Comments - Dodge Reveals 2013 Blacktop Series

Published: Jan 12, 2013
Description: The first of Dodge's Blacktop Series models was first shown last year on the 2012 Charger, which was followed up by the 2013 Blacktop Challenger and Avenger. Now, with just days to go before the ...
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Nodnarb Ydil Jan 12, 2013
I agree, SRT should do a limited run for the grand caravan. Similar to Ford's SVT Transit.
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 12, 2013
Screw the "Blacktop" package, I want an SRT Grand Caravan built sleeper style, so I can scare the shit of of Vette, Viper, Challenger, Mustang and Camaro owners.
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 12, 2013
Seen it on jalopnik
Harrison Trapnell Jan 12, 2013
On an unrelated note, the new Corvette leaked. (go to Marchettino's FB page)
Jack Howard Jan 13, 2013
Well Zaire you're wrong. That's kinda why i was hoping you we're kidding...
Tyler Chmieleski Jan 13, 2013
For all those wannabe badasses
supra_mkiv Jan 13, 2013
I like the new Toyota van lol
Justin Routh Jan 13, 2013
You can do the same with most suv car seats too
Dave Rain Jan 12, 2013
The Harley moms can finally be happy. Whoopie
Walter Justiniano Jan 12, 2013
Easy, you can hide the 3rd row of seats under the floor on the caravan, and get a 5x6 cargo area. Got one, its full of tools on the back and cargo is protected from the elements and burglars. Oh and still a back row of seats for car seat...
Justin Routh Jan 12, 2013
I dont see the point. Doesnt make it any cooler that youre driving a mini van. Then again i dont see the point in getting a mini van when an suv can seat as many people and look a million times better while doing it
Mati Araujo Jan 12, 2013
Yes! Now soccer moms can look badass when picking up the groceries!...
Zach Gathercole Jan 12, 2013
@jörgen on top gear they had a van with a jaguar XJ220 engine
Zaire Wilkins Jan 12, 2013
@jack im serious.
Dale McIntyre Jan 12, 2013
Dead serious, this is gorgeous. If I needed a mini van, this is what I would drive.
Jörgen Nilsson Jan 12, 2013
Renault once made a van with a V10 F1-motor. That's the only cool van I know of.
Jacob Burford Jan 12, 2013
What a sweet car! Someone should do a big comparison between this and the Honda Odyssey! That would be very cool! LOL
Jack Howard Jan 12, 2013
Zaire I hope you're kidding
Zaire Wilkins Jan 12, 2013
Lol this is the SRT version
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 12, 2013
Minivan though?
Tyler Tarbox Jan 12, 2013
They should make an SRT version of this lol
Tyler Tarbox Jan 12, 2013
Never thought I would say this while looking at a picture of a minivan but that looks pretty cool. Still wouldn't be caught dead driving it
Derek Soanes Jan 12, 2013
Why a minivan
John Serely Jan 12, 2013
This is pretty badas* (sarcasm)
Sam Reinsel Jan 12, 2013
Are you not? ;D
Joe Talerico Jan 12, 2013
Are we supposed to be impressed with a minivan??
Description: Black accents, blacked-out headlights and fog lamps, grille, door panels are there too, along with an all-black interior. Offered only in silver, black, steel grey, red, and white exterior colors, the...
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Description: Last up is the 2013 Durango Blacktop. For just an additional $295 on the Rallye and R/T trims, buyers can get 20-inch black alloys and black exterior accents. Those looking to throw down a little ...
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Jeremy Bibelheimer Jan 20, 2013
Yawn!!! So generic and boring!
Aj White Jan 13, 2013
@Ben Repeat that to yourself and try again. When this package was originally revealed on the car the only color you could get was BLACK. That's why it's called Blacktop because everything is black. The ALL BLACK wheels give it away.
Ben Hislop Jan 12, 2013
Needs to be red, we don't know if the car's a blacktop, or just a charger.
Jacob Burford Jan 12, 2013
This is the only one that makes sense!
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 12, 2013
Mean bamf
John Serely Jan 12, 2013
Such a mean car. Looks good
Tim Preisinger Jan 12, 2013
This looks nasty. I like it!
Scott Williams Jan 12, 2013
Hey look! They're all the same!
Patrick Schalk Jan 12, 2013
Damn I like this.
Dave Rain Jan 12, 2013
SRT or no care. Slow and ugly is still....
Timothy Hooker Jan 12, 2013
Alex Bouckley Jan 12, 2013
At least my last name isn't hooker
Aaron Carpenter Jan 12, 2013
That looks pretty solid. Make a twin-turbo version with a sport tuned suspension and slap an srt6 name on it and I'll have one.
Jacob Burford Jan 12, 2013
Makes an already cheap car look even cheaper!
Timothy Hooker Jan 12, 2013
you sir cannot be serial
Alex Bouckley Jan 12, 2013
I kinda like this actually
Dylan Bruder Jan 12, 2013
Go away!
Tom Ippolito Jan 12, 2013
They're gonna make them till Chrysler releases the new version of the 200, It competes too much with the dart for dodge to keep it going plus its outdated now. Doesn't look too bad here though.
Greg Lewis Jan 12, 2013
These cars are great deals for those who can't go to a charger or challenger. The local dealer had a fully loaded rallye package for 22k. Leather, moon roof and GPS? 282hp? 0-60 quicker than the 6cyl challenger and charger? That's not bad!
Aaron Crisp Jan 12, 2013
I think they're cool. I wouldn't buy one, if I was getting a Sedan it would either be a gas sipping Dart or full blown Charger.
Timothy Hooker Jan 12, 2013
I'm sure the only people you have polled are DB low management guys trying to be cool in their "sporty" Avenger...
Krack Shot Jan 12, 2013
And we will be for long time yet! I work for Dodge it's a great car with awesome feedback from the customer!!
Jackson Michael Jan 12, 2013
I was sure they discontinued it...
Timothy Hooker Jan 12, 2013
eww they still make these?
Nathan Lo Jan 12, 2013
All look great except the mini can....that looks a bit ridiculous lol
Jimmy Williams Jan 12, 2013
Wow, fantastically done!
Jacob Burford Jan 12, 2013
I actually like this! It looks like an SUV that means big business!
Jordan Smith Jan 12, 2013
Oh yes. Me like.
Derek Soanes Jan 12, 2013
That looks amazing
Aaron Carpenter Jan 12, 2013
This is the only Journey I'd pay money for.