Comments - Jaguar XJ AWD Heads to the Arctic

Published: Jan 11, 2013
Description: Jaguar recently rolled out its new Instinctive All Wheel Drive system on the XF and XJ sedans. Designed with customers in the northern US and Canada in mind, Jaguar has finally caught up with the like...
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Description: From there he travels to the end of the world's most northern road where the Arctic's sunset is ever-present during those perpetual sub-zero winter months. Check out the frozen action in the...
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Author Norman R. Colson Jan 11, 2013
Sweet but why the cold, couldn't they be on a beach somewhere?
Zaire Wilkins Jan 11, 2013
I want a XJ-RS
Jacob Burford Jan 11, 2013
How could you buy a s-class,7-series, A8, or LS over this! How! This blows them all away in exterior and interior styling and performance!
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 11, 2013
Mike Conrad Jan 11, 2013
AWD does NOT mean you can just slap on any old tires for the snow. All-seasons are more like 3-season tires. Or all-season if you never see snow.
Frankie Ferreira Jan 11, 2013
Try driving mtl snow in all seasons. Good luck.
Hassan Fazal Jan 11, 2013
At last a jag I won't need go buy winter tires for! All seasons, all the way! Plus it's easier to drive in the winter