troy, Cord was one of the first with the L29 in 1929, Ruxton also had a FWD in 1928 but I think Alvis beat them both with a consumer version of their racing 12/50 model in 1928. These were all made in really small numbers, though.
Troy Kessler Jan 12, 2013
Weren't thes the first or one of the first production cars with fwd ..correct me if I'm wrong
Dale Schroeder Jan 12, 2013
It's a shame the reliability didn't match the looks, because that really is a stunning design and it makes me wish there were more of them around.
Stanzel Washington Jan 12, 2013
These are such good looking cars.
Jason W. Evers Jan 13, 2013
Pep-boy's exhaust tip